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Denizens, this Cham-Peen-Ship Eee-Dish-Shun&#153 of the Perfect Football Weekend&#153 begins with the old adage, “If you have to tell someone how good you actually are…you actually aren’t”.

Exhibit #6…as in the sixth-ranked Baylor Cubbies…and their public-relations firm.

Baylor has hired Kevin Sullivan Communications, but the company’s founder and namesake says his company wasn’t hired to influence opinion.

“We were hired just to be an extra resource on the media relations front to help out (Baylor executive associate athletic director) Nick (Joos),” Kevin Sullivan told Fox Sports Southwest on Monday night. “He’s got a small staff and has a huge amount of activity going on right now.”

The university hired the firm last week.

Sullivan said Baylor had used the firm in the past and he’d had a long relationship with Joos. He also said any insinuation that the firm had been hired to influence the 12-person committee charged with selecting the four participants in the College Football Playoff was “inaccurate.”

“We’re just trying to set up some national interviews for (athletic director) Ian (McCaw),” Sullivan said. “It’s media relations, that’s all.”

So, essentially, the Dumb Fucks Down In Waco&#153 didn’t hire Sully’s group to influence public opinion, NoSirreeBob&#153.&#160 No, they’re&#160 just going to help with media relations.

To help them&#160 influence public opinion.

The simple fact is this:&#160 The Playoff Selection Committee has seen the 61-58 travesty that took place in Waco a few weeks back – and the more they’ve thought about it

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, the more they have realized that there’s no fucking way in Hell&#153 that Baylor’s a better team than TCU – a position pretty strongly reinforced by that selfsame Cubbie squad getting torched by unranked&#160 West Virginia the next week.

Memo to Widdle Artie Bwiles and the rest of the Baylor pussies:&#160 Save the PR money next time – and just beat West Virginia.&#160 (Oh, and playing someone other&#160 than the Little Sisters of the Poor in non-conference wouldn’t hurt, either.)

Okay, here we go.&#160 It’s finally put-up-or-shut-up time for Gary Patterson and his third-ranked TCU Horned Frogs.&#160 They have Iowa State at home – and though the Cyclones aren’t going to be the pushover everyone’s expecting…how bad are they?

They got beat by Rock Chalk.

If TCU wants to be taken seriously this year, they not only have to beat Iowa State at home, but beat them convincingly.&#160 None of this “we only need to score one more point than them” bullshit this week, Coach P.&#160 We have to have a beating of Texas Tech proportions tomorrow (sorry, General).&#160 Pull what Baylor did last week against Tech, and both Baylor and&#160 Ohio State will jump you.

One of your team mottos is “Leave No Doubt”.&#160 Well, now’s the time.

Sunday, Andy Dalton & the Cincinnati Bengals will play host to Ben Roethelisberger (did I spell that right?) and the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Pittsburgh…isn’t quite as good this year as in years past.&#160 They’re still 7-5, but they’ve looked postively horrible in those five losses.&#160 Still, it’s a technical toss-up (Bengals favored at home by three); it’ll depend on how well Cincy’s line protects Andy.

The wild-card games this week are as follows:&#160 Oklahoma State to play #20 Oklahoma in the annual Bedlam game (never mind where they go post-season – this is OU’s bowl game), 13th-ranked Wisconsin vs. #5 The Ohio State University in the B1G championship game (sorry, but OSU has no chance against Bucky with their third-string quarterback playing) , top-ranked Alabama vs. 16th-ranked Mizzou in the SEC championship game (I’d love for Mizzou to win here, ’cause it might actually propel Baylor to the top four and finally get them to shut up – but Bama’s too strong) and SMUT going up to play Connecticut (the Huskies were the Shitland Ponies’ first post-Death Penalty victim, and Kennycut’s never forgotten that; SMUT completes its winless season).

I’m back at work Monday, so I’ll get to the recap ASAP – hopefully Sunday.&#160 In the meantime, Vicar, care to pick the SEC winner…?


