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This is damned good.



Yesterday’s high here in Dallas was 80 degrees.

Today’s high was about 75 or so at around 17:00.

Right now, 22:45 – it’s 41 degrees, headed for the mid 30s tonight.

Welcome to winter, Denizens.


Further attempting to tie the administration’s hands behind its back, while at the same time exposing herself as yet another tin-plated tyrannical member of the Al-Amok judiciary, a half-assed bench jockey has given President Bush yet another reason to patently ignore the whole lot of ’em.

LOS ANGELES – A federal judge struck down President Bush’s authority to designate groups as terrorists, saying his post-Sept. 11 executive order was unconstitutionally vague, according to a ruling released Tuesday.

Well, whaddya know?&#160 A tyrannical little leftist tin-horn wants to tell the Commander-in-Chief of the United States military who we can fight and not fight.&#160 In essence, we have a renegade, half-assed excuse-for-a-court, lorded over by a black-robed tyrant, thinking it has a superior right to dictate foreign policy for the United States.

The Humanitarian Law Project had challenged Mr. Bush’s order, which blocked all the assets of groups or individuals he named as “specially designated global terrorists” after the 2001 terrorist attacks.

Surprise, surprise.&#160 A group of anti-American, pro-Islamonazi leftards doing anything they can to keep us from winning this war.

And you socialist fucks wonder why we’ve about had it with you.

“This law gave the president unfettered authority to create blacklists,” said David Cole, a lawyer for the Center for Constitutional Rights, which represented the group. “It was reminiscent of the McCarthy era.”

History’s not your strong suit, is it Cole, you dickhead?&#160 McCarthy happened to be right,&#160 and Venona proved it.

Then again, you leftard bastards have a history of siding against America, so why are we not surprised?

The case centered on two groups, the Liberation Tigers, which seeks a separate homeland for the Tamil people in Sri Lanka, and Partiya Karkeran Kurdistan, a political organization representing the interests of Kurds in Turkey.

U.S. District Judge Audrey Collins enjoined the government from blocking the assets of the two groups.

Why am I not surprised?&#160 This is the same fucktarded bitch who threw out parts of the Patriot Act.

Tends to make us wonder whose payroll this twat’s really&#160 on.

Both groups consider the Nov. 21 ruling a victory; both had been designated by the U.S. as foreign terrorist organizations.

Mr. Cole said the judge’s ruling does not invalidate the hundreds of other designated terrorist groups on the list but “calls them into question.”

Naturally.&#160 Anything you can do to make the US more vulnerable, y’know.&#160 Fucking asshat.

Charles Miller, a spokesman for the U.S. Department of Justice, said, “We are currently reviewing the decision, and we have made no determination what the government’s next step will be.”

If I were the government, I’d tell this bitch Collins to go fuck herself.

Or maybe she could play the role of the goat for David Cole and his merry little band of terrorist sympathizers.&#160 They must get awfully&#160 lonely.



Item:&#160 All-Universe kicker Mike Vanderclankjagt (he really is All-Universe – just ask him) got his arrogant ass cut by the Cowboys today.

Local sports wag Dale Hansen had the line of the night:&#160 “He got the news, got in his car…then went out and hit the goalpost.”


Note to self:&#160 Next time you wanna replace a high-school team, make it the UBuffalo Bulls.

Royse City 56, at Kennedale 42
TCU 45, at Colorado State 14
at UBuffalo 28, Central Michigan 55
#13 Oklahoma 27, at Oklahoma State 21
#9 LSU 31, at #5 Arkansas 26
at Dallas 38, Tampa Bay 10

Kennedale matched Royse City touchdown for touchdown the entire game – except for the last two TDs of the first quarter.&#160 Senior running back Garrett Ellington had four of the Bulldogs’ eight touchdowns.

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(Yeah, it’s a rerun of a rerun.&#160 Bite Sue me, mkay?&#160 I’m busy cooking. )

I first penned (penned?) this screed (g) on 11/17/01.&#160 I thought it appropriate, it being Thanksgiving and all, to jot down a list of those things for which I was thankful.&#160 This year, the tradition continues, below the fold, again with only a few minor tweaks:

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We’ll kick off our quest for a third straight Perfect Football Weekend&#153 by announcing a change in the lineup.

