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Ever notice that the heterophobic assholes who are doing their damndest to shove homosexual marriage down our throats…were (and are) the same bigoted anti-Christian bastards who squeam about us attempting to “impose our morals” on everyone else?

(Yeah, I know it’s stating the obvious.&#160 I’m just sayin’.)


Now who here didn’t see this coming?

I mean, good grief Charlie Brown. It’s as honkin’ big as Cyrano De Bergerac’s nose!!! If you miss that, you’re blind (or looking the other way)!!!

Then again, the modus operandi of the previous four years isn’t about to go away because Al-Obambi got re-elected….so of course Bambi’s going to reboot it now. This sort of presidential pisspottery and pot-calling-the-kettle-black crap, with the obligatory aid of the lap-dog lame stream media as willing accomplices, has clearly made the United States government the laughing stock of the globe. Does the Democratic party really think that We The People&#153 are that brainwashed? Yes, obviously those occupants of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue do. Then again they also believe that if you don’t happen to live at that particular address, then you’re just a peon and incapable of rational human thought.

WRONG there Bambi!!!

You’re the fracking arsehole that pushed for the sequestration months ago. Wait, there’s the answer! Al-Obambi is suffering from early onset Alzheimer’s. We’re in luck, that disease is not covered by his all-encompassing “universal” budget-busting “FREE” healthcare bill. Sorry sir, we’ve deemed you untreatable and you’re being voted off the island. Please leave. No, we don’t have any parting prizes for you. Just go.

What’s this? We can’t criticize the anointed one?

Bullshit we can’t! There still is this thing called the FIRST AMENDMENT you fracking arrogant weasels. Yes, that old, crusty document that you and your fracking arrogant weasel buddies are trying to rip to shreds because it’s full of “negative liberties”.

Get over it! It happens to be the LAW OF THE LAND. And also the thing you pledged to uphold in your OATH OF OFFICE!!!

Yes, in case you missed it I am seriously pissed right now. Al-Obmabi, Jay Carney, Nancy Piglousy, Harry “Dick” Reid, and the rest of the progressives in DC are doing nothing more than the equivalent of throwing a two-year old TANTRUM because they can’t get their way. Obambi claims that the GOP is siding with the rich and wealthy by forcing the sequestration to proceed, but plainly forgets that he’s clearly on the Autobahn with the destination of DESTROYING the America we all know and love! He clearly believes it’s not a matter of “if” but “when” he will arrive at the intended destination. And he’s doing so with a rather Adm. Farragut attitude of “Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead”.

It’s not getting any prettier around here anytime soon denizens. We here at the Southern Command are prepping, are you?



So now you’ve got a bunch of celebrities – and, well, okay, Widdle Bitchie Eisen too – sniveling about Newtown, and about how enough is enough.

So why is what they’re doing here okay…?

I mean, if they’re such terrified-by-guns dickweeds, should they really be enjoying all the bangie thingies they’re…um…utilizing…as they ply their craft?

Anyone?&#160 Anyone?&#160 Bueller?

Hm.&#160 Maybe these celebretards should&#160 go fuck themselves, y’know?


Damn, who knew that Widdle Billie Maher was such a nadless, dickless, cowardly little POS chickenshit pussy?

Oh.&#160 Wait.&#160 That’s right.

Everybody knows that.

UPDATE:&#160 And Bambi’s response to Clint’s speech last night?

Not for long, it ain’t.


ITEM:&#160 Fox News the other day ran this video on “Fox & Friends”:

Oh, and that didn’t set well with Bambi’s college-frat-boy-mouthpiece.&#160 Not at all (hat tip:&#160 Hoft, as usual):

White House press secretary Jay Carney made an “angry phone call” to a Fox News executive after the network aired a scathing video review last month of President Barack Obama’s first three years in office, the New York Times reported.

According to the Times, Carney told Michael Clemente, Fox News’ senior vice president for news, that the video had crossed the line even for “Fox & Friends,” the morning show where it aired. Two unnamed Democrats reportedly told the newspaper about the call, described as a “private conversation.”

Hoft continues:

** MSNBC created its own anti-Romney ad in February. Of course, the White House was OK with their ad.

Of course.

The PotKettleBlack&#153 is strong in this dickweed, my padawans.


(Hat tip:&#160 Hoft.)

