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This year the Golden Egg goes to Ole Miss. In the five football seasons that I have been in Starkville

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, MSU has won three Egg Bowls, Ole Miss has won two.

I am convinced that the biggest problem for the Dawgs is that they are accustomed to seeing themselves as underdogs. We now have the talent, now we need to develop the attitude of a top team.


Denizes, as we start the Holiday Edition&#153 of the Perfect Football Weekend&#153, it is time for yet another WITY&#153.&#160 Someone else besides me has finally&#160 figured out that The Second Coming Of The World’s Greatest Quarterback Ever In The History Of Ever, Ever!&#153 – aka ARRRRRRRRRRRR GEEEEEEEEEEEEE THREEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!1!!!ONE!!~ – isn’t all that ‘n a bag o’ chips.

Only this&#160 time…it’s his head coach.

If Jay Gruden’s stinging words this week about quarterback Robert Griffin III have not resonated, team sources tell ESPN that the Washington Redskins coach is prepared to speak louder if the third-year quarterback does not perform more consistently Sunday against the San Francisco 49ers.

That means Griffin could be yanked Sunday in favor of Colt McCoy, who is 2-0 as Griffin’s sub, or an evaluation will be made to make a move next week.

Gruden’s criticism has cited a breakdown in fundamentals, Griffin’s inability to overcome adversity and even that he has been “coddled.”


Through four games, Griffin has thrown for 763 yards , with 2 total touchdowns, 3 interceptions and a QBR of 34.2. The Redskins are 0-2 since he returned from a dislocated left ankle.

I have long told anyone who would listen that the only&#160 reason Robert Griffin III was in the position he’s in was because of one game – the 2011 season opener against TCU.&#160 He had a decent enough game against an untested, inexperienced secondary…and at that, one of those touchdown passes was an illegal double forward pass.

Add to that the fact that Ross Evans couldn’t kick his way out of a paper bag, and what should have been a 51-50 TCU win turned out to be a 50-48 Baylor victory, and the birth of a pseudo-legend.

Well, after an admittedly successful rookie year, the NFL has had a chance to figure out ARRRR GEEEE THREEEEEE!!!!&#160 That, plus an injury has resulted in Grifiin, who (believe it or not) actually has a statue&#160 out in front of Baylor’s new stadium, turning into another Andre Ware (great college QB, not so much in the pros).&#160 They’ve figured out that if you want to make Griffin mediocre, keep him in the pocket.

And, earlier this week, coach Gruden did, in fact, pull that trigger:

The quaterback for the future for the Washington Redskins might not be in the locker-room as they believed.

Robert Griffin III, the Heisman trophy winner and top draft pick for Washington has battled injuries and a constant rotation on coaches and offensive coordinators. His days might be numbered as of this week.

After getting back in the line-up after battling injuries, Griffin will be finding himself back on the bench again.

When the Skins play the Indianapolis Colts this Sunday, journeyman Colt McCoy will be the starting quarterback. McCoy has played well when asked to play this season in Griffins absence.

Well?&#160 What’d I Tell Ya?&#153

Let’s get to the football.&#160 It’s Thanksgiving, so while we’re not&#160 chronicling the Dallas Cowgirlz this time around (even though they’re at home versus Filthydelphia), we are&#160 talking about Gary Patterson’s fifth-ranked TCU Horned Frogs as they’re in Austin against the Texas Longhorns T-Sip Shortdicks.&#160 TU’s defense is improved from a few weeks ago, but Vegas still has the Frogs as a 6&#189-point road fave.&#160 May come down to Jaden Overkrom again, we’ll have to see.

Cincinnati’s pretty much got a gimme this week, as they travel to Raymond James Stadium in Tampa Bay to play the Bucs.&#160 Andy, can you bring back one of those pirate wenches when you get back to Fort Worth?

MRS. VENOMOUS (with cast-iron skillet):&#160 HEY!!!!!!!


Arlington Heights is out of the playoffs, so we’re going to go with plan R – for Revenge.&#160 Wichita Falls Rider, which beat Heights last week, is up in the regional playoffs in Lubbock this week against Canyon Randall HS.&#160 GO RANDALL!!!!!

For the wildcards this week, we’re going with top-ranked Alabama hosting #15 Auburn (Bama’s has not forgotten that 109-yard failed-field-goal return from last year

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, and they’re out for revenge, as well), Nebraska at Iowa (the Huskers’ collapse continues as we observe what’re probably Pelini’s last days) and 18th-ranked Minnesota going to Camp Randall to get steamrolled by #14 Wisconsin (I’d love to see Minnehaha win here, as it helps TCU, but you’re not beating Bucky in Madison.&#160 Ain’t happening).