Since my Arlington Heights Yellow Jackets are once again rendered spectators for the rest of the playoffs, we’ll plug in the Royse City Bulldogs for my high-school team, as one of their coaches is an acquaintance of mine.&#160 They’ll be playing Kennedale Friday evening, hoping to advance to the regional round.&#160 They have a good shot – RC seems to be playing very well this year.

But the reason we’re so early with this PFW is the same reason it’s early every year at this time – Thanksgiving Day f’ball, you bet! (grin)

Tomorrow, the Dallas Cowboys have their annual TD game at Texas Stadium against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.&#160 TB’s starting quarterback, a fellow by the name of Simms, suffered a ruptured spleen early in the season and was replaced by rookie Bruce Gradkowski.&#160 He’s the third rookie QB the ‘Boys have faced this year, having already destroyed Widdle Vinnie “Damn, the other&#160 guys get paid now?!?!?!” Young and Matt “And I thought Carroll was an idiot for leaving Reggie out on 4th-and-2” Leinart.&#160 The safe bet is that, as long as they don’t play down to TB’s level, Gradkowski will make it three for three.

Friday, we have one of those “double-whammy” games I keep telling you guys about:&#160 one of my teams playing one of my anti-teams.&#160 Ninth-ranked LSU will hold its nose as it goes to the pig farm to play fifth-ranked Arkansas.&#160 (Just so you guys know, Arkansas is the only team for whom I’ll pull to lose to Texas U.&#160 Should give you an idea how much I hate ’em.)&#160 Vegas has the game as a pick’m, but that means they consider LSU to be three points better straight-up. I’ll take those odds.

Also Friday, Turner Gill’s UBuffalo Bulls are at home versus Central Michigan.&#160 Vegas can’t seem to make up its mind on this one, but the slight consenses is UB plus 16.

Saturday, the 13th-ranked Oklahoma Sooners will travel to Stillwater to take on in-state rival Oklahoma State.&#160 The line is OU minus six, but if they’re running the ball like they did against Baylor, you can have 17.

Lastly, TCU will travel to Fort Collins, Colorado for an evening tilt with the Colorado State Rams.&#160 TCU embarrassed CSU 33-6 last year in Fort Worth, and the Rams are good at home, so this game worries me a bit – although TCU is favored by 10.

We’ll be back Sunday for the recap, assuming I’ve recovered from the overdose of L-tryptophan from all the turkey I’m scarfing that day.


I don’t give a shit.

I flat-out don’t.&#160 Give.&#160 A.&#160 Shit.

I have more important things about which to worry, other things with which to concern myself, than what a standup comic, whose only other claim to fame at this juncture was as a supporting actor on a sitcom, had to say to a couple of assholes whose gangsta getup was likely funnier than said comic’s routine.

If you want to give two-point-eight Rotund Rear-ends of Rodentia&#153 about it, feel free.&#160 Knock yerself out.

Just leave me the fuck out of it.&#160


Great game this weekend.&#160 Number 1 played Number 2.&#160 And Number 2 won.


Oh, you thought I was talking Ohio State-Michigan?

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Misha has this story about a Mooselimb that discovered an interesting place to hide a cell phone.

But the line of the day came from commenter Aries37, who said:

What does it say about a terrorist that he can take a cell phone up his ass but cries torture when a pair of womens underware are on his head!



On the eve of Michigan’s biggest-ever game with Ohio State, its legendary coach Bo Schembechler has passed away.&#160 He was 77.

Before he took over the head coaching job at Michigan, the Wolverines had suffered through six losing seasons in 11 years.&#160 Today, Michigan & Ohio State play for the national championship – and the winning culture that permeates the University of Michigan football program is directly attributable to Bo Schembechler.

Schembechler was a seven-time Big Ten coach of the year, compiling a 194-48-5 record at Michigan from 1969-89. His record in 26 years of coaching was 234-65-8. He never had a losing season.

“I’m not sure he has gotten his due as far as being one of the truly great football coaches of all time,” Penn State coach Joe Paterno said. “I’m going to miss him.”

As are we all, JoePa.&#160 As are we all.&#160 College football – indeed, the game itself, not just at the college level, and the nation – has lost a great man.

The Realm&#153 sends its deepest condolences to the Schembechler family.&#160 Bo will be terribly missed.