Denizens, we launch into this week’s edition of the Perfect Football Weekend&#153 with yet another blurb from the Penn State debacle – this time with the No Cojones At All&#153 administration coming >< this close to stepping into a pile of shit up to its collective head. To wit: --- "A newly disclosed email from the NCAA's top lawyer documents just how close Penn State came to having its football program shut down due to the Jerry Sandusky child abuse scandal. It says the school's "cooperation and transparency" saved the program." --- (Sorry for the formatting - looks like WordPress is vomiting up a lot of my coding tonight.) That would be the "cooperation and transparency" into which it was browbeaten & cowed, if you'll recall. --- "The email from lawyer Donald Remy to a school attorney was attached to a court filing Thursday, as the NCAA battles with two Pennsylvania officials over penalties that were imposed on Penn State. The email establishes that on July 17, 2012, six days before the Penn State sanctions were announced, a majority on the NCAA executive committee favored the "death penalty," shutting down the football program." --- And again, this is the NCAA threatening to shut down the football program for the actions of people who weren't even employed there, simply because they had certain access to certain buildings, where they performed activities that were not even sanctioned by the university, that were eventually dealt with by school personnel in accordance with Pennsylvania law. This would be akin to Arlington Heights losing its football program for me entering the school building and performing some illegality, any illegality, that was arbitrarily & capriciously deemed to be _¡qué horrible!_ Damn good thing I'm not the PSU chancellor.&#160 My lawsuit against the NCAA would have started at ten (10) digits, and gone from there.&#160 (For the pussies in the Church of the SubTarded, that's one-extra-extra-extra-extra large, or one billion.) Once again...fuck you, NCAA. Very quickly now, on with the football.&#160 As I write this, my Arlington Heights Yellow Jackets, fresh off a perfect season, are in the bi-district playoffs against Burleson Centennial HS down south of Realm&#153 HQ, in Mansfield.&#160 As of this writing, Heights is up 7-0, so we'll keep an eye on that. Tomorrow, Gary Patterson takes his fourth-ranked TCU Horned Frogs - yes, that's right; if the season ended today, the Frogs would be in the playoffs - up to Lawrence to play Rock Chalk.&#160 The Tadpoles are a solid 28-point favorite here, so unless they lay a complete egg, I don't see them breaking _that_ much of a sweat. Sunday, Andy Dalton's Cincinnati Kittycats - fresh off that humiliation at the hands of Cleveland (Cleveland?), try to snap out of it vs. the Saints at the Superdome in N'awlins.&#160 This isn't the best place to try to snap out of a funk, but N'awlins isn't playing all that well

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, either (they’re one game under .500), so even though they’re a 7-point favorite at home, Cincy’s got a shot here.

Wild card games are as follows: *Oklahoma* traveling to Lubbock & taking out their Baylor frustrations on TTech (sorry

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, Generalette), #16 Nebraska going up to Madison to get pounded on by #20 *Wisconsin* (Joel Stave’s not quite as crappy a quarterback as Tommy Armstrong), and top-ranked Mississippi State running into fifth-ranked *Alabama’s* buzzsaw (sorry, Vicar).

We’re back next week with the recap.&#160 Maybe it’ll be Monday – who knows?


As we launch another edition of the Perfect Football Weekend, Denizens, we are compelled to revisit the railroading & virtual crucifixion of one Joseph Paterno

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, former Pennsylvania State University head football coach, and how he was made to account, drawn & quartered, for basically performing within the scope of his job.

In this column, we are now finding out that even the NCAA knew that it didn’t have the legal authority to hand down any sanctions on either Paterno or the PSU program.

New internal NCAA emails offer a glimpse into how the organization questioned its own decision-making leading up to the unprecedented sanctions levied against Penn State in 2012, saying at one point it was banking on the fact that the university “is so embarrassed they will do anything.”

Seven pages of emails — from July 13 to July 21, 2012 — were filed Sunday as part of a Pennsylvania state senator’s lawsuit against the NCAA.

NCAA president Mark Emmert announced the sanctions against the university July 23, 2012.

“Delicate issue, but how did PSU gain a competitive advantage by what happened?” Kevin Lennon, the NCAA vice president for academic and membership affairs, wrote July 14, 2012. “Even if discovered, reported, and actions taken immediately by the administration, not sure how this would have changed anything from a competitive advantage perspective.”

Julie Roe Lach, then the NCAA’s top enforcement officer, responded to Lennon about 75 minutes later. She told him that “Mark” — believed to be Emmert — thought Penn State did gain a competitive advantage, although she and several others disagreed with that point.

