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AUSTIN – Just a reminder to all Denizens (and LCs too, since this’ll be cross-posted in the Empire

Don’t buy anything today.&#160 Big-ticket items, groceries, gas if you can possibly avoid it – anything.&#160 Keep your wallets in your pockets and your purses at home.

Instead, buy everything you want/need/gotta have/can’t do without tomorrow,&#160 May 1st.

The reason, as you should know by now is that the pendejos&#160 who are still here illegally plan on attempting to cripple our country’s economy – as if they think that the 11-12 million of them&#160 is somehow a larger number than the 280-290 million&#160 of us.

Oh, and if you should happen to notice any businesses closed tomorrow for this illegal alien temper tantrum, make a note of it and resolve not to do business there again.&#160 Let us know, too, so that we can show them our&#160 economic clout, as well.



Denizens, I’ll be in Austin the next three days for the Jawja Invasion&#153, playing the role of Spatula of Borg (Resistance is Futile).

We’ll have ’em sayin’ “fixin’ t'” by the time this is all done

Stand by for live blogging…


Oh, boo-hoo-hoo-fucking-hoo.

The guest workers undocumented workers illegal aliens invasion force is crying in its Dos Equis&#160 about the ICE raids that took place last week.&#160 And they’re whining because they think that it’s in retaliation for the Million Pendejo&#160 March&#153 a couple weeks ago.

Ice cream vendor Floriano Maldonado, 48, believes that the raids are real and that they are directly related to the April 9 march when hundreds of thousands of people marched through Dallas advocating immigrants’ rights.

“We told them, ‘We’re here!’ and now they’re coming after us,” Mr. Maldonado said.

Yeah?&#160 So?&#160 Whatever the fuck&#160 about it?&#160 I had family in law enforcement, and lemme tell ya something, cabezas de los boyos&#160 – when lawbreakers rub it in an LEO’s face, said LEO tends to get a mite pissed about it.&#160 I mean, it’s not like you bastards can say you weren’t expecting us to just bend over and grab the ankles, now can you?

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‘S a funny thing about political capital:&#160 Y’always think you have more than you do, and y’always spend it faster than you think.

Case in point:&#160 George W. “Wussya” Bush.&#160 Oh yeah, after the ’04 election, he crowed that he had a ton of the stuff, and that he was going to “spend it”.&#160 And then he proceeded to do the drunken sailor act thereupon.

Well, now he’s tapped.&#160 Last little bit – with me and a couple of other folks, anyway – came the other day when he flat-out refused to do squat about the undocumented workers guest workers illegal aliens invasion force that’s infected the country he swore to protect & defend.

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Presumably, it happened around 12:25 this morning, though I tend to doubt that.

Whatever, visitor number 50,000 has now happened by this particular site.

Thanks to all who’ve graced me with your presence.&#160 Yes, even you fuckheaded libtards.&#160 Yes, even that limpwristed plays-with-inflatable-dolls chickenshit, Michael “Mykki” Cortese.

Here’s to the next 50,000.


The Arsenal of Freedom&#153 is now complete.&#160 (Well, the Handgun Division&#153, anyway. (grin))

A Taurus 817 7-shot .38 special.&#160 Special shock-absorbing grip to better handle the recoil.&#160 This will replace the Smith & Wesson 638, which I’ve grown to dislike more than just a bit.&#160 It very likely becomes the carry piece of choice, as well – though it’s sister, the .357 Magnum, could still overtake it.

And yes – I’ll definitely&#160 be one of the more popular bloggers in Austin this weekend.


LC & IB Delftsman reminds us that it’s Holocaust Rememberance Day – also known as “Give the Iranian President a Dirty Swirly Day”, but that’s another post – and we stop down, remember, and mourn our Jewish brethren.

Delfts’ father was nearly a fatality of the Holocaust, and gave Focus on the Family&#160 an interview last week on his experiences, which you are cordially invited to go check out.


Sorry, Denizens.&#160 Yet another One-Legged Man&#153 day was followed immediately by an evening cleaning the Arsenal of Freedom&#153 in advance of this weekend’s Blodger invasion.

But, courtesy of the Emperor, I did&#160 get a chance to skim over a piece by our good friend and Denizen, the Dread Pundit Bluto, who has come upon this response to the Santa Cruz Chickenshits.

Shove those&#160 up your asses, snot-noses.&#160 Personally, it’s make my day to send one of those over Iraq with one of you as a hood ornament…

UPDATE:&#160 Newly arrived limpwristed skank DocAmazing – what’s so amazing, assclown, the fact that they shaved your pubes and&#160 your back and still couldn’t find your dick? – comes up for air from that rimjob he’s giving Mykki Chickenshit long enough to inform us it was Santa Cruz, not Santa Clara.

He then reminded us that his butt-buddy Mykki was still too much of a coward to come get his ass-kicking, so I guess he’s good for something,&#160 anyway. (snicker)


Okay, so let me get this straight:&#160 Leaks to prove a Bush critic was lying (which, because Bush authorized them, are by their very definition not leaks at all):&#160 Bad.

But leaks that do damage to our interrogations of terrorists – and consequently, our efforts in the War on Terror – and,&#160 by extension, to the President – well, those are good.

At least, that’s what The Other&#160 “MassaChewsShits” Loser&#153 is saying:

Sen. John Kerry is defending CIA leaker Mary McCarthy, who was fired by the agency on Friday for revealing classified information about secret CIA interrogations of top al Qaeda suspects.

“If you’re leaking to tell the truth, Americans are going to look at that [and] at least mitigate or think about what are the consequences that you, you know, put on that person,” Kerry told ABC’s “This Week.”