We’re back Monday with the recap.&#160 In the meantime…Vicar, how do you handicap the Egg Bowl (#19 Ole Miss vs. #4 Mississippi State)?


(Yeah, it’s a rerun of a rerun of a rerun.&#160 Of a rerun.&#160 Et cetera, ad infinitum, ad nauseam.&#160 Bite Sue me, mkay?&#160 I’m busy cooking. )

I first penned (penned?) this screed (g) on 11/17/01.&#160 I thought it appropriate then (and still do), it being Thanksgiving and all, to jot down a list of those things for which I was thankful.&#160 This year the tradition continues, below the fold, as usual with only a few minor tweaks to keep things current:

First of all, let me once again&#160 apologize for not blogging as much as I wish I could.&#160 Ideally, I’d be cranking out two or three posts a day.&#160 There’s certainly that much going on in the world, and it tears at my gut to be missing the opportunities to write about these things.&#160 Pains me even more to think that you, the Denizens, are missing out on most of My Eternal Wisdom&#153.&#160

The fact is that I simply have not had time to do one of the things that I enjoy more than I ever thought I would – writing.&#160 I never for a moment, sitting in my first ever English Composition college class twenty-five thirty years ago (Great Honkin’ Cthulhu&#153, has it been that long????), taught by a guy I believed to be an idiot, thought that I would ever come to the point that I actually got a kick out of slapping thoughts on page.

Amazing how things change.

But, I digress.&#160 There’s not been enough time.&#160 There’s never&#160 been enough time, but that’s beside the point.&#160 I’ve been swamped at work, and that’s when I’m not trying to renew a certification.&#160 This is taking me away from the chores I need to be doing – keeping the house clean, doing the laundry in a timely fashion, cleaning the kitchen, picking up dog crap off the carpet, those sorts of things.

MRS. VENOMOUS (with cast-iron skillet):&#160 Since when do you&#160 do those things anymore, slave driver?

VENOMOUS:&#160 Since I have you to do them for me, sweetie… (plants long kiss on the lips of Mrs. Venomous)

MRS. VENOMOUS (tossing aside cast-iron skillet):&#160 (swoon!!!!!)

Anyway, when I do finally get around to those things, they keep me from doing stuff I like to do – like surfing the Web and writing these columns.

Which brings me around to the topic at hand.&#160 Thanksgiving’s today, and it’s a good time to kick back and tick off the things for which your obdt.&#160 svt.&#160 (a little Blackie Sherrod lingo, there) is thankful:

God.&#160 The God of the Bible.&#160 The God of Abraham, Issac, Jacob, David and Solomon.&#160 That&#160 God.&#160 Not Allah, not Muhammad, not Cthulhu, not crystals and/or chakras and/or trees.&#160 God.&#160 Too damned few of us show our Creator too damned little appreciation for everything He’s given us, and do trust me when I tell you that that little tidbit has not&#160 escaped His attention.

His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, and the work He performed on the cross that allowed me to receive His salvation.&#160 (An aside:&#160 Yeah, in case anyone didn’t know – I’m a Christian.&#160 Not anywhere close to being the best example thereof, to be sure, but I’m still being worked on, and you’re just gonna have to be patient. (grin))

Being an American, and free to worship as I choose.&#160 For now, given whom the morons of this country just put into office.

My wife, Mrs. Venomous.&#160 Yes, Denizens, I haven’t really mentioned it all that much this past year, given my track record with such pronouncements (rueful grin) – but it’s once more through the marriage breach, dear friends.&#160 That’s five now – yes, it does pain me to say that – and So Help Me Cthulu&#153, this is the last one, forever & ever, a-freakin’-men.&#160 But this one has convinced me that the institution of marriage really is a Good Thing&#153 – she cares for me more than the other four combined.&#160 (No offense intended, D.)

My current home – a one-story, 3/2/1.5 house I share with the aforementioned Mrs, a chow/terrier and a huge lump of muscle & energy in the shape of a collie/sheltie mix.&#160 Not Better than the cozy cottage in Forney, but at least and I have an office again from which to pen (pen?) these screeds.

