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Fox News (hack, spit) has called Arizona for the Rommerhoid, and is praying to Maitreya for him to win Michigan, as well.

Fuck you, Arizona.&#160 Then again, what can one expect from a bunch of fuckheads that keep sending Juanita McRINO back to the Imperial Socialist Senate&#153?

I say again, and for the record – under no circumstances whatsoever will I vote for that turd for President.

UPDATE:&#160 And now Unfair & Unbalanced has called Mi-shit-gan for the Rommerhoid, as well.

I am now officially glad I drive a Hyundai.&#160 And even moreso that I didn’t buy the Mustang on which I’d had my eye.

And not to put too&#160 fine a point on it, Dee-troika – I bought this Hyundai from a Honda-Subaru dealership.

Northeastern asswipes.


Feast thine eyes:

A 2012 Hyundai Genesis coupe.&#160 A 2.0 turbo four (210 horses) that’ll keep up with (if not outright outrun) more than a few V8s.&#160 Thirty miles per gallon – assuming I can keep it under 80.&#160 (And modesty will prevent me from revealing what I had it up to on my way home last night.)

I have christened it Excelsior.&#160 (Sulu:&#160 “They say it’s got transwarp drive.”)&#160 It’s easily the fastest car I’ve ever owned.

As such, it’ll be a major test to see whether or not I can keep my lead foot under control.

Keep me in yer prayers.&#160


[SCENE:&#160 Deep space.&#160 The Realm’s&#153 brand-new Federation-class cruiser prototype, ISS Poseidon, has been joined by Mrs. Venomous’ personal vessel, Apparition.&#160 Poseidon, having been faster and thus first able to track the Facebook Nexus that apparently captured Lord Darth Venomous, has spent the last six hours scanning the energy ribbon that seems to serve as the nexus’ gateway – without success.

On the bridge of Poseidon, Supreme General Rayegun is ship-to-ship with a highly-agitated Mrs. Venomous, and is desperately trying to calm her.]

MRS. VENOMOUS (with cast-iron skillet):&#160 For the last time, General – where?&#160 Is?&#160 My?&#160 Husband?

RAYEGUN:&#160 M’lady, please, we’re doing the best we can, we’re scanning every square inch of this region—

MRS. VENOMOUS (with cast-iron skillet):&#160 THAT’S NOT GOOD ENOUGH, MAJOR!!!!&#160 GIVE ME MY HUSBAND BACK NOW!!!!!

[The “demotion” – inasmuch as Mrs. Venomous has control over that (she doesn’t) – has not escaped the General’s notice.&#160 (Besides, she still has the cast-iron skillet.)]

RAYEGUN:&#160 (ulp!)&#160 Mrs Venomous, please, I assure you—

[At that precise moment, Poseidon’s&#160 automatic defense systems snap on and alarms start to whoop.]

RAYEGUN (to K’hadibak’h):&#160 REPORT!!!

K’HADIBAK’H:&#160 Vortex opening in the center of the ribbon, General!&#160 Massive increase in energy output!

RAYEGUN:&#160 On screen!

[Cut to external view.&#160 There is a large energy discharge in the center of the ribbon, making it look very much like the boa that swallowed the elephant.&#160 Back on Poseidon’s&#160 bridge, pandemonium is reigning.]

KORRIOTH:&#160 Large object emerging from the ribbon, General!&#160 Headed straight for us!!!


[Cut to external.&#160 As Poseidon&#160 struggles to get out of the way, a large metallic mass flies out of the ribbon at speed.

It is what appears to be a Klingon bird-of-prey – but this bird is at least four times larger than any BOP known to exist.&#160 On it appear to be twice as many phaser banks as on a normal BOP, and even the gun turrets are three times normal size.

Oh, and it’s not a standard BOP configuration, either.&#160 To the untrained eye, it would appear to be flying upside down.