“I characterized our approach to PSU as a bluff when talking to Mark yesterday afternoon after the call,” she wrote.


“We find it deeply disturbing that NCAA officials in leadership positions would consider bluffing one of their member institutions, Penn State, to accept sanctions outside of their normal investigative and enforcement process,” the university said in a statement released Wednesday.

So, basically, the NCAA intimidated Penn State into firing JoePa and engaging in its own little bit of self-flagellation.

Now, there’s not a single one here who is saying that what Jerry Sandusky did wasn’t wrong.&#160 What I’m saying is that neither PSU nor Paterno bore any responsibility in the matter (save for State firing Paterno & turning him into some sort of pariah), and should not have been held accountable.&#160 And for the NCAA to have done exactly that, through illegal means, smacks of the worst sort of fascism.

Fuck you & the horse you rode in on, NCAA.

On with the football.&#160 Another early start to the PFW, but this time it’s Andy Dalton’s Cincinnati Bengals at home versus cross-state rival Cleveland for first place in the AFC Central.

Normally I wouldn’t give Brian Hoyer much chance on the road, but Cincy’s defense isn’t exactly the ’93 Cowboys.&#160 Game goes to whomever has the ball last.

Last game of the regular season for Phil Young and my Arlington Heights Yellow Jackets Friday evening, this one against the Western Hills Cougars (aka the Alma Mater&#153 of the First Wife&#153) – and, given what’s been done to them this year…well, call it overconfidence if you must, but Heights could play it’s third-string all game and rout these guys.

How bad is Western Hills?&#160 Their only victory is against North Side.&#160 By six points.

South Hills destroyed them on an Aledo scale, 83-7.

Trimble Tech, whom Heights smashed last week, 64-0?&#160 The week prior, they beat Hills 60-18.

This will be the first unbeaten season in football for Heights in a long time.&#160 How long?&#160 Don’t know for sure, but I think I was going there at the time.

Saturday, it’ll be Gary Patterson’s sixth-ranked TCU Horned Frogs at home versus Bill Snyder’s seventh-ranked Kansas State Wildcats.&#160 The purple team will win.

TCU needs this one.&#160 Get it, and it’s all but a fait accompli&#160 that they win the Big XII.&#160 They’re home, so I feel better than I otherwise would, but it’ll still be close.

The wildcard games this week will be Marshall at Southern Miss (sorry, Vicar), #23 West Virginia taking out their frustrations versus TU (Charlie Strong runs into another buzzsaw), and #20 Georgia destroying Kentucky (the Dawgs are not happy about losing to Florida, and the Wildcats are gonna be made to pay).

We’re back next week with a recap. With any luck , it’ll actually be Monday.


(Hat tip: M, via FB)

Drudge is reporting that Janet “Big Sister” Napolitano is out the door, outta here!!!.

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano said Friday she will step down from her post to become president of the University of California system.

Yeah…she’ll fit right in:&#160 She’s a fruit, a flake and&#160 a nut.


The outrageous thing about this bitch is that she’s still wasting our oxygen.

Narrating a new MSNBC “Lean Forward” spot, the Tulane professor laments that we in America “haven’t had a very collective notion that these are our children.” “[W]e have to break through our kind of private idea that kids belong to their parents or kids belong to their families, and recognize that kids belong to their communities,” Harris-Perry argued.

Get near my&#160 boy, you cowardly cunt, and – parental rights or not – it’ll be the last&#160 thing you ever do.

Children belong to the parents – not you, the “community” or&#160 the State.&#160 And as much as I dislike Her Doublewide Bitchiness, I’d still trust her with my son more than I would you.

So don’t even think&#160 it, bitch.&#160 Unless you have a death wish.


(Hat tip:&#160 Hoft, as usual.)

And at the other extreme (i.e. the heterophobic pro-sodomite militant leftards) comes this video.

I’m putting it below the fold to give you time to put down all throwables/breakables/shootables, etc.&#160 I guaran-damn-tee you that you’ll have your own personal RCOB&#153 going within fifteen seconds, and by the end will be wanting to print out a picture of this bastard to take to the range with you.