My son – Stephen Geoffrey “Skip” Crager, Jr.&#160 (although his doublewide-assed mother insists on calling him “Geoffrey”).&#160 Even though I haven’t seen you since 2003, Skip, I still love you.&#160 Always will.&#160 Always remember that.

Friends & family, some more than others.&#160 Even the ones who are diametrically opposed to me in their beliefs.

And while I’m thinking about it – and I should have really mentioned this last year, too – my sister in law.&#160 My brother, heretofore doomed to a lifetime of Eternal Bachelorhood&#153 – not necessarily a Bad Thing&#153, given his sibling’s aforementioned catastrophic track record – was pulled from that abyss by a wonderful woman he met only a couple of years prior.&#160 They celebrated their first anniversary back in August 2006, and while it hasn’t been Easy Street&#153 for them, they’re doing better than okay.

Employment.&#160 Specifically, mine as a desktop technician, where I get to play with computers all day long – in effect, getting paid to practice my hobby.

(Thankfully, I’ve had a full-time gig since 2006, for a company known to me and only to me – since I know pussies like Cianderella Tierney, who bitched long and loud about me being a NetKKKop before having his ass exposed as a lying skank that doesn’t work at EDS, would love to find out where I work and try to get me fired…)

Okay, where was I…?

MP3s.&#160 The ability to take all my all-time favorite songs, regardless of format, and transfer them to something I can listen to in my car.&#160 Fuck you,&#160 Hilary Rosen.

Turkey.&#160 Lots of it, preferably drumsticks.

Leftovers.&#160 Turkey sammiches with lots of mustard.&#160 YEAH!

(Well, hold the bread on that.&#160 I have got to-got to-got to start paying more attention to Atkins.)

An American President who, though he is still not completely trustworthy in my eye, is at least giving the impression that he is, at least, trying – which is a damn sight better than what we could have had, hm?&#160 And at least this guy understands that the Presidency isn’t just one big frat party.&#160 (This will be crossed out at least until 2012 2017.)

The military which he commands.&#160 Peepz, these men & women do a helluva job protecting you and yours and the freedoms you enjoy, and they do it for pretty much next-to-nothing.&#160 Next time you see one, take a moment to say, “Thank you”.&#160 (Another aside:&#160 When I first posted this, I left out one very important group of guys:&#160 the Coast Guard.&#160 Unconscionable, since one of my readers served in that very branch.&#160 Mr. Slagle, my apologies – and my thanks.)

My car:&#160 A 2007 Chevy Cobalt 2013 Hyundai Genesis Coupe 2.0T turbo.&#160 Fast, fast, sleek, fast, fully equipped – and did I mention it was fast? (grin)

A seafood restaurant chain here locally by the name of “Ole Whiskers”.&#160 Catfish, chicken, ribs, stuffed crab, onion rings, and a host of other great stuff.&#160 Catfish topped with Tabasco&#169 sauce has become a staple. (They closed this year – dammit.)

My current boxes – an AMD FX six-core processor screaming along with 32 gigs of RAM, plus an Acer Aspire HP Pavilion with eight gigs of RAM.&#160 Two 23″-plus monitors so that I don’t have to squint anymore when I write these things.&#160 (Well, not much, anyway – at 1280×1024 1920×1280, things are still awfully small.)

The aforementioned crap-on-the-carpet dogs – she’s still a precious little lapdog, and she captures the heart of anyone that meets her.&#160 The aforementioned collie mix – a whirling dervish that tears everything up, but he has an infectious personality.&#160 Even my brother’s little min-pin and dachsund, Mindy & Demi respectively – two of the most affectionate dogs you’ll ever see.

Ham.&#160 Not as much as a turkey drumstick, but leftover ham does go good with eggs.

Any college football team that severely thrashes Nebraska.&#160 (Not since they hired Bo Pelini, and hopefully never again.) (As you guys know, I’m done with Pelini.&#160 Guy is one of those Dave Campo types – great coordinator, lousy head coach.)

Any college football team that severely thrashes Miami.

Any college football team that severely thrashes Arkansas.

Any college football team that severely thrashes Texas.&#160 (Unless it’s Arkansas.)

Any pro&#160 football team that severely thrashes ARRRRRRRRRR GEEEEEEEEEEE THREEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!

TCU’s Horned Frogs.&#160 After your best job (again) ever last year, Gary Patterson.&#160 You’ve established yourself as one of, if not the&#160 best coaches the program’s ever had.&#160 Do the city of Fort Worth a favor – don’t go all Franchione on us and jilt us for Bama or Notre Dame or somesuch, mkay?

