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A rule of thumb seems to be emerging when it comes to J. F’n Qerry:&#160 When you find his mouth open, the liklihood is that his size 13 foot is planted squarely within.

Now he purports to have Congress honor a man who was a Communist and a racial separatist.

Why has John Kerry sponsored a Senate resolution honoring a Stalinist who championed racial separatism?

The Soviet Union awarded W.E.B. Du Bois the Lenin Peace Prize. Maoist China staged a national holiday in his honor in 1959. Now, for reasons unexplained, the Democratic Party’s 2004 presidential nominee seeks to honor Du Bois too.

This should really come as no surprise to HE.&#160 McCarthy was the first to out the Demoscum as Communist sympathizers – that is to say, those Demoscum who weren’t Communists themselves.

And don’t even&#160 get me started on Venona.

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Uh-oh.&#160 Talk about sliding into oblivion.

John-Boy F’n Qerry has just received the Official Kiss Of Death&#153 for his presidential aspirations in 2008.

Teddy (hic!) Kennedy has endorsed him.

Sen. Ted Kennedy has already announced his pick for the 2008 presidential race, and it’s the same candidate he backed in 2004.

Asked if he’d be climbing aboard the Hillary Clinton bandwagon, Kennedy told ABC’s “This Week”: “I’m from Massachusetts. And we have a candidate, I think, probably up there as well.”

Yeah.&#160 And he’ll lose again, too – just like he did in 2004.

How’s that definition of clinical insanity go again?&#160 Doing the same thing over & over, expecting a different result…?&#160

Asked specifically if Sen. John Kerry had his support for 2008, Kennedy said, “Oh, yes . . My Man’s John Kerry.”

And what about Mrs. Clinton?

Why do I get the feeling that the Duchess Hilarious put the Hic!-meister up to this, hm???

“I have enormous respect for Sen. Clinton,” Kennedy said. “I admire her, I respect her. She’s qualified for whatever job she achieves.”

That reminds me of the old joke about a campaign ad in which the advertiser called the candidate “not qualified to be dogcatcher”.

After the ensuing brouhaha, another ad came out the next day:&#160 “I must apologize and confess:&#160 The candidate is&#160 qualified to be dogcatcher.&#160 Unfortunately, he’s running for the Senate.”&#160


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