So here we go.&#160 Don’t say I didn’t warn you:

Now, this vid was originally taken down after the asslick got caught in the resulting shitstorm; what you’re watching here is a re-upload. The pussy who actually committed this heinous act of sheer chickenshittery has his YouTube page here.&#160 Do note the overwhelming&#160 display of support he’s receiving.&#160 &#160 (The guy is supposedly some sort of instructor/lecturer, which is the reason this has been added to “Asshattery in Academia”.)

Lord, please don’t ever send me to Arizona.&#160 I don’t think I could get out of there without being arrested for shoving a cattle prod up this prick’s ass and locking it on “high”…

UPDATE(s):&#160 Well, first & foremost, the pusstard appears to have gotten shitcanned for his shit.

Adam Smith, former CFO and treasurer of medical supplies manufacturer Vante, caused quite a stir today when he put up a video of himself bullying a Chick-fil-A drive-thru employee in Tucson on YouTube.

Smith berates the worker about her company in the video, which was initially titled ”Reduce $’s to Chick-Fil-A’s Hate Groups.” It has since been taken down (though others have uploaded it too).


Vante didn’t approve of Smith’s behavior, and he’s no longer working there.

Here’s the press release from Vante announcing that Smith is “no longer an employee of our company,” effective immediately:

TUCSON, AZ–(Marketwire – Aug 2, 2012) – The following is a statement from Vante:

Vante regrets the unfortunate events that transpired yesterday in Tucson between our former CFO/Treasurer Adam Smith and an employee at Chick-fil-A. Effective immediately, Mr. Smith is no longer an employee of our company.

The actions of Mr. Smith do not reflect our corporate values in any manner. Vante is an equal opportunity company with a diverse workforce, which holds diverse opinions. We respect the right of our employees and all Americans to hold and express their personal opinions, however, we also expect our company officers to behave in a manner commensurate with their position and in a respectful fashion that conveys these values of civility with others.

We hope that the general population does not hold Mr. Smith’s actions against Vante and its employees.

Oh, and the other update?&#160 If you go to that site of his I linked, you’ll see that he’s put up a cycling video…and taken down all the support.

Aw.&#160 Shucky darn.&#160


And as if that weren’t enough (as the General succinctly noted here), the National Concubine of Asshats & Arsekissers decided to collect their own pound of flesh:

The NCAA decision to void all Penn State victories back to 1998 eliminated 111 Penn State victories, dropping iconic coach Joe Paterno from the all-time winningest football coach to 12th on the list.

With the wins voided, Paterno’s official career win total is 298. Bobby Bowden with 377 wins becomes the all-time winningnest Division I.

Bullshit.&#160 Pure, unadulterated, 100-percent non-biodegradeable bullshit.&#160 The NCAA does not have the authority to do that to either Paterno or&#160 Penn State.&#160 JoePa & the Nittany Lions won those games fair & square, and there’s fuck all&#160 the NCAA can do about it.

Suck it, NCAA!&#160 Joe Paterno has just as many wins as he did this time seven days ago.&#160 Kiss Penn State’s collective ass if you don’t like that.

The NCAA has slammed Penn State with an unprecedented series of penalties, including a $60 million fine and the loss of all coach Joe Paterno’s victories from 1998-2011, in the wake of the Jerry Sandusky child sex abuse scandal.

Other sanctions include a four-year ban on bowl games, and the loss of 20 scholarships per year over four years.

Not that I give a shit about what happens to the school itself, seeing as it pissed on the Paterno family’s back and tried to tell ’em it was raining.

But if I were them, I’d be on the horn to my attorneys RightFuckingNow&#153.&#160 The National Cowards & Assholes Association may fancy itself as some sort of college athletics Gestapo, but that doesn’t mean their bullshit has the force of law.

Do it, Penn State.&#160 Bloody their noses a bit and see if they don’t back off.

I dare you.


This morning, Pennsylvania State University beclowned itself with an act of sacrilege.

The Joe Paterno statue was removed Sunday morning from its pedestal outside Beaver Stadium, and it will be stored in an unnamed “secure location,” Penn State president Rodney Erickson announced. Erickson also said the Paterno name will remain on the university’s library.

Well, how absolutely fuckin’ white&#160 of Widdle Wodney.&#160

The decision came 10 days after a scathing report by former FBI director Louis J. Freeh found that Paterno, with three other top Penn State administrators, had concealed allegations of child sexual abuse made against former defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky. The Freeh report concluded their motive was to shield the university and its football program from negative publicity.