Any college football team that severely thrashes SMUT.

Any college football team that severely thrashes Bastard Smurf-Turf State.&#160 (That’d be you, Boise, and until you can prove that you can win something without having to resort to “trickeration”, that’s the way it’ll stay.&#160 You potato-humping pussies are nothing bur frauds.)

(What with TCU’s win at Boise in 2012, all – for the moment – is kinda-sorta forgiven.&#160 Let’s not play again for a while

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, mkay?)

Any pro football team that kicks the crap out of Donna McNabb and the Philthydelphia Beagles & Warshington Foreskins – something the Cowboys did last year (twice), should have done this year in Warshington, and will do this year in Dallas need to start doing a helluva lot more of.&#160 (McCrabb’s not even playing for the ViQueens now anymore, so never mind.)

Tony Romo.&#160 Especially if he ever wins a playoff game… (sigh)&#160 (Assuming he can play behind something resembling an offensive line.) (Not until he can win something.)

MERLIN:&#160 Yeah, that line’s offensive, alright.

VENOMOUS:&#160 Hush, you.


Jerry Jones – for signing that extension for Romo. (grin) (See above.)

Southern Baptist churches that aren’t afraid to call themselves “Baptist”. (Not since they climbed into bed with the enviro-nutjob movement.&#160 Now it’s any church that unashamedly preaches the Gospel and refuses to compromise with its enemies.)

An occasional road trip – maybe to go fishing, or even if it’s work-related.&#160 I love staying in hotels where I can crank up the AC at night, and not have to worry about the electric bill (grin).

Microsoft.&#160 No, all you morons at the federal judiciary – Bill Gates does not run a monopoly, and you damned well know it.&#160 What he does do is run an extremely successful company, one that you bastards tried to shake down for $$$$, and failed.&#160 It’s not a secret that the tech sector crashed simultaneously with Janet El Reño’s baseless attack against Microsoft.

(Linus Torvalds, and the job he’s done with Linux.&#160 And the fine folks at Ubuntu)

Spanish-language television channels.&#160 You will not find a better-looking collection of major babes anywhere on Planet Earth.&#160 And they don’t mind letting people know that they’re women either, dammit.&#160 Take that, NOW.&#160 🙂

Mashed potatoes.&#160 With a ton of gravy.&#160 (Atkins be damned on this one.&#160 (grin))

Ranch-style beans™.&#160 (Well, not so much now, seeing as ConAgra Backstabbing Foods has decided to shut down the Fort Worth plant that RSB has called home forever – but it’s still a nice little bean.)

Sweet tea – even though, being a Type II diabetic, I can no longer drink the stuff (make mine Sweet ‘n Low, 3 packets per 40 ounces, please unsweetened, unless it’s peach or cranberry tea, please).

Hooters’ hot wings.&#160 Scenery’s not bad, either.&#160

Dueling-piano bars.&#160 Picture two baby-grands.&#160 Picture two players with crass senses of humor.&#160 Picture some of the raunchiest lyrics ever conceived – sometimes on the fly.&#160 Picture yourself laughing your ass off.&#160 Try it sometime.

Rush Limbaugh.&#160 Sean Hannity.&#160 (There’s a rant coming on this assclown.&#160 Eventually.&#160 Maybe.)&#160 Mark Levin.&#160 Glenn Beck (though Levin seems to not like him for some reason).&#160 Michael Savage.&#160 Michael Reagan – and, in case I’ve not mentioned it before…his dad, too.

Ann Coulter.&#160 Michelle Malkin.&#160 (Not since Horseface foisted the Romerrhoid on us, and you already know how I feel about Malicious Malkin.)&#160 Laura Ingraham.&#160 Sigh, yowzah.&#160

The Blogosphere&#153.&#160 Specifically, Misha and Alan Henderson – for getting me into this blogging thing.&#160 (It’s a long story regarding Misha.&#160 Basically, it comes down to that bitch in Florida he calls his sestricka sucksdicka.)

My hairstylist.&#160 In all my lifetime, I’ve only found three people who could fully understand what I wanted done to my hair, and do it right in a minimum of time:&#160 one retired about 15 years ago.&#160 This one’s just as good as her predecessor – and she’s a major babe, too.&#160 (grin)

Broadband.&#160 Forney didn’t get it on a widespread basis – but I have Verizon FiOS Time Warner Cable AT&T U-verse now, and I rock yet again…(though, as soon as Verizon FiOS comes to Arlington I get just this much more&#160 pissed at AT&T… (grin))

And finally (though this list is by no means complete) – you Denizens who keep coming back to the site in hopes that I’ve updated it.&#160 Without you guys

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, why am I doing this?&#160 Thanks very much for being here.