The vessel narrowly misses Poseidon&#160 and comes around to parallel Apparition, about 50,000 kellicams off her port bow.&#160 On Poseidon, the General’s jaw is very nearly on the floor, and no one else on the bridge is saying much, either.

Finally, Rayegun finds his voice.]

RAYEGUN:&#160 Mr. Korrioth…ID that ship, please, mister.

[Korrioth, at the science station, hunches over to stare into his viewer.&#160 His face lightens by at least six shades as he reads the ID of what’s just emerged from the ribbon.]

KORRIOTH:&#160 No.

[Rayegun’s head whips around to face the XO.]

RAYEGUN:&#160 Report!

KORRIOTH:&#160 General, the vessel is registering as a Worf-class bird-of-prey:&#160 NCC-2840…

[Rayegun’s jaw finishes hitting the floor.&#160 Several members of the bridge crew blanch.]

KORRIOTH:&#160 …ISS Pegasus.

[At that moment, T-Bone McManx’s communications board beeps.&#160 McManx turns to the board and touches a couple of switches.]

T-BONE McMANX:&#160 General, the vessel is hailing us.

[Rayegun lets out the breath he’d been holding.]

RAYEGUN:&#160 Uh…on screen, Lieutenant.

[Cut to the viewscreen.&#160 Deep space is replaced by a familiar image, sitting in the center seat on the bridge of Pegasus.

VENOMOUS:&#160 Hi, guys.&#160 Miss me?

Well, I think I’ve finally gotten the Linux box configured just the way I want it.&#160 I’ve placed a Windoze virtual machine inside the Ubuntu distro to run Outlook (let’s face it, Evolution sucks), told the Mozilla security repository what to go do with itself and manually installed Firefox 3.6.27 as the distro’s browser.&#160 It hates the Flash plugin, necessitating the installation of the beta version and generally making YouTube look like shit – but, it works.

In addition, there’s one more very significant upgrade that I completed yesterday.&#160 And I’ll tell you more about that&#160 next week.

Stay tuned.


This is not necessarily a defense of Widdle Ricky Santorum, mkay?&#160 I mean, I’m not too fond of the idiot, particularly since he lied through his teeth when he downplayed the role of Newt Gingrich in the 1994 Republican Revolution during the S. Carolina debate.

And I say that with you guys well aware of my honest opinion of Newt.&#160 (Which is to say, it ain’t very good.)

I for one wish the GOP would grow a spine, look the Demoscum in the eye and flat-out state, “Listen, dumbasses, no one wants to ban contraception, the states least of all – even though, thanks to a little something called the Tenth Amendment, they bloody well can if they so choose – so drop the effin’ subject and let’s talk about where you and your honeyboy B. HUSSEIN!!!&#160 Obambi have dropped the ball…namely, the economy and foreign affairs, M”KAY?!?!?!”

But this bullshit about the reaction to Santorum questioning the theology behind Bambi’s policy?&#160 The whining and sniveling that’s&#160 caused?&#160 I mean, here’s “Baghdad Bob” Gibbs bleating that Santorum went over the line for the cardinal&#160 sin of “questioning [Bambi’s] Christian faith?

Hey, Baghdad Bobby?&#160 I’ll do more than question it – I’ll fucking challenge it outright.&#160 The bastard ain’t a Christian.&#160 Certainly not in the traditional sense of the word.&#160 Look at his track record if you don’t believe me.

And Santorum Franklin Graham’s bang-on right about one thing:&#160 Bambi gives more of a shit about Muslims than he does about the Christians the Muslims are killing overseas.&#160 I mean, when was the last time you heard Bambi mention anything about that, hmmmmmmmm?

Santorum’s right about another thing, too:&#160 Satan is targeting this country.&#160 I fucking dare anyone to look at what’s happened to this culture over the last 50 years and deny it.

So you pisstards on the Left can take all your kvetching about what Rick Santorum has said about our culture and shove it back up your pieholes.&#160 You pussies are a big cause of it, so I for one don’t give a shit that you don’t like us pointing it out.


