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From the lack of a byline, you can pretty much guess I’ve returned to the domecile.

Still no fish caught, though I did get some nibbles this year.&#160 Special thanks to the turtles who made this possible.&#160

Got some things to do here from last weekend, then it’ll be back to libtard bashing.&#160 As always, watch this space.


ARDMORE, OK – The RCOB has once again draped over my eyes.

Once again – so much for the will of the fucking people.

You know – the ones who actually drive&#160 this representative republic of ours?

But no – not when it comes to pendejos&#160 who aren’t even supposed to fucking be&#160 here in the first fucking place!!!!

Sammi Lindsey, you are nothing but an assclownish, limp-wristed son-of-a-crack-whore-bitch.&#160 It wouldn’t surprise me if you and those faggots Bickel & Brewer celebrated this piece-of-shit ruling in some bathhouse somewhere.

In case you’d forgotten, Lindsey, this law you just overturned with your black-robed, tyrannical temper-tantrum WAS APPROVED BY 70 PERCENT OF THE FUCKING POPULATION OF FARMERS BRANCH!!!!!&#160 I realize, Sammi, you dumb-assed twat, that math isn’t your strong suit, but that’s MORE THAN TWO PEOPLE WHO VOTED FOR IT FOR EVERY ONE WHO DID NOT.

But I guess that doesn’t matter to a ham-fisted, overbearing, jackbooted, thug-assed pisswad with delusions of adequacy like yourself, does it, Sammi, you fucking moronic little shitheel?

Rope, tree, black-robed tyrannical bench jockey.&#160 You know the routine.


ARDMORE, OK – How nice to see the Cuban excuse-for-a-government reverting to type.


The traditional Memorial Day post can, as always, be found here.

This one will stay on top all day long.&#160 Look below for other posts – there’s at least one, y’know. (grin)


The Six Or Seven Of You Who Still Read Me&#153 (grin) put four, three, two and one together long ago, so you know what’s coming next:

UPDATE:&#160 Since I apparently can’t embed this without it going off automatically (grrrrrr), click this link to hear the world famous (*coughcough*) vacation alarm.)

That’s right, Denizens – His Rudeness&#153 is officially on vacation.&#160 A certain Dallas-based business will have to do without my immesureable (*cough*) talents for a week or so.

Yours truly will be matching wits with local fish of several types for the next few days.&#160 Hopefully I’ll have caught something I can actually show on this piece of real estate besides old worn boots.

(Update teh Twoth:&#160 “Local” in this particular instance means local to Lake Texoma.)

And when I get back, it’ll be time for Gratuitous Gun Pr0n!!!!&#160

Let all crappie, cat & bass in Oklahoma officially beware!&#160



(Incidentally, I had to do a quick repositioning of the Big Box&#153 yesterday, so that’s why you’ve seen nothing else but the countdown the last couple of days.&#160 Should be back up tonight.)



(Yeah, I know it’s late.&#160 Bite Sue me. :-)&#160 )







Now, this…is what I would call an effin’ dumbass.&#160


I think I’d like to buy this soldier a beer.

Or fifty.


Denizens, today’s been a pretty blah day – IOW, a fairly typical Monday, only moreso – so I’m going to the Grab-Bag&#153 tonight and giving you this link, courtesy of the Mothergoose from Denton.

(Incidentally, the Mothergoose is about to become unemployed as of July 1 – she’s losing her business thanks to *hack, spit* the fucking government *hack, spit* – so she could use your prayers.&#160 (For that matter, the Sibling Unit&#153 is also out of a job, so you could pray for him, too.))

Anyway, feel free to evaluate the above link at your convenience.


Once upon a time, I worked for an outfit that managed hotel foodservice operations in certain hotels across the country.&#160 It was one of the last non-PC related positions that (fingers crossed, knocks on head (grin)) I’ll ever have.

It wasn’t a terribly well-run company.&#160 About six months into my tenure there, it filed for Chapter 11.&#160 That bought it about two years’ worth of grace, during which time the company failed to learn any of the lessons given it by the first bankruptcy.&#160 I managed to escape about six months before the firm bought the heavy end of the Chapter 7 hammer.

I’m reminded of that little sequence after having read about a little spot o’ bother in which my former church – that is to say, the one I told what to go do with itself a couple of months ago after they crawled into bed with the Gaia-worshipping, tree-hugging fascist fucknozzles – finds itself.&#160 Sesms one of their newly-hired ministers found the concept of the Lolita a little too tempting for him to overcome.

Greeting Rev. Joe Barron, minister to married adults at the 26,000-member Prestonwood Baptist Church, near Dallas, when he arrived Thursday, with a package of condoms on the car seat, were members of the Bryan, Texas, police force.

Bryan police said Barron had been chatting online for about two weeks with an officer who he thought was a 13-year-old girl, participating in sexually explicit conversations.

“Things that make you go ‘hmmmm'”, indeed.

You can see what Prestonwood senior paster Jack Graham had to say about it if you go here.

Now, I’m not saying that there’s a cause-and-effect relationship here.&#160 Far from it.&#160 There’s no direct connection between sucking at Mommy Gaia’s teat and finding out one of your ministers wants to do a little double-dipping with a girl not quite yet out of a training bra.&#160 I just find it curiously intriguing, that’s all.

I will say this to my former pastor:&#160 Jack – you lay down with dogs, son, you wake up with fleas.


So much for the will of the people.

I’m going to reserve my nuke-the-bastards rant until November, when an expected vote on a Californication constitutional amendment is expected to overwhelmingly tell these four black-robed tyrant douchebags what they can go do with themselves.

But this paragraph is what has lowered the RCOB&#153 over my eyes this evening:

It’s about human dignity. It’s about human rights. It’s about time in California,” San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom told a roaring crowd at City Hall after the ruling was issued. “As California goes, so goes the rest of the nation. It’s inevitable. This door’s wide open now. It’s going to happen, whether you like it or not.”

That so, you dickless little faggot-humping pussy?&#160 Why don’t you bring your little Limp-wristed Lame-assed Lambda Lickspittles&#153 to Texas and we’ll see about that, hm???&#160 Let’s see how much of your personal little Bathhouse Blade Brigade&#153 is left after you’ve tried to force this bullshit on us, eh, Newsom, you son-of-a-crack-whore-bitch?

C’mon, Gavi baby.&#160 Let’s see those papier-mach&#233s&#160 of yours, chickenshit!!!



I don’t give a damn if this guy didn’t&#160 die – he still gets a Darwin Award nomination from here.&#160


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