Actually, O Qing of Qetchup and Lavender Hearts, what Americans are going to look at are the Donktards’ double standards when it comes to your pathetic, half-assed accusations.

“Obviously they’re not going to keep their job, but there are other larger issues here,” he insisted.

“Yeah!!!&#160 We gotta do everything we can to get that eeeeevil, mean BusHitler OUT OF THE WHITE HOUSE!!!&#160 WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!”

Kerry prefaced his remarks by noting: “Clearly, leaking is against the law. And nobody should leak. I abhor leaking. I don’t like it.”

“Except when we can use it to make Chimpy look bad!!!&#160 YEAHHHHHHH!!!”

But the 2008 presidential hopeful complained that sometimes “classification in Washington is a tool that is used to hide the truth from the American people.”

This from the stupid SOB who still – STILL!!! – refuses to sign his Form 180 and release his military records to the public.

Kerry said that he was “glad” the CIA leaker “told the truth,” before adding: “But she’s going to obviously — if she did it, if she did it – suffer the consequences of breaking the law.”

Much like you did when you were conspiring with the Viet Cong while still a member of the US Armed Forces, you tumblefucked titmouse?

F.I.J.F.I.&#160 (Fuck ‘Im.&#160 Just Fuck ‘Im.)


Denizens, your homework assignment is this excellent rant by our dear Emperor.

Now.&#160 Looks like a busy weekend, so I may be here, may not.&#160 Keep checking back.



Item:&#160 recruiters choose discretion as the better part of valor rather than give a gaggle of snot-nosed assclowns the bitch-slapping they deserved.

Item:&#160 Michelle Malkin exposed the asshats for who and what they are.

Item:&#160 Said pussies and their fellow Cowardcrats showed the tolerance for which they’re soooooo well known towards Michelle.

Oh, no worries.&#160 Even if they ever were to post Michelle’s address, she should fear not.&#160 How many years have I been calling these people chickenshits?&#160 And&#160 given out my address to back it up?&#160 But no – these limp-wristed fucktards would rather hide behind their cell-phone cameras and make movies about playing around with their inflatable dolls than actually come back their shit up.

Relax, Michelle.&#160 As I’ve said time & time again, they don’t have the balls.


With the onset of baseball season (hibernation season if you’re a football-loving King & Tyrant&#153), it’s time to pull out a blast from the past.&#160 And since it was a One-Legged Man Day&#153, now’s as good of a time as any.

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Sigh.&#160 Looks like ol’ Swimmer Boy’s been drinking again.

Massachusetts Sen. Ted Kennedy says the conventional wisdom that America has turned conservative in recent years is just plain wrong

…but not for the reasons he&#160 thinks.

Problem is, O Drunken One, the country hasn’t turned&#160 conservative because it already is&#160 conservative.

Sure you came up for air immediately after dunking Mary Jo?

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The Quote of the Day&#153 comes from LC New Mexican, who has this tagline over at the Famous Idiot site:

Deep down, Muslims are good people too…Six feet, to be exact.

Damned straight…


As most of you LCs (and the Denizens too, if you’ve ever bothered to read the Rott) have figured out by now, Emperor Misha & I pretty much see eye-to-eye on a lot of stuff.

But there are&#160 a few things where we’re not quite on the same page (not that that’s a bad thing).&#160 One area is the high gas prices, and the reasons for same.

Drudge reported today about the retirement package given retiring ExxonMobil CEO Lee Raymond, and Misha was last seen growling snarling commenting on it here.

(NOTE:&#160 The Drudge headline had reported $400 million – no idea why.)

Misha, as is his wont and absolute right, vented about it.

It’s good to know that somebody at least are getting to enjoy the benefits of gouging gas prices because, heaven knows, $170 million isn’t hardly anything when you have to pay for all and sundry and it’s not like he hasn’t put in the years of hard work for it. G-d only knows how many falafels the poor man has had to share with oil ticks over the years.

Thankfully, Exxon won’t be going bankrupt because of this golden parachute, considering how they made about $36 billion last year profiteering off of the fact that we’re at war, so it’s not like they can’t afford it.

Hm.&#160 Let’s take a moment and examine.

True, ExxonMobil made $36 billion in profits last year.&#160 Quite the haul for the Irving-based oil conglomerate.

Until you see what they made it off of:&#160 $360 billion in sales & other operating income (page 4, requires Acrobat reader).

10 cents on the dollar, while good & healthy, is not excessive.&#160 I sell a paper for a buck, I keep 10 cents.&#160 That’s all Exxon’s doing.

It’s not ExxonMobil that’s determining high oil prices.&#160 It’s OPEC (and to a good extent, Venezuela as well).&#160 All ExxonMobil (and ChevronTexaco, and Valero, and BP, and Shell, and Standard, and Citgo, et. al.) are doing is paying the price that’s been set.

(There are other factors, too, such as too few refineries in the United States; Demoscum who won’t let us drill in ANWR, Kalifornication or Teddy the Red-Nosed Senator’s backyard and China’s increased demand for the stuff – but those are other topics for other posts.)

Now maybe Raymond’s retirement package is a little high, whether it be $400 million or some lower figure.&#160 There are two groups of folks watching ExxonMobil:&#160 their shareholders, and the SEC.&#160 If ExxonMobil is doing anything that’s not kosher, I anticipate it’ll get discovered pretty quickly.&#160 The days of Enron-style cooking the books are pretty much over, I’d think.

UPDATE:&#160 Denizen and LC Humble Devildog informs us that Venezuela is actually a part of OPEC.

S’pose I should’ve known that, but didn’t for whatever reason.


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