Lemme tell you something about Louise Freeh.&#160 This dickhead was the FBI director for one Bill “Kaiser Wilhelm von Slickmeister” Clinton.

You guys do&#160 remember Der Kaiser, don’t you?&#160 You know – the half-assed excuse-for-a-President who had a full-blown affair with one Monica Lewinsky (complete with a cigar up her pussy & everything) – then lied about it to the American people?!?!?!?!?!&#160 That&#160 Kaiser Wilhelm?

Louise Freeh was part of one of the lyingest half-assed regimes in American history.&#160 He himself is a lying sack of shit.&#160 If Louise Freeh were to tell me that 2+2=4, I’d damned sure have a calculator & a couple of computers handy.

Joe Paterno was never charged with a crime.&#160 He never had a fair trial.&#160 His attorneys were never – and still&#160 aren’t – allowed to cross-examine witnesses, whom themselves are shielded by their own&#160 attorneys.&#160 Yet we’re expected, nay obligated, to take Louise Freeh’s word as fucking gospel?!

Fuck.&#160 That.

Joe Paterno, like every other American citizen, is innocent until proven guilty.&#160 He, just like all the rest of us, is entitled to the benefit of the doubt.&#160 Nothing less.

Yet Widdle Wodney Ewickson, being the spineless little dickweasel he is, will take the word of the FBI director of a known & proven liar, and further sully the reputation of the man that defined what previously had been the model college football program for nearly the last half century – and&#160 does it after the man has died, thus leaving him unable to defend himself.

Typical leftard scumbaggery.

Fuck you, Rodney Erickson.

Fuck you, Penn State.

Fuck you, Louise Freeh, you cowardly little needle-dicked son-of-a-bitch.



Was it something I said?

Ged Kates can keep his job another year – but dammit, son, you need to find you a secondary.

Guess it was too daunting a task.&#160 Kates is taking his marbles and moving to Beverly Hills Richland Hills.

The Arlington Heights football program, one of the most successful teams in the district, took the biggest hit, with seven coaches resigning.

In 2009, with Ged Kates as their head coach, the Yellow Jackets became the first Fort Worth team in eight years to win a playoff game. Heights also won a playoff game in 2011. In January, Kates accepted the head coaching position at Richland.

Former Kates assistants Brian Brown, Steven Burkett, Jacob Johnson, William Kates, Cody McCauley, Derek Ward and Whitney Wyatt have decided to leave.

Kates said three of his former Heights assistants will join him at Richland.

They’re calling it a cost-cutting measure.&#160 I call it the gutting of a once-proud football program.



Denizens, welcome to this week’s edition of the Perfect Football Weekend&#153.

Arlington Heights gets its season ended by Birdville tonight, fifth-ranked Smurf Turf Douchebag State proves once again it can’t beat TCU without their so-called “trickeration” (they’ll win, but they’ll have to use trick plays to do so), sixth-ranked Oklahoma has the week off, so we’ll plug in 18th-ranked Wisconsin at UMinne-haha, 19th-ranked Nebraska is at 12th-ranked Penn State, and Dallas has Beefalo at home on Sunday.

And I’m not pontificating on the games this weekend, because I’ve got a Red Curtain o’ Blood&#153 covering my eyes RightAboutNow&#153, and a certain Filipina bitch – not to mention a lot of other Lame-Assed Media&#153 types – are at the top of my shit list.

Some background.&#160 A damned good man lost his job today, and he lost it for the CARDINAL, UNFORGIVABLE SIN!!!!11!!!ONE!!1!ELEVENTYMILLION!!1!…of following Pennsylvania state law.

I refer, of course, to Joe Paterno.

For the first time in almost a half-century, someone other than Joe Paterno is calling the shots at Penn State.

The winningest coach in major college football history was fired Wednesday night

A good man is now persona non grata&#160 with a great many shitheaded asshats around this country simply because he followed Pennsylvania state law and delivered a second-hand report from an underling about a criminal incident that he did not personally witness.&#160 Paterno went to his athletic director, as he should have done, and reported what he had been told.&#160 Yet, he is being treated as a pariah by those of the Fifth Column&#153 who think they’re entitled to be the moral arbiters of us all.

