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[SCENE:  Aboard the bridge of the Pegasus.  She has arrived in Spacedock in response to an urgent hail from the Dockmaster.]

T-BONE MCMANX:  I have the dockmaster for you now, m’Lord.

LSIK&T:  (nods) Thank you, McManx.  (to speaker) Dockmaster, this is Pegasus.  I hope  you have a good reason for dragging us back here.

DOCKMASTER:  Quite the reason, indeed, my love.  We were notified of a severe design flaw in Pegasus’  computer core and have a tech crew dispatched and ready to effect repairs.

KORRIOTH:  You see???  I told  you it couldn’t have been my targeting!!!

LSIK&T:  Great, just great.  Now I’m really  gonna be in trouble with the insurance adjusters!

KORRIOTH:  Why?  It’s not like the Breen needed  that moon!

LSIK&T:  Hush, you…(chuckle)

Denizens, Hosting Matters™ has advised me of an imminent drive failure where the Realm™ files are kept.  Ergo, they’ve started moving stuff here to another server.

Should be seamless. If you have any problems, lemme know.


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