ITEM:&#160 A couple days ago, B. HUSSEIN!!!&#160 Obambi accused the Republicans in general (and President Bush in particular of sticking him with a trillion-dollar deficit.

“I love it when these guys talk about debt and deficits,” Obama told supporters in Baltimore. “I inherited a trillion dollar deficit.”


“It’s like somebody goes to a restaurant, orders a big steak dinner, a martini and all that stuff, then just as you’re sitting down they leave and accuse you of running up the tab,” Obama said.

ITEM:&#160 Today, B. HUSSEIN&#160 Obambi…stuck someone else with a bill.

Amid the bustle of President Obama’s surprise stop for barbecue Wednesday the White House apparently overlooked one key detail: the bill.

Celebrating Father’s Day early, the president had lunch with two service members and two local barbers at Kenny’s BBQ on Capitol Hill.

As the group chatted about fatherhood, the president enjoyed a steaming plate of pork ribs with hot sauce, collard greens, red beans and rice and cornbread.

The bill for the president and his four guests was $55.58, but was left unpaid at the point of sale, according to pool reports.

I’d use my standard line here, but I might be accused of being…wait for it…RAAAAACIST!!!!!!!!!


Besides…it’s down there in the categories anyway.&#160

“The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money. ” ― Margaret Thatcher


ITEM:&#160 After Rush Limbaugh told the truth, then wussed out, about Sandra “Slut” Fluke…

(Yeah, that’s right, Sandy baby – I called you a slut, you’re also a prostitute, and there ain’t no apology coming from me, ever)

…the pusstard Demoscum launched the shit-for-brains meme that Republicans had launched a so-called “war on women”.

“We’re making an issue over the whole Republican war against women,” said Maggie Davidson, president of the Democratic Women’s Club of Northeast Broward. “We’re going to try to bring a lot of attention to what’s been going on in the state legislatures and in Congress.”

Specifically, the notion that conservatives like me & you are out to destroy women because we’re sick & tired of our tax monies going for them to fuck like minxes (minxes?) and abort damn the consequences.

But that’s another post for another time.

ITEM:&#160 One of Al-Obambi’s designated methane-spewing propaganda mouthpieces, Hitlary Hilary Rosen, late of the we-don’t-want-you-to-record-our-music (hack, spit)&#160 RIAA (hack, spit), had this to say about Ann Romney (hat tip:&#160 Hoft):

“Guess what, his wife has actually never worked a day in her life,” said Rosen, who was being interviewed by CNN’s Anderson Cooper about the war on women.

Same Al-Obambi that pays its female employees 18% less than men.

PotKettleBlack&#153 much, Jugears?

MERLIN:&#160 Ooooooh, RAAAAACIST!!!!

VENOMOUS:&#160 Bite me, Wizard.



If I hadn’t seen this for myself, I don’t think I would have believed it.

Ron Paul.&#160 Blame-9/11-on-America Ron Paul.&#160 Inflation-conspiracy-theorist Ron Paul.

And he’s accusing Widdle Ricky Santorum of conspiracy theories.

Words fail.&#160 Words.&#160 Just.&#160 Fail.

And yet the Ronulans, the Paultards, the Paul cult-of-personality fools, continue to support this son-of-a-bitch.


UPDATE:&#160 Don’t ask me how, but it looks like I posted the wrong video.&#160 Should be fixed now.


This poll is almost as scary as one which shows Obama wining by a landslide.

From what little I have seen, a Romney presidency would best be described as Obamalite. The only real difference between the two policy wise seems to be that one is a Democrat, while the other is a Republican.


Let’s get one thing straight Right Fucking Now&#153.

The right didn’t shoot Gabrielle Giffords.

Sarah Palin didn’t shoot her.

John Boehner didn’t shoot her.

Pat Buchanan didn’t shoot her.

Michelle Malkin didn’t shoot her.

Bill O’Reilly didn’t shoot her.

Sean Hannity didn’t.

Rush Limbaugh didn’t.

Glenn Beck didn’t.

Nor did Walter Williams, Thomas Sowell, Charles Krauthammer, Mark Davis, Cal Thomas or Williams Murchison.

Not Bob Grant, John Ziegler, John & Ken, Marlin Maddoux, Kerby Anderson, Scott Wilder or Don Imus.

Not Dan Riehl, Doug Powers, Doug Ross, Allahpundit, Pundit and/or Pundette, William Jacobson, Jim Hoft, B.C., Misha, and certainly not Darth Venomous and/or Lord Spatula I, King & Tyrant.