And whether Joe Paterno was initially told the lurid specifics of that 2002 rape or not, the reports that say that Jerry Sandusky still had access to the locker room, still had an office, and still was entitled to roam the Penn State campus defy all definitions of responsible adult behavior.

What does it take for someone, knowing Sandusky’s questioned past, to go to somebody in charge — the athletic director, the school president, the police — and ask, “What’s that pervert doing near this football team?”

Instead, having failed to expel one-time assistant coach and defensive coordinator Sandusky, the people at Penn State tried to pull a rug over the situation.

Because they could.

What, because you&#160 say so, Gil LeBretard?&#160 And pray tell, what gives you the right to pass judgment over Joe Paterno?&#160 Or any of us, for that matter?

And then there’s that Filipina skank, Michelle “Malicious” Malkin.

And now, it’s college football. The failures to act, the cover up, the rationalizations all echo each other — and also mirror the institutionalized failures, cover ups, and rationalizations of Catholic Church officials who enabled pedophiles to prey on innocent young victims entrusted to their care and oversight across the country.

The systemic enabling of child sexual predators is an unspeakable evil. So is willful ignorance about the sordid details of the case.

The latest developments? It looks like Joe Paterno will get off and get out easy.

Yeah, Malicious?&#160 Tell me – when do you get your&#160 comeuppance for what you did to Rick Perry, hm?&#160 When do you get shunned and frog-marched (as you apparently want to do with JoePa) for whining & sniveling about Tina Brown’s “stupid photo tricks” against your honeygirl, Michelle Bachmann, then four days later did the exact same fucking thing to Governor Perry?

The point, skank, in case you can’t keep up:&#160 Who the hell appointed you, or anyone like you, to be the definitive moral arbiter of all of us?&#160 What gives you, or this pusstard excuse-for-a-police-commissioner Fwankie Noonan, any business to stand up there on a pedestal and say what any&#160 of us should&#160 do?&#160 WHO MADE YOU THE BOSSES OF US, YOU BASTARDS?!

And now Joe Paterno, who had a 61-year career setting the definitive example of how a football program, college, pro or otherwise, should be run, is treated as less than pond scum and unceremoniously dumped from a job he loved, all because a bunch of fuckheaded, asstastic piles of shit decided to impose their own moral values on him and say he should&#160 have done something a lot of them probably wouldn’t have had the balls to do themselves in his stead?

Ever noticed how the same ones who snivel, piss & moan about Christians supposedly imposing their values on others suddenly decide it’s okay for them&#160 to do so when it involves their own&#160 half-assed excuses-for-values being imposed.

Fuck ’em.&#160 Just fuck all&#160 of ’em.&#160

UPDATE:&#160 Oh, and not to put too&#160 fine a point thereupon (and yes, I know this doesn’t mean shit to anyone outside this blog – give me credit for still realizing the world doesn’t revolve around me)…from this point forward into perpetuity, a Perfect Football Weekend&#153 will be declared on the spot, regardless of how the rest of my teams do, anytime Penn State gets its ass handed to them.

Meaning, for example, that if Nebraska wins this weekend, it’s an automatic PFW, even if I go 0-4 with the other squads.

Fuck you, Penn State “trustees”.&#160 I wouldn’t trust you now with my shit, much less my kid.


Elena Kagan, back when she was one of the minions of Das Klintonreich&#153, back before The Entire Civilized World&#153 was told that she’s eminently qualified for the Supreme Court because she plays softball, bah Gawd!!!!&#160 (a little Jim Ross lingo, there), wrote a memo directly opposing the American College of Obstreticians & Gynecologists when they said there was no medical reason for a woman to have a partial-birth abortion:

During the heat of the debate in the 1990s, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists said an expert panel it commissioned could find no medical reason why the partial-birth abortion procedure would ever be used to protect a woman’s life or health.

Still, Clinton said he would not sign a ban on the three-day-long abortion procedure that involves the partial birth of an unborn child and the gruesome destruction of the baby’s life by jabbing medical scissors into its skull unless it contained a health exception for women.

Kagan, in a December 14, 1996 memo, appeared to be upset that ACOG couldn’t find any justification for Clinton’s position.

