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Denizens, I’m gonna be out of pocket today – grocery shopping beckons, plus I need to deliver a couple of the Mothergoose’s items back to her, then we continue with the all-encompassing packing in advance of the move.

So, from the Grab-Bag&#153, comes something from the sibling unit:



Finally, the long summer of misery is over.

Training camp starts today for the Dallas Cowboys in Oxnard, California (it’s already been going on for other NFL teams like, say, Miami for a week or so now).&#160 College & high school football will crank up about four to six weeks from now and all will be right with the world once again.

And, as you’ve probably already guessed, that means the triumphant return of the PFW (Perfect Football Weekend), where I take four teams from high school through the pros and chronicle their game exploits.

(We may do five teams this year, as defensive coordinator extraordinaire Bo Pelini has moved on to LSU, but I’m not ready to give up Oklahoma as a favorite team just yet.&#160 We’ll have to see about that.)

Watch this space.

UPDATE:&#160 Just to give you an idea of how much I’ve missed football – as I’m writing this update, I’m watching the THSCA (Texas High School Coaches’ Association) North-South All-Star Game.

The game was played last Tuesday night, and the South beat the North, 37-21.

I don’t give a fat rat’s ass.&#160 It’s football, mkay?


We interrupt our regularly scheduled Left-bashing to bring you this item of importance. (Taken from this post over at Misha’s.)


This is a photo of Cheryl Ann Magner.

She has been missing since the beginning of June. She was last seen in Marin County, Ca.

Please ,anyone who has seen this 17 year old girl please call 415-472-2994. This is her mother’s phone number…please do not call unless you have information that would be helpful.Or call the San Rafael police dept. @ 415-485-3000 or www.srpd.org

Any information or help would be greatly appreciated by the family.

This post will stay on top for a couple of days.&#160 New stuff appears below.


What’s the difference between then-prospective Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall and current prospect John Roberts?

If you’re Teddy (hic!!!) Kennedy – one gets a free pass, one doesn’t.&#160 Three guesses as to which way that pass went, and the first two don’t count.

When it comes to insisting Supreme Court nominees discuss how they would rule on future cases, Sen. Edward Kennedy, D-Mass., has apparently done a philosophical U-turn.

The senator has been vocal recently about President Bush’s nominee John Roberts, saying the federal judge “will be expected to answer fully” any questions about his views on controversial issues; but the Democrat sang a different tune in 1967, when he noted that candidates should “defer any comments” on such matters.

ButOfCourse&#153.&#160 Ol’ Thurgood was a Demoscum, nominated by a Demoscum and rubber-stamped in by an Imperial Socialist Congress.&#160 Roberts, on the other hand, is a white Catholic conservative.

(To get just the right flavor of that last, say it with the most pissy-faced sneer you can manage.&#160 Don’t hold that face too long, though, or it’ll freeze that way and you might become a Donk. (grin))

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I found myself nodding and LMAO at this, which I had found by taking this test, to which Denizen Alan Henderson had pointed me in this post.

Okay, confused yet?

For the record, this is how I scored:

My computer geek score is greater than 76% of all people in the world! How do you compare? Click here to find out!


The general consensus was that Vice President Cheney, what with his ongoing health problems and all, would retire from public office after the second Bush term.

But now I tend to think we need to get a few “Draft Cheney” parties organized.

In a page from the Alec Baldwin book, “Tantrums Featuring Promises I Have No Intentin Of Keeping”, Perennial Petrified Puckish Pest&#153 Helen Thomas vowed to off herself were the Veep to run for the top spot.

Veteran reporter Helen Thomas, the “dean of the White House press corps,” says she would not be able to live if Vice President Cheney were to run for the highest office.

“The day I say Dick Cheney is going to run for president, I’ll kill myself,” she told The Hill newspaper. “All we need is one more liar.”

Oh, Helen, ya big tease.&#160 Say you’re not kidding – say you mean it.&#160 Please???

Run, Dick, run!!!


Denizens, Lady Heather del Jeep Wrangler gives us our morning chuckle for today – a little church humor:

Last Sunday, the Gospel was the one about the ten bridesmaids. The five good bridesmaids remembered to take plenty of oil for their lamps, five bad bridesmaids did not.

The priest at our church is always very fiery and his sermons always end on a high note.

Last Sunday the priest ended with…

“Where would you rather be? In the light with the five good bridesmaids or in the dark with the five bad bridesmaids?”

Ummmmmm…can I think that one over for a minute…???


In yet another People’s Exhibit&#153 of how the Limp-dicked Llama-humping Left&#153 sides with the enemies of this country (what is this now, Number 3,836,949,003?), that veritable bastion of tolerance (except when it comes to conservatives or Christians), the ACLU, is throwing yet another tantrum in the name of the so-called “seperation of church and state”.

This time, they’re kvetching about the oath one swears when taking the stand in court.

In an effort to end the Bible’s monopoly on the swearing-in procedure in the courtroom, the American Civil Liberties Union is now suing the state of North Carolina.