No one on the Right shot the congresscritter from Tucson.&#160 Period, end, stop.

In fact, given that two of this cowardly moonbat’s favorite books were the Communist Manifesto&#160 and Mein Kampf, this little boil on the butt of humanity, Loughner, would more comfortably fit in the camp of the pathetic chickenshit Left.

So you Demoscum who want to excoriate Palin and the Right for yesterday’s shooting rampage?&#160 Clean your own house before you come in wanting to dust ours.&#160 After all the shit your homey Bambi has spewed forth, you pussies don’t have a whole lotta room to talk.

If any.


Denizens, trust me, I wish I could find this ad on YouTube.&#160 (Trust me – I did&#160 try.)

SCRIPT: Democratic gubernatorial candidate Bill White: “We believe that federal immigration laws should be enforced. We believe Texans believe that we need federal help in securing that border.

“Rick Perry has been governor for nine-and-a-half years. You would think that he would have been able to get some of the federal resources that he now claims that we needed all these years.

“As governor, I’ll put 1,000 more police officers and deputy sheriffs all along our border, arresting the gang members, the drug dealers and let them know things aren’t safe for them in Texas.

“I’m Bill White. I’m in it for Texas.”

Oh.&#160 My.&#160 Freakin’.&#160 GAWD!!!!ONE!1!!11!

He didn’t just say that.&#160 Tell&#160 me he didn’t just say that.

This is the same Widdle Willie White that ran a “wink wink nudge nudge” sanctuary city in Houston during his time as mayor.

Houston residents asked a divided City Council Tuesday to end an official city policy that forbids local police from rounding up undocumented immigrants for being in the country illegally.

Slightly more than a dozen people appeared before the council in support of Councilman Mark Ellis’ proposal to overturn the policy, which prevents officers from asking about someone’s citizenship status or detaining someone for being in the country illegally.

Houston is not officially a so-called “sanctuary city,” since the policy is not codified in a city ordinance. Ellis’ proposal would rescind the general order that governs the policy and replace it with a city ordinance that would require officers to enforce federal immigration laws.

Hence the “wink wink, nudge nudge”.

Bill White, you dumb son-of-a-bitch.

Don’t give me, or the rest&#160 of the right-thinking intelligents of the great state of Texas any&#160 of this bullshit about wanting to do something about “border security” WHEN IT’S YOU YOUR OWN FUCKING SELF&#160 who did everything you could to undermine it as Houston’s half-assed excuse-for-a-mayor!

Take the fucking mote out of your own&#160 eye before you try taking a peek into Rick Perry’s peeper, eh, you shit-for-brains “Sanctuary City&#153” crapweasel?

Fucking asswipe.


(Hat tip Doug Powers off a buzzworthy from Michelle Malkin.)

The “Down Is Up, Up Is Down” Department, seeing His Rudeness&#153 feeling like crap the last few days, has decided to try and brighten his mood by telling him a funny.

I mean, how else&#160 could you explain Kaiser Wilhelm von Slickmeister going all PotKettleBlack&#153 on us, hm?

Former President Clinton has sent out a fundraising letter on behalf of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee under his own name warning that Republicans are trying to “derail’ President Obama’s agenda.

Gee, he says that like it’s a Bad Thing&#153…

Yes, Der Kaiser, but we’re not trying to “derail”-sneer-quotes it, we’re trying to derail it.

Destroy it.

Disrupt it.

Put.&#160 A.&#160 Fuckin’.&#160 Stop.&#160 To.&#160 It.

What specific part of that does your feeble, one-track-only-and-that’s-sex mind not effing understand, hmmm?

Oxford must have been pretty damned desperate to have taken you as a student, lemme tell ya.

Not much unexpected there.

Well, at least someone&#160 at the Post gets it.

But along with the letter, Clinton has included a flyer from the DSCC that’s bound to raise eyebrows.

Okay, Denizens, last warning.&#160 I’m putting the money-quote here below the fold.&#160 Make sure you’re sitting down before you open it up.&#160 MASSIVE SPEW WARNINGS.

“DSCC funds go towards efforts to unseat far-right Republican senators like admitted sinner David Vitter…” the flyer says, referring to the Louisiana senator who admitted patronizing a prostitution service when he was in the House.