Given President Obama’s tendency to ignore our Constitution, one wonders just how he managed to get a job teaching constitutional law at one of the nation’s top law schools. In any case, here is a video of the president of my Lutheran Church Missouri Synod, testifying to a House committee on the problems with the President’s latest “Obamanation”.


This…is not&#160 good.

Fifteen TCU students, including four members of the football team, were among 18 people arrested early Wednesday after a six-month drug sting in which deals allegedly went down everywhere from players’ homes to a Hooters restaurant.


The bust ensnared members of the Horned Frog football team, which recently celebrated an invitation to the Big 12 conference, and information in the documents revealed a surprise team-wide drug test on National Signing Day.

I am reminded of a time nearly 30 years ago.&#160 TCU’s new head coach, Jim Wacker, had just led his Horned Frogs to an 8-4 record and a berth in the Bluebonnet Bowl, and things were looking good for the Purple & White for the foreseeable future.

Then came 1985.

NCAA investigators arrived on the Texas Christian University campus Wednesday to look into reports that as many as 29 players accepted money from alumni trying to beef up the school’s football program.


TCU turned itself in to the NCAA for inspection and suspended seven players, including All-American running back Kenneth Davis, who admitted taking money from boosters.

The resulting scandal crippled the Frog program for 15 years.&#160 Only when Dennis Franchione brought his act from New Mexico did Frog fortunes begin to turn.

Now we’ve got this.&#160 And it’s all over the media here – the three four major affiliates, ESPN – everyone’s covering it.&#160 Dale Hansen even went “unplugged” on it (gee, wonder why the fatass never goes “unplugged” when something good&#160 happens to them, hm?).

One of the perps, Devin Johnson, stated to police that as many as 82 players failed a mandatory drug test sprung on the players by Gary Patterson on Feb 1st.&#160 And if that’s&#160 the case, one wonders how long it’ll cripple TCU this&#160 time.

I’ve got a bad&#160 feeling about this…


Great Honkin’ Cthulu, we could use more backbone like this in the GOP.

As reported in detail at Lost Lettermen and the Kansas City Star, 5-year-old Emma Burton of Olathe, Kan., refused to participate in a class coloring assignment when she and her classmates were told to color in a Jayhawk, the mascot of the University of Kansas. The coloring exercise was part of the kindergarten class’ celebration of the state of Kansas.

However, Emma wouldn’t comply with her teacher’s instructions. Instead, according to her mother — Bug Bytes blogger Julie Burton — the four-foot tall tot brazenly refused to color the Jayhawk on the grounds that she doesn’t like the University of Kansas. She took the Jayhawk sheet she had been handed, walked up to her teacher and asked for a Powercat (the mascot of Kansas State) to color. When Burton was told there weren’t any Powercats to color, she threw the Jayhawk in the trash.

Go read the rest.

Honors her father & mother?&#160 Doesn’t back down in the face of oppressive official adversity?

Damn, I love that kid!&#160


Well, the new western gate command bunker has been officially put into commission. For the most part….

The tech team still has a few things to finalize, and the mess hall reports that they still have a few boxes to unload but they are open for BAU (“Business As Usual” for those uninitiated). Unfortunately, the conference room will not support the full media package I had requested. At this time. But I have been assured by the Civil Engineering squadron commander that this will be rectified.

Even have completed commencing agreements with the local requisite support agencies, so overall things are moving along nicely. Supply vendors are standing at the ready as well. Now if I can get the weather squadron to quit with the sogginess things would be much better. Then at least the regular patrol sequence could restart and of course, training flights could resume as some of the helo boys need some stick time before they get too lax.

Yes, we were able to monitor the recent meteor activity via the in-house news feeds. But long-range sensors were not connected to the Command uplink at the time, so real-time monitoring was not available.

Finally, the Command mascots (all FOUR of them) seem to approve of the new locale. So far.