Another Perfect Football Weekend&#153 kicks off with this nugget about a University of North Texas booster who got a little pissed about the sorry way that soon-to-be-ex-coach Darrell Dickey was unceremoniously fired three weeks after suffering a heart attack.

It was either rename it, [furniture magnate Jim] McIngvale said, or redirect his money to the acclaimed One O’Clock Lab Band, the showpiece at one of the country’s top music schools. Mattress Mack was serious enough to take out a one-page ad Sunday in the Denton Record-Chronicle explaining his demand.

“Right’s right and wrong’s wrong. It’s the right thing to do,” McIngvale said. “I don’t think firing a guy three weeks after he had a heart attack was the right thing to do, either. Even Wall Street is not that callous.”

Dickey probably shouldn’t have been fired at all.&#160 It’s not like North Texas does much of anything to support the football program.&#160 McIngvale did the right thing here.

On to the PFW.&#160 My Arlington Heights Yellow Jackets play their last game of the season tonight agaisnt the Aledo Bearcats in Round 1 of the University Interscholastic League playoffs.&#160 Heights is 4-5 and Aledo is 9-1, so we all know where this&#160 is going.

Speaking of knowing where a game is going, Vegas has Turner Gill’s UBuffalo Bulls plus 39 against their opponent this Saturday.&#160 That opponent just happens to be the Badgers of the 12th-ranked University of Wisconsin.

Yeah.&#160 Bucky.&#160 The Humble Devildog’s favorite team.&#160 If UB can just keep it in the ballpark, I’ll be happy.&#160 (How’s that for metaphor mixing? (grin))

TCU’s Horned Frogs will have a nice time at home tomorrow afternoon against the Aztecs of San Diego State.&#160 Even with Ballard at quarterback, SDSU isn’t expected to give the Froggies much trouble.&#160 (Are&#160 they, Gary Patterson?)

Also Saturday, 16th-ranked Oklahoma has about as much of a gimme away from the friendly confines as you get, as they’ll be in Waco for a date with the Baylor Bears.&#160 OU’s a three-TD favorite on the road, and given that it’s Baylor, that may be a conservative estimate.

Fricasseed Rebel will be on the menu in Baton Rouge Saturday as Ole Miss goes into the swamp to take on ninth-ranked LSU.&#160 No one named Manning is playing QB for the Rebels tomorrow, so Bo Pelini’s defense should be fat & happy after this one.

Sunday afternoon, the Greatest Football Team Ever In The History Of Ever, Ever&#153 – aka the Indianapolis Colts and All-Universe&#153 quarterback Peyton Manning – come to town to take on the Dallas Cowboys.&#160 On both sides of the ball, this is the Irresistible Force&#153 meeting the Very Movable Object&#153 – Indy’s defense can’t stop the run, and, well, there’s our swiss-cheese secondary just ripe for Peyton’s picking.&#160 Last one to have the ball wins.

I’m not looking for a second straight PFW – but stranger things have&#160 happened, so…

We’re back Monday or thereabouts for the recap.&#160 Now I get to hear HDD go all insufferable on me about Bucky…


Denizens, today’s reading assignment can be found over at the Rott.&#160 Misha pontificates on the three most deadly words in the English language.

Go.&#160 Shoo.


I’m 44 today.

Yippee.&#160 Ha-ha.&#160 Wheee.

Actually, I shouldn’t complain too much.&#160 As I was telling the SpatulaGoddess the other day, my 44th year is coming to a much better end than my 43rd year.

A year ago today, I was barely getting by on severance pay and what little contracting work I was getting installing computers out at American Airlines.&#160 The marriage to the Lady&#153 had just come to an end, and there were no prospects on the horizon.

Contrast that with today.&#160 Employed (though still scraping by financially), in a relationship with a very&#160 wonderful woman, life is pretty damned decent.&#160 For now.

Happy Happy to me.


It was first postulated by Rush Limbaugh, and it’s now being repeated far & wide (the latest being Newt Gingrich, courtesy of Human Events Online) – the notion that it was “Republicanism” that lost, not conservativism.

There’s a point in that, and it’s quite a valid one.&#160 To quote Newt, “by Election Day, Democrats were seen as better at controlling government spending and at reducing taxes.”

As incredulous as this seems – socialists controlling spending and cutting taxes? – it speaks more to the GOP’s inexplicable inability to, well, be&#160 the GOP.&#160 That is to say, to be Reagan’s&#160 GOP.

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