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Funny thing about Texas politics.&#160 Give a candidate enough rope to hang themselves, they’ll usually oblige.

Up until yesterday, the GOP side of the Texas goober-natorial was shaping up to be a nice little menage a trois – the last polls I’d heard had Big Dickhead Perry at 49%, Kay Bailout Hutchinson at 27% and this nurse from Beeville named Debra Medina at 19%.&#160 And the only reason Medina was closing on Kay Bailout was due to some incredible buzz, first from pseudo-conservative WBAP talk-show host Mark Davis, then from what I’ve been told are impressive performances in a couple of subsequent three-way debates between them all.

That all came to a rather abrupt end yesterday.&#160 Dan Riehl had a report about a supposed Perry sockpuppet whispering that Medina was a 9/11 Twoofer on one of the Dullest Moaning Snooze&#160 blogs.

Dec. 19: Perry has done a great job for veterans. Probably the most pro-veteran governor we have had in the modern era. Perry also IS a veteran, having served for more than half a dozen years.
Dec. 4: Rick Perry is awesome. Texas is the best state in America! WOOT!
Nov. 22: KBH is a liberal RINO. Perry needs to point that out early and often.
Nov. 8: Rick Perry is doing a heck of a job standing up to the liberals and keeping Texas the most prosperous state in the nation.

(For the time being, we’ll ignore the Moaning Snooze’s&#160 whining about supposed TOS violations.&#160 Frankly, I don’t give a shit about that either way.)


Glenn Beck had an opportunity to interview Ms. Medina about it, give the candidate a chance to “clear her name”, if you will, and – well – funny how that noose slipped around ol’ Deb’s neck as if it were a strand of pearls, y’know?

Okay, so it’s bad enough when you plant one foot&#160 in a pile of dogshit.&#160 (I gots me two puppies.&#160 Trust me on this.)

What makes it worse&#160 is when you go to “clarify” what you said earlier…and then go and plant the other&#160 foot in the same damned pile…

(UPDATE:&#160 I’m finding out only now that those of you who are idiots and run IE may not be able to see this.&#160 Here’s the link for you guys.)


Buh-bye, Debra.&#160 Thanks for playing.&#160 Johnny Olson Rod Roddy Whatever your name is behind that mic…do we have any parting gifts for our nice contestant?&#160


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