A lawsuit has been filed in Superior Court in Wake County, N.C., on behalf of the organization’s statewide membership of approximately 8,000 individuals of many different faiths, including Islam and Judaism.

Ah yes.&#160 The tried-and-true tactic of going through the courts to get what you can’t get through any other means.&#160 Doing an end-around to thwart the will of the people, most of whom I’m guessing don’t want to be sworn in on a book written about the Pedophilic Pseudo-Prophet&#153.

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We’ll start your day today with a good site from the Lady Heather del Jeep Wrangler – a page from The Skateboarding Bulldog.

“Awwwwwwwwwww…” alerts in effect.


From the Department of The Truth Hurts, Doesn’t It?, comes this story about how We Don’t CAIR designated piehole Ibriham Hooper has once again been offended that Americans would dare&#160 to tell the truth about him and his Religion of Peace (My Ass).

A local radio talk show host touched off complaints from an Islamic civil rights organization yesterday after repeatedly describing Islam on the air as “a terrorist organization” that is “at war with America.”

In other news, the sun rose in the east, water was discovered to be wet, and the sky turned out to be blue.

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The Great Apartment Search of 2005 has completed, and your Friendly Neighborhood King & Tyrant&#153 has located his new digs.

Bent Tree Forest will be vacated in about six weeks or so.&#160 Hence, it’s now time to pack, set up services like electric, phone, internet, etc – in addition to the usual stuff at work.

Therefore, don’t be surprised if posting is somewhat lighter than usual for the next couple of months.&#160 Plus, the Grab-Bag&#153 will get even more of a work-out.



(Hat tip Imperial Liaison Officer L.S. Mope.)

Oh, he didn’t say that.&#160 Tell me he didn’t just say that…?!?!?!

John-Boy F’n Qetchup-ass, who 175 days ago promised, on national television, to release all his military records – AND STILL HASN’T DONE SO!!!!!&#160 – is now calling for the White House to release Supreme Court Justice-designate John Roberts’ records during his service in the Reagan Administration.

Democratic Sen. John Kerry urged the White House on Friday to release “in their entirety” all documents and memos from Supreme Court nominee John Roberts’ tenure in two Republican administrations.

“We cannot do our duty if either Judge Roberts or the Bush administration hides elements of his professional record,” said the Massachusetts senator who was his party’s presidential candidate last year.

But yet, you&#160 expected the American people to do what you thought was their&#160 duty to send you to the White House while hiding elements of your military record, isn’t that right, Botox Boy?

Opening what is expected to be a broader attempt by Democrats to pry loose documents

…that is to say, an attempt by the Demoscum to drag this out past the first Monday in October, when next the Supreme Court re-convenes…

Kerry issued his statement as Roberts made the latest in a series of courtesy calls on senators in advance of confirmation hearings.

The amazing thing is that this was the candidate best adjudged by the Demoscummic Party to lead the country for the next four years in our fight against the Islamonazis, not to mention the rest of our foreign policy and our economy.&#160 And they wonder why they’re the minority party now?

I mean, think about it for a second.&#160 If you’re the Party of Asses&#153, the absolute last&#160 person you send out there to make this call is Mr. Lavender Heart himself.&#160 Hell, you send out Dr. YEARRRRRGH!!! to deliver that particular sound bite before you send out Mr. T’raisin Heinz, y’know?&#160 Chief Screaming Flea has got&#160 to be asleep at the switch on this one – there’s simply no other explanation.

Not that we mind, you understand. (snicker)

For what it’s worth, I think Justice-designate Roberts should&#160 release the records the Donks are seeking.

At least one hundred and seventy-five days after promising Tim Russert he will on national TV.

And counting.


Gonna be out of pocket pretty much all day, so we dive into the Grab-bag for a classic – four episodes of Simon, the Bastard Operator From Hell.

Spew warnings in effect.


For a few bright, shining years, New York City was a beacon on a hilltop.&#160 The city had finally shed it’s Rotten Apple image, cleaned up its act and set an example for all to follow.

Even during 9/11, the city took the best the ragheaded Islamofucks threw at it, and stood tall.

Then Rudy Giuliani stepped down as mayor.&#160 His replacement, a RINO fuckwit by the name of Bloomberg…well, let’s just say that he’s demonstrating that not everyone is cut out to be the mayor of the Big Apple.

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg said Friday that terrorists come “in all sizes and shapes and forms” and it wouldn’t be fair for police to profile terrorism suspects on the basis of a Middle Eastern appearance.

This despite the fact that the last five or six beheadings in Iraq, the bombings in London, 9/11, the USS Cole&#160 bombing, the Marine barracks in Beirut, the first WTC bombing, the Achille Lauro&#160 attack, etc, etc…all done by people with a definite Middle Eastern appearance.

But noooooooo,&#160 Bloomberg…wouldn’t be fair&#160 to maybe keep a closer eye on those types, now would it?

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Yet another One-Legged Man&#153 day, so LC MrSpkr fills in on yet another reason to rejoice at Sandy Ditzy O’Conwoman’s departure.


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