Y’know, I was going to try and offer a short eulogy/tribute to Whitney Houston – who, as I’m sure you guys are all aware by now, died yesterday at the age of 48…

…but then I read this from Yahoo! music blogger Billy Johnson, Jr.

Too many of us—myself included—are guilty of making insensitive jokes about the demise of Whitney Houston, her frail frame, loss of one of pop’s purest voices, and battle with drugs.

But none of us are laughing now.


Houston’s fans were concerned when she married R&B bad boy Bobby Brown in 1992, but they professed their happiness.

By the late 1990s, Houston’s drug problems began to become tabloid fodder. In a 2002 interview with ABC’s Diane Sawyer, Houston admitted to her struggles, but maintained that she was doing fine.

The public received its first real glimpse of Houston behind-the-scenes in 2004 when she appeared on Brown’s reality series “Being Bobby Brown.” The bad publicity move depicted Houston as profane, combative, and delusional, seemingly supporting the behavior of someone on drugs.

Among the saddest indications of Houston’s fall was her 2009 comeback album, “I Look To You.” While the album received positive reviews, her live performances signaled that the damage to her voice was beyond repair.

Concertgoers stormed out of her 2010 “Nothing But Love World Tour” angry, complaining that Houston was not fit to sing live, and they demanded that their ticket costs be refunded.

On stage, Houston made light of her vocal struggles, and even seemed to be confident when doing so.

But the public scrutiny intensified, and was followed by additional stints in rehab.

While the cause of death has not yet been revealed, one can only wonder whether it was drug-related.

I think that, of this, there can be little doubt.

People like me have been shouting loud & long from the rooftops about the dangers of illegal drug use, from marijuana right on up the scale (pun not really intended, but it fits here, doesn’t it?).&#160 For our efforts, we’re pooh-poohed, laughed at, ostracized, sniffed at, dismissed and just generally treated like pond scum by the so-called “enlightened” among elitist shits who think that there’s no harm in “just a little recreational drug use”.&#160 Just a li’l toak ever’ now-and-then, cain’t be allllll that&#160 bad, now can it?

Whitney Houston very likely started with marijuana.&#160 You tell me.

Rest in peace, Whitney.


The Vicar has stepped completely out of character, and has booked a cruise for April of next year. We will be sailing out of Galveston, and our cabin is on deck ten, forward! 🙂

I have watched entirely too much Star Trek!


Well, Denizens, I’ve gotta do something to get my blood pressure under control, seeing as Roger Goodfella’s No Fair League can’t be arsed to hire full-time zebras who would be somewhat more than fairly competent to know the difference between a busted route & intentional grounding…

…so here, to try to get us all in a better mood today, comes this from Ronaldus Magnus:



What I wouldn’t give to have a nuke I could drop on New York/New Jersey right now.

Fuck you, E-why (Wo)manning, Bwandi Jackoff and the rest of the NY Football Douchebags.&#160 And&#160 the pussies masquerading as zebras that gave them Super Bowl XLVI.

Bastards, all.


(H/T to David Barton at WallBuilders and their FB site)

Seems the reports of Home Depot pulling their support for activists of the GLAAD variety was announced too soon. AFA (American Family Association) reports here that just the opposite is their choice.

I’m not a fan of boycotts but in this case I agree with AFA and will choose to no longer shop at Home Depot.

On another note, I’ll be scarce again for a few weeks. Having to go out and perform some maintenance and remodeling of the guard house at the west gate of the Command property. I’ll be in lurk mode for the time being though and could reply without warning. You have been warned.



So Mittens won Flor-i-duh.&#160 Emphasis on the duh.

Makes you start to think that maybe the Donks were right about that shithole of a state.&#160 Chalk up yet another reason, O fair Lady Spatula, why I wanted you out of there and up here with me in Texas in the first place.&#160 N’awlins isn’t the only&#160 place in the US where you can find putrid swamps.

Anyway, for a really good take on things (and this is a Homework Assignment&#153), read Misha’s treatise here.

Go.&#160 Shoo.


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