And Happy Thanksgiving.&#160 Remember the Source from whom the blessings originate…


Well, it was a good run while it lasted.

Arlington Heights 23, Wichita Falls Rider 41

Cincinnati 22, at Houston 13

at #21 Oklahoma 44, Kansas 7

#25 Minnesota 28, at #23 Nebraska 24

#8 Ole Miss 0, at Arkansas 30

at Coastal Carolina 14, Liberty 15

Well, turnabout’s fair play, I s’pose.&#160 Turner Gill’s group lost in OT last year at home to Coastal Carolina, so it’s only fitting that they return the favor.

Gotta admit, Turner – I didn’t think you had it in you

I was pissed last week when LaDanian Tomlinson’s rushing record was broken.

That didn’t last long.

Samaje Perine obliterated Melvin Gordon’s 408-yard record by dashing for 427 yards & five touchdown in destroying Rock Chalk.

Andy threw his requisite pick-six (groan), but was decent enough otherwise – 24 of 35 for 372 and a score.

Well, there was a beatdown, all right.&#160 I just expected it to be the other way around, that’s all.

Looks like the Egg Bowl has lost just a touch of its luster.

It is said that Bo Pelini always finds a way to manage to lose four games.&#160 And that his seat is increasingly warm because of this.

Well , he’s on his way:

Jerry Kill’s building project at Minnesota has taken another huge step.

Down by double digits in the third quarter, and with star running back David Cobb on the sideline injured, the Gophers (No. 25 CFP) stunned Nebraska (No. 23 CFP, No. 21 AP) 28-24 on Saturday to keep alive their hopes in the Big Ten West.

“I’m not going to tell you that winning in Lincoln, Nebraska, doesn’t rank up there,” Kill said. “That’s not an easy thing to do.”

The Gophers trailed by 14 points at half and by 10 in the middle of the third quarter before Mitch Leidner led two long scoring drives that gave them the lead. Leidner’s 2-yard run put the Gophers ahead, and Briean Boddy-Calhoun made the defensive play of the game when he ripped the ball out of De’Mornay Pierson-El’s hands at the Minnesota 2-yard line with 1:19 left.


Minnesota (8-3, 5-2), assured of its best Big Ten record since 2003, can win the West and go to the conference championship game on Dec. 6 with a victory at Wisconsin next week. The Cornhuskers (8-3, 4-3), humiliated at Wisconsin a week ago, lost back-to-back conference games for the first time since 2009 and were eliminated from the West race.

On CornNation.com, they’re already calling for changes to be made.&#160 Pelini could be out by season’s end if this continues.

Rider figured out how to stop Heights:&#160 Don’t let them have the ball.

Heights only ran 16 first-half plays.&#160 They ran that many in the first quarter against Western Hills.

That sealed their doom.&#160 Rider raced to a 21-3 lead, then just played keep-up with Heights the rest of the game.

Should be a good Yellow Jacket team next year.&#160 For the first time since the Donnell Dickerson days

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, I’m highly encouraged.

This week:&#160 2-4.&#160 Overall:&#160 60-18-1.

The PFW returns Thursday for the Thanksgiving day edition.&#160 Belching will be heartily encouraged.&#160


All is good at the Parsonage this evening. The Starkville high school Yellow Jackets won their play-off game against Southaven 35-10, Ole Miss got beat by Arkansas 30-0, and the Mississippi State Bulldogs beat Vanderbilt 51-0. This makes the Dawgs 10 and 1

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, and unbeaten at home for the season. Looking forward to next week’s Egg Bowl.


Those of you who have read me for any&#160 length of time – well, you probably knew it was coming all along, didn’t you? – but you know damned well what this is.

For now, click the link.&#160 Go ahead.&#160 Click it.&#160 I effin’ dare&#160 you.

And turn it up.&#160 Waaaaaay&#160 up.&#160 &#160 )

That’s right, sportz fanz:&#160 It’s vacation time for His Rudeness&#153.&#160 A chance to Get Away From It All&#153, as it were.

For the first time in ten years, this is a multi-week vacation, as I get two whole weeks to spread as much hate & discontent as I possibly can.

