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Lovely.  Now  they decide they can beat Phuckadelphia.

Cincinnati 30, at Cleveland 0

Navy 17, Army 10

at N. Dakota State 39, Coastal Carolina 32

at Phuckadelphia 27, Dallas 38

at NY Football Douchebags 24, Washington REDSKINS, YOU FUCKING LIBTARDS  13

at Seattle 17, San Transsexual 7

Denver 22, at San Diego 10

At least Coastal made a game of it.

Army made a game of things, too.  Either that, or Navy’s QB isn’t very good this year.

In any event, the game was a lot closer than it should’ve been.  The Middies pulled it out after trailing most of the day.

For a moment, it looked like the FairyWhiners were going to be able to shove the ball down the Seahags’ throat at will.  But Gore’s touchdown was all they would get.

Peyton had the flu.  Didn’t matter much.

As predicted, ARRRRRRRRRR GEEEEEEEEEEEE THREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE started in place of Weenie Boy McCoy.

As predicted, it didn’t matter.

Memo to Cleveland:  If it’s any consolation, Troy Aikman was shut out by N’awlins in his rookie debut, too.

Wonderful.  Where was this  Cowgirl team on Thanksgiving?

This week:  6-1.  Overall:  73-24-1.

I’ll look through the schedule, see if there are any college games next week, but there’s gonna be pretty slim pickin’s until bowl season starts up next week.  That said, the PFW will be back Friday or so.

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