“This, of course, would be disaster — not the less so (in fact, the more so) because ACOG continues to oppose the legislation,” she said of the inability to discern a medical reason for the second-trimester abortion procedure.

Kagan also appears to suggest manipulating ACOG’s statement to support Clinton’s position.

Notes in Kagan’s handwriting list “suggested options” for modifying the ACOG position statement including having the Clinton administration claiming a partial-birth abortion “may be the best or most appropriate” option.

That language made its way in the final version of the ACOG statement released about the ban along with the original language found by the panel of medical experts.

Read the whole thing, then come back here.&#160 I’ll wait.

Okay.&#160 During confirmation hearings today to decide on the nomination of this little fat Klintonista toadie to the highest court in the land, Senator Orrin Hatch (R-UT) questioned her on the memo (hat tip:&#160 Patterico).&#160 Here’s that part of the questioning:

“Did you write that memo?” Hatch asked.

“Senator, with respect,” Kagan began, “I don’t think that that’s what happened — ”

“Did you write that memo?”

“I’m sorry — the memo which is?”

“The memo that caused them to go back to the language of ‘medically necessary,’ which was the big issue to begin with — ”

“Yes, well, I’ve seen the document — ”

“But did you write it?”

“The document is certainly in my handwriting.”

Oh, Great Honkin’ Cthulu.&#160 “The document is certainly in my handwriting”?!?!?!&#160 Hell, why not just say, “And yes, Senator, the pen that wrote it certainly has my fingerprints on it.&#160 But I think it was the butler in the drawing room with the hammer.”

Thanks, but I think I would’ve rather had Harriet Miers.


(Hat tip NewsBusters.)

Guess you’ve seen by now where racist eugenics evolutionary shit-for-brains professor shit-for-brains Satoshi Kanazawa has all but decreed that we conservatives and/or Christians ain’t too ed-yoo-ma-ka-ted.

Political, religious and sexual behaviors may be reflections of intelligence, a new study finds.

Evolutionary psychologist Satoshi Kanazawa at the the London School of Economics and Political Science correlated data on these behaviors with IQ from a large national U.S. sample and found that, on average, people who identified as liberal and atheist had higher IQs. This applied also to sexual exclusivity in men, but not in women. The findings will be published in the March 2010 issue of Social Psychology Quarterly.

There is but one thing – and only one thing, if you ask me – that can be viewed as a proper response to an asshat like this.

“Romans 1:22”.

And thank you, Sack-o-shit Kwanzaanawa, but I’ll take the Apostle Paul’s intellect – not to mention He who gave to him – over your&#160 fecal-material-between-the-ears any day of the week.

‘Nuff.&#160 Said.


What really&#160 pisses me off about this is that my boy is about to be indoctrinated into this bullshit, and I can’t do much about it – save for some very&#160 illegal shit…

Candidates for certification to teach in public schools in Texas are being told that they will be held accountable for any “heterosexist” leanings and must become agents working to change society, according to one candidate who was alarmed by the demands.

The applicant, who requested anonymity for fear of repercussions, told WND part of the teachings on multiculturalism required him to read several online postings about the issue inside the education industry.

One warns that “teachers and administrators must be held accountable for practices deemed to be racist, sexist, heterosexist, classist, or in any other way discriminatory.” And a second warned that educators must not define education as the basic skills.

Oh, they’ll be held accountable, all right – ‘specially after the fecal material begins to impact the oscillating bladed spindle.

“How do we create a better world? How do we do more than simply survive? As educators, we must help people to become committed to social change,” the article demanded.

Well, I know how you bastards can create a better world – but your survival doesn’t have much to do with it.

Go read the rest.&#160 It’s RCOB&#153 time for me…&#160


The Department of Well, This Is A Shock&#153 chimes in with this not terribly surprising piece of crap which should surprise no one save those living under rocks.

An overwhelming majority of science professors at Texas’ public and private universities say they’re against a state policy requiring that weaknesses in the theory of evolution be covered in public school science classes, according to a new study released Monday.

Nah, can’t have the young skulls full o’ mush (a little Rush lingo, there) gettin’ their minds filled with, y’know, actual truth.&#160 That might, who knows? postpone their inevitable indoctrination into the One World Religion of Gaia and Mother Earth ‘n all.&#160 We can’t very well have that, now can we?