MRS. VENOMOUS (with cast-iron skillet):&#160 You are not&#160 going to any strip clubs, you hear meeeeeee?!?!?!?!!

VENOMOUS:&#160 Yeah, yeah, whatever, woman.

MRS. VENOMOUS (with cast-iron skillet):&#160 CLAAAANNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!

…uh, ow.

Vicar, General – you guys have the conn.&#160 General…when you’re done chlorinating the gene pool of Twinkie-hating union goons down there in the Southern Command&#153, could I borrow a couple cases of Band-Aids©…?

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As we launch this pre-holiday edition of the Perfect Football Weekend&#153, Denizens, I find myself having lost all respect for one Adrian Peterson of the Minne-haha ViQueens.

No, not because he drew a tiny dollop of blood when he spanked his son a little too hard with a switch.&#160 (As an aside…Steffi Dawn Stewart

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, I trust you’re not taking it easy on our son when it comes to discipline.&#160 I would hate to think he turned out…well, like you.)

No, I’ve lost respect for the man because he caved in to the NFL and promised “never to use a switch as discipline on any of his children again”.

“I won’t ever use a switch again,” Peterson told USA Today Sports in his first extensive public remarks since being indicted for reckless or negligent injury to a child. “There’s different situations where a child needs to be disciplined as far as timeout, taking their toys away, making them take a nap. There’s so many different ways to discipline your kids.”


Commissioner Roger Goodell, in a statement announcing Peterson’s suspension, was critical of the star running back, saying, “You have shown no meaningful remorse for your conduct.”

And what the ever-loving fuck&#160 do you&#160 know about “discipline”, Roger Goodfella?&#160 Hell – you&#160 thought it was okay to only suspend Ray Rice two fucking games!!!


As for you, Peterson – thanks for letting us know your kids are now gonna grow up to be just like the doucherifles over there in Ferguson, MO.

See, Denizens, this is what I rail about when I scream bloody murder about the pussification of America.&#160 Peterson’s kid probably had a spanking coming, but because a droplet of blood emanated from his butt-ocks (a little Forrest Gump lingo, there), the metrosexual pansy-assed dickless wonders that make up the Low-Information Lunatic Lickspittles&#153 of our society clutch their pearls, acquire Teh Vapors&#153 and decry what, fifty to sixty years ago, this society would have roundly cheered.

And then we wonder how we could have elected an illegal Kenyan bastard to the White House – twice – and then just sit, whine & kvetch when he goes and blatantly violates the Constitution instead of manning up, getting off our asses and going and doing&#160 something about it.

Thanks, A.P.


Let’s get on with the football.&#160 My Arlington Heights Yellow Jackets have a chance to do what no Fort Worth “hah skrewl” (a little Rush lingo, there) team has done in nearly 15 years:&#160 Win an area football playoff game.

They have Wichita Falls Rider tonight at 7:30 in Mineral Wells.&#160 Rider & Heights look to be pretty evenly matched – they beat White Settlement Brewer by more than did Heights, but didn’t beat Grapevine by as many as Heights did.&#160 They’re capable of putting up points, but they can also give them up, too.&#160 Should be a good game.

Sunday, Andy Dalton’s Cincinnati Bengals come to the Southern Command&#153 to take on Supreme General Rayegun’s Texans.&#160 If they can keep J.J. Watt out of the endzone (either offensively or defensively)

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, they might have a shot.&#160 Vegas has the Texans as a two-point home favorite, which translates to a toss-up.&#160 I guess it’ll depend on whether Ryan FitzPatrick takes the field.

TCU is off this week, so we’ll have four wildcard games: Rock Chalk to go into Norman and give #21 Oklahoma a scare (and if Kansas does&#160 pull off the upset, they’ll be calling for Bob Stoops’ head before the night’s out), #25 UMinnesota to have a letdown game against #23 Nebraska (and believe me, I’d love for Jerry Kill’s bunch to go in and upset Bo Pelini’s kids, but I just don’t see it happening), eighth-ranked Ole Miss to give Ar-kansas a shellacking in Fayetteville (I will never pick the Hogs for anything, ever), and Liberty U. to get their asses whipped at Coastal Carolina.&#160 (Sorry, Turner – I was gonna pick you…but then I saw whom you were playing, and you couldn’t beat ’em at home last year, so…(shrug))

We’re back Monday for the recap.&#160 (And it will&#160 be Monday, too – tune into this channel tomorrow to learn why.&#160 (Hint:&#160 This is as close to a countdown&#160 as you guys are gonna get this year.&#160 One.))