“Like admitted sinner&#160 David Vitter…”?&#160 This from Mr. “I did not have sexual relateions with that woman” himself?&#160 The ex-Philanderer-in-Briefs dares&#160 fling boulders at a candidate for office from his microscope-slide-glass-thin bunker?&#160 He whom brother Roger claimed “had a nose like a vacuum cleaner” is accusing someone else, anyone else, of being a sinner?????

Ohhh.&#160 Emmmmm.&#160 Effffff.&#160 Geeeeeee.&#160 (That’s “OMFG” for those of you in the Church of the SubTarded.)

Okay, Department of “Down Is Up, Up Is Down” – you guys win.




(Hat tip to the lovely & gracious Michelle.)

Item:&#160 Jim-Bob Jackoff James Carville, in a fundraising spam email spam for Demoscummic pissweasel Marcia Markie Critz, is calling Republicans – specifically, Der Sarahcuda and former GOP US Senator Rick Santorum – “reptiles”.

Yes.&#160 “Reptiles”.

Yes.&#160 The pussified libtard son-of-a-crack-whore-bitch whose own wife, GOP occasional-consultant Mary Matalin, calls him “Serpenthead”.

“Mr. Pot, there’s a Ms. Kettle on line two…”


Okay, so lemme see if I’ve got this straight.

For damned near eight years, the Limpdicked Lickspittle Leftards&#153 did everything they could to undermine the United States’ war effort.

They maligned our commander-in-chief on a daily basis.&#160 Said about it – and I quote – “this war is lost”.

They called our troops “murderers” and accused them of being war criminals.&#160 Some of them actually wanted to leave our men & women high & dry by defunding the war effort.

And now one of these bastards has the chutzpah&#160 to suggest that any criticism of Jugears McHopenchange only helps Al-Qaida.

Politics should never get in the way of national security.

“Except when we’re the ones practicing the politics that get in the way of national security.”

But too many in Washington are now misrepresenting the facts to score political points, instead of coming together to keep us safe.

We’re not the ones wanting to give Khalid Sheikh Muhammed a fucking show trial&#160 in New York City, dim bulb.

We were perfectly content keeping the ragheaded scumbags down at Gitmo, but your&#160 homie was the one who decided that Gitmo must be closed at all costs – a campaign promise on which even now Bambi reneges.

This administration’s efforts have disrupted dozens of terrorist plots against the homeland and been responsible for killing and capturing hundreds of hard-core terrorists, including senior leaders in Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia and beyond — far more than in 2008.

Oh, yeah – right.&#160 And Barry Switzer won Super Bowl XXX with his own players, rather than Jimmy Johnson’s in Dallas.

Pull the other&#160 one, dickhead.

We need no lectures about the fact that this nation is at war.

Apparently, you do.&#160 You bastards don’t even want to call it terrorism&#160 any more – your own excuse-for-a-Homeland-Security-chief just wants to call it a “man-caused disaster”.&#160 I mean, Hulk Hogan used to battle the Natural Disasters “Earthquake” and “Typhoon” in the old WWF – but this&#160 is fuckin’ ridiculous.

Politically motivated criticism and unfounded fear-mongering only serve the goals of al-Qaeda.

Yeah, dumbass.&#160 Just like they did from late 2001 until January 20, 2009 – but now that it’s your&#160 homeboy, it’s not such a hot idea, is it now?

Motherfucking pussy.&#160


Over at MSLSD, they have their panties in a bunch over the fact that Todd Palin – husband of Our Beloved Sarahcuda&#153 – wielded just a tad bit of power as a chief executive’s spouse.

Nearly 3,000 pages of e-mails that Todd Palin exchanged with state officials, which were released to msnbc.com and NBC News by the state of Alaska under its public records law, draw a picture of a Palin administration where the governor’s husband got involved in a judicial appointment, monitored contract negotiations with public employee unions, received background checks on a corporate CEO, added his approval or disapproval to state board appointments and passed financial information marked “confidential” from his oil company employer to a state attorney.


So, I guess they’re going to royally condemn the Baroness Hilarious’ meddling in Das Klintonreich&#153 and her attempts to hijack one-sixth of the American economy back in 1993-94…oh, Any Day Now&#153.&#160 Right?



Well, surely&#160 they’ll at least raise an eyebrow over the First Wookiee’s&#153 elevated profile in Al-Obambi, won’t they?


Hello???&#160 Bueller?

(more crickets)



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