About 95 percent of those responding to the study by the progressive socialist [Fixed it for ya.&#160 -DV]&#160 group Texas Freedom Network said schools should teach “just evolution” in covering the origins of life on earth. The rest said children should learn both evolution and the creationist theory called “intelligent design.”

Ah yes.&#160 The so-called “Texas Freedom Network”, the group started by liberal bimbo Samantha Smoot Smantha Smut and led until recently by the daughter of the late Damn Bitchards, Cece – otherwise known as “Princess Butch”, if you know what I mean.

Yeah, that’s sure a ringing endorsement from an obviously fair & balanced, non-partisan&#160 group there.&#160 Not a scintilla of bias anywhere to be found there, NoSirreeBob&#153.&#160

A sociology professor at the University of Texas at Arlington surveyed 464 university biologists and anthropologists in the study, released just as the State Board of Education gears up for Wednesday’s public hearing on new science curriculum standards.

Oh, right.&#160 “Sociology”.&#160 Among the most liberal of the Liberal Arts.&#160 And the asshat probably got to pick out whom he polled, too.

Nah, no bias to see here, move along.

A main topic of discussion is expected to be how teachers should treat Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution.

“Many of these science faculty members help determine who gets into our state colleges and universities,” said the study’s author, Raymond A. Eve.

Which is probably one of the primary reasons why our college grads are so fucking handicapped & behind the proverbial 8-ball once academia has finished indoctrinating “educating” them.&#160 Garbage in, garbage out, to quote the old IT aphorism.

“Their responses should send parents a clear message that those who want to play politics with science education are putting our kids at risk.”

Because obviously the Gaiaists who love playing politics with Johnny’s ed-u-ma-ca-shun can’t handle all the political competition.

Most study respondents said they believe any focus on the weaknesses of evolution theory and on alternative theories would harm students’ college readiness and their ability to compete for jobs.

Not to mention that they won’t be able to buy & sell without that all-important allegiance to Mommy Earth and Gaia.

Hell – why don’t we just stamp the “666” on their foreheads now and be done with it, hm?

Texas Freedom Network president Kathy Miller, whose group often spars with social conservatives, said it would be a mistake to ignore the beliefs of science professors from public and private universities across the state.

“This survey leaves no doubt that the political crusade against evolution and other attempts to dumb down our public school science curriculum are deeply misguided,” Ms. Miller said.

“Dumb down our public school science curriculum”, Kathy, you ignorant slut?&#160 Projection much, you Cupid Stunt&#153?

Fucking bigoted cuntmuffins.&#160


Guys, I’m gonna have to borrow a Glenn Beck line for this one.

Blood is gonna come SHOOTING out of your eyes on this one

This is so farking sick I am having a difficult time trying to figure out what to say to start things. So I’ll just let the guys from WND take care of it. Go here to follow along.

A federal court decision approving mandatory public school instruction for children as young as kindergarten in how to be homosexual is being allowed to stand, drawing a description of “despicable” from the parent who unsuccessfully challenged his school district’s “gay” advocacy agenda.

The U.S. Supreme Court without comment has refused to intervene in a case prompted by the actions of officials at Estabrook Elementary school in Lexington, Mass., who not only were teaching homosexuality to young children, but specifically refused to allow Christian parents to opt their children out of the indoctrination.

I know everyone here doesn’t need reminding about this, but for the sake of these dimwits in academia, maybe a little brushing up on the one, true law needs to be brought forth.

1 Corinthians 6:9-10 and the entire 18th chapter of Leviticus can pretty much clear up ANY confusion ya’ll are having about this subject.

It’s patently clear that Massachusetts public education is not concerned one damn bit about doing their primary job — EDUCATING, but rather furthering an agenda of social engineering that utterly twists and warps the Judeo-Christian beginnings of this nation. Hell, these folks are not only throwing all that out the window they’re also saying “we’re gonna do whatever the fuck we want with your kids and you parents ain’t got shit for say so about it.”

I’m quite certain that the original Pilgrims who landed there on Mayflower Rock are ready to jump out of their graves and start screaming “Just WHAT THE HELL are you doing?”

All I got left to say is O-M-F-G!


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