Welp…there go the playoffs.

Arlington Heights 70, Burleson Centennial 28 (Bi-District)

#4 TCU 34, at Kansas 30

Cincinnati 27, New Orleans 10

Oklahoma 42, at Texas Tech 30

at #20 Wisconsin 59, #16 Nebraska 24

at #5 Alabama 25, #1 Mississippi State 20

I’ll know more about the Yellow Jackets after they play Wichita Falls Rider next week – but these guys look like they could be for real.&#160 Not even the Turner Gill-led teams were this good.&#160 Damn.

Tech actually had OU down 21-7 before OU roared back to score 44 of the last 53 points.

Where was this team against Baylor?

Fuck you

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, Melvin Gordon.

Yeah, you beat Nebraska like I predicted.&#160 But you didn’t have to run for 408 yards to do it, asshole.&#160 Thanks for taking away LaDanian Tomlinson’s record, jackwagon.

Oh, well – we still beat your asses in the Rose Bowl.

Apologies again, Vicar.&#160 One just does not go into Tuscaloosa & expect to win – I don’t care if they were&#160 the number-one team in the land.

Used to be you just did not beat N’awlins at home.&#160 Now, they’ve lost two straight there.

Andy had three touchdown passes in a nice bounce-back effort.

They won the game.&#160 That’s about all

But the way they looked like shit doing it has already dropped them to #5 in the AP poll , and the likelihood is that they won’t be in the top for come tomorrow.

If Gary’s bunch plays this way against TU…well, it’ll be another Buffalo Wild Wings bowl bid… (sigh)

This week:&#160 6-0.&#160 Perfect Football Weekend achieved (3).&#160 Overall:&#160 58-14-1.

The PFW will return Friday, when Heights attempts to do something no Fort Worth high school team has done in 14 years.&#160 We’ll talk about it then.


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Since January, we have had five people begin worshipping with us who moved from that delightful place you have always called “North Ice”. , just in case you are interested.

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Denizens, we launch into this week’s edition of the Perfect Football Weekend&#153 with yet another blurb from the Penn State debacle – this time with the No Cojones At All&#153 administration coming >< this close to stepping into a pile of shit up to its collective head. To wit: --- "A newly disclosed email from the NCAA's top lawyer documents just how close Penn State came to having its football program shut down due to the Jerry Sandusky child abuse scandal. It says the school's "cooperation and transparency" saved the program." --- (Sorry for the formatting - looks like WordPress is vomiting up a lot of my coding tonight.) That would be the "cooperation and transparency" into which it was browbeaten & cowed, if you'll recall. --- "The email from lawyer Donald Remy to a school attorney was attached to a court filing Thursday, as the NCAA battles with two Pennsylvania officials over penalties that were imposed on Penn State. The email establishes that on July 17, 2012, six days before the Penn State sanctions were announced, a majority on the NCAA executive committee favored the "death penalty," shutting down the football program." --- And again, this is the NCAA threatening to shut down the football program for the actions of people who weren't even employed there, simply because they had certain access to certain buildings, where they performed activities that were not even sanctioned by the university, that were eventually dealt with by school personnel in accordance with Pennsylvania law. This would be akin to Arlington Heights losing its football program for me entering the school building and performing some illegality, any illegality, that was arbitrarily & capriciously deemed to be _¡qué horrible!_ Damn good thing I'm not the PSU chancellor.&#160 My lawsuit against the NCAA would have started at ten (10) digits, and gone from there.&#160 (For the pussies in the Church of the SubTarded, that's one-extra-extra-extra-extra large, or one billion.) Once again...fuck you, NCAA. Very quickly now, on with the football.&#160 As I write this, my Arlington Heights Yellow Jackets, fresh off a perfect season, are in the bi-district playoffs against Burleson Centennial HS down south of Realm&#153 HQ, in Mansfield.&#160 As of this writing, Heights is up 7-0, so we'll keep an eye on that. Tomorrow, Gary Patterson takes his fourth-ranked TCU Horned Frogs - yes, that's right; if the season ended today, the Frogs would be in the playoffs - up to Lawrence to play Rock Chalk.&#160 The Tadpoles are a solid 28-point favorite here, so unless they lay a complete egg, I don't see them breaking _that_ much of a sweat. Sunday, Andy Dalton's Cincinnati Kittycats - fresh off that humiliation at the hands of Cleveland (Cleveland?), try to snap out of it vs. the Saints at the Superdome in N'awlins.&#160 This isn't the best place to try to snap out of a funk, but N'awlins isn't playing all that well

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, either (they’re one game under .500), so even though they’re a 7-point favorite at home, Cincy’s got a shot here.

