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Three items before we launch the Bowl Edition™ of the Perfect Football Weekend™:

1) Despite being dominated in time of possession & number of plays, Texarkana Liberty-Eylau captured its second state football title in seven years with a 35-34 victory over Robinson in the 4A division.  And the Cowboys came from behind to beat Michael Vick and the Hotlanta Falcons 38-28.

I suppose they count.   That puts me at 57-24 for the year, if anyone’s interested.

2) Widdle Terri Owens was fined $35,000 for allegedly spitting in the face of Falcon cornerback D’Angelo Hall.

I say “allegedly” because, even though Terri admitted doing it – sort of – the incident wasn’t captured on video.

Now, consider.  The NFL’s (not to mention the Cowboys’) most notorious player, a player who draws multiple cameras, reporters and other media coverage every time he has a hangnail (or so it seems, anyway), a player whom one would think  has a camera on him whenever the Cowboys are on offense (and even a lot of times when they’re not)…and this incident wasn’t caught on film/video/Tivo?

Is there any other evidence – other than Hall’s whiny-assed claim and Owens’ “admission” – that it actually happened?

Color me skeptical on this one.

3) This is a damned good story.  Read it.  Go.  Shoo.

Okay, now that everyone’s back, let’s get into the PFW.

Gary Patterson’s TCU Horned Frogs are in San Diego tonight for the (*coughcoughcoughPOS bowlcoughcoughcough*) Poinsettia Bowl against the Northern Illinois Huskies.  The Tadpoles are favored by 11 – and, if they don’t get bored and lose focus, they should cover that pretty easily.

New Year’s Day, the Oklahoma Sooners will take on the Boise State Broncos (Bronchos?) in the Fiesta Bowl in Tempe, Arizona.  Bob Stoops’ bunch are favored by 7½ – and, given that the game will be played on green grass,  I’m tempted to take OU (I was going to, anyway) and give you 11.  I’m not all that crazy about Boise on anything other than that crappy blue SmurfTurf™ they play on – I don’t care if they did  beat TCU a couple years ago here (they wouldn’t have if we’d had a field-goal kicker back then).

On Jan. 3, the LSU Tigers will take on Notre Dame in the Sugar Bowl at the Superdome in New Orleans (which, contrary to popular opinion, hasn’t been officially renamed to “Hurricane Katrina-ravaged New Orleans”).  LSU’s a 9-point favorite, and I’m gonna go out on a limb and predict that if they score 10, they’ll cover.

Bo Pelini’s defense is gonna throttle Brady Quinn, bar none.  And if they do, I’ll also predict that this will be Pelini’s last game as the Tigers’ defensive coordinator.  Some team will snap him up as head coach, mark my words.

Christmas Day finds the Dallas Cowboys at home against the Filthydelphia Eagles, sans  The World’s Greatest Quarterback In The History Of Ever, Ever™, Donna McNabb.

In his place under center will stand The World’s Greatest Backup Quarterback In The History Of Ever, Ever (Now That Romo’s Starting)™, Widdle Jeffy Garcia.

Garcia’s played very well as a backup, granted.  But if the Cowboys are to be taken seriously this season – not to mention if they want to win the NFC East – Garcia will see that hole in the roof a helluva lot while on his back.  The ‘Boys are a touchdown favorite – let’s see how that holds up.

The next Sunday (I think), Detroit comes to Dallas for the final game of the regular season.  And, just like St. Louis on New Year’s Day this year, it’s a team that should  be just making a cameo.  (Then again, the Ewes were supposed to lay down for the Cowboys too, and they  didn’t, so…)

UPDATE – BREAKING:  All you Bledsoe apologists, take note – Romo just made the Pro Bowl.  Neener.  Effin’.  Neener.

The final recap and benediction will come sometime after New Year’s, though brief mentions as to how we do will pop up here from time to time, so keep checking back.

The floor is now open for thoughts on Bucky, Jason Campbell, why the Aint’s could beat Dallas on the road but not Washington at home, etc…

1 Comment to “PFW:  Bowl Edition”

  1. RobertHuntingdon — December 21, 2006 @ 6:03 pm

    I wish I knew why they could be so good one week and so horrible the next. Then again you might ask how Miami could blank New England one week and get blanked themselves the next. I think this whole year the entire NFL just got into a big conspiracy to drive every fan crazy trying to figure them out. For reasons not yet understood the saints show up more frequently on the road than at home. Perhaps they didn’t quite sufficiently fumigate the dome during that renovation to quite exorcise the ghost of past horrible seasons… there were enough of them to create quite a powerfully malingnant lingering stench… :)

    Wish I could have watched the game… even if I would have ended up having to watch ‘em lose… but the local FOX farts carried some game I couldn’t have cared less about and the online stream was of horribly unwatchable quality.

    Oh and I wouldn’t be too hard on garcia… they are only one game back of you and 99% of that can be laid at Garcia’s feet. Plus if they win out they get the division. And you can bet your house that as much as TO wants to score on the eagles the eagles want to put tewwi flat on his back even more, and if he gets injured in the process tuesday will be a state holiday up in PA… ok maybe that’s a slight exaggeration… :) But Garcia has been playing very good most weeks, and even last week he overcame a shaky start to put the new yuck tiny’s in their place… so I wouldn’t pop the champagne cork just yet… the boys may win but I doubt they’ll cover the spread (barring, that is, a last minute interception returned for a touchdown which pads their lead and prevents a comeback).


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