Wild card games are as follows: *Oklahoma* traveling to Lubbock & taking out their Baylor frustrations on TTech (sorry

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, Generalette), #16 Nebraska going up to Madison to get pounded on by #20 *Wisconsin* (Joel Stave’s not quite as crappy a quarterback as Tommy Armstrong), and top-ranked Mississippi State running into fifth-ranked *Alabama’s* buzzsaw (sorry, Vicar).

We’re back next week with the recap.&#160 Maybe it’ll be Monday – who knows?


Jenna said what?


Did she mention me by name

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, or was it just kinda like was she just talking in general…?

She mentioned you by name, dumbass.&#160 She said you were a little metrosexual dickweed, and she never wanted to see you again.

There.&#160 Happy now?

This&#160 is why I never patronize Sonic anymore.&#160 Take the hint, Sonic.


(This is in case that pussy Willie Amos deletes my response to you on Twitchy, you son-of-a-crack-whore-bitch.)

2314 Summer Oaks Ct, Arlington, TX.

Come spew your bullshit to my face, Stevie Gebeaux, you cowardly little pussy. See what happens to chickenshits who bring up my son in public forums.

Come on

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, doucherifle.&#160 Grow a fuckin’ pair and let’s see what you’ve got, cuntrag.

I’m waiting.


Something is wrong with Andy Dalton.

Arlington Heights 67, Western Hills 0

at #6 TCU 41, #7 Kansas State 20

at Cincinnati 3, Cleveland 24

Marshall 63, at Southern Miss 17

#23 West Virginia 16, T-Sip Shortdicks Texas 33

#20 Georgia 63, at Kentucky 21

Bad enough when one team doubles-up on another.&#160 When one team triples-up

Told you Georgia was pissed, didn’t I?

I went to see Heights-Hills Friday night.&#160 Saw all I needed to see by halftime.

Which, probably not coincidentally, was probably all coach Phil Young needed to see, too.&#160 Heights could have easily – and no…I’m not embellishing this whatsoever – easily&#160 hung a hundred or more on Western Hills.&#160 Easily.

I’m serious.&#160 Hills offered damned little resistance to the Yellow Jacket offense Friday night.&#160 Third-and-25 from midfield (thanks to a penalty or two)?&#160 No sweat for quarterback Deion Hair’Griffin – throw a twenty-yard out to wideout Larry Johnson, let him do the rest.&#160 Thirty yards later…yawn, touchdown Heights, yawn.

As it was, they score a field goal in the 3rd and a touchdown in the fourth, and that was it.

TCU’s victory over K-State was remarkably easy, all things considered.&#160 Never trailed, and the Wildcats only got within seven once.

This is not your father’s Southern Miss.&#160 (Or the Vicar’s, for that matter)

The Golden Eagles just don’t lose like that.&#160 Not at home, for Cthulhu’s sake.

Damn.&#160 Just, damn.

Andy Dalton had an NFL QB rating the other night of 2.0

No, I’m not kidding.&#160 Two.&#160 Point.&#160 Oh.

But without any doubt, Dalton was awful. Look at this line and try not to cringe: 10-of-33 for 86 yards and three interceptions. That’s how you get a 2.0 passer rating. Yes, 2.0. It might be the worst performance by an NFL quarterback this season, and an inexcusable one for someone in his fourth year as a starter.

Dalton was horribly inaccurate. He threw into heavy coverage. He held the ball too long and took too many sacks. It was baffling that he wasn’t benched until Jason Campbell finally got in late in the fourth quarter. Dalton has gotten a lot of criticism for playoff failures

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, and he has regressed since last year. In nine games, Dalton has eight touchdowns and nine interceptions. That’s not good enough for a team that is now 5-3-1 despite some mediocre quarterback play.

I have no idea what the deal is.&#160 If this were Tony “El Choko” Romo, I’d understand; he’s had multiple&#160 games like that.

But Dalton?

OTOH, this could be a good thing.&#160 If Cincinnati dumps him after this year, I know a team that needs a serviceable backup…

This week:&#160 4-2.&#160 Overall:&#160 52-14-1.

The PFW will return Friday, as we discuss how good Heights could possibly be.


Thank you.

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