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Already in poll quicksand, Malicious Malkin’s hand-picked candidate and honeygirl, Michelle Bachmann, all but torpedoed her own campaign over the weekend when she started channeling Pat Robertson, stating that Hurricane Irene was “God’s warning” to Washington, DC.

GOP presidential candidate Michele Bachmann says Hurricane Irene and last week’s earthquake are messages from God to warn politicians to start heeding divine guidance.

Bachmann made the remarks during a campaign stop Sunday in Sarasota, Fla., attended by about 1,000 people, the St. Petersburg Times reported.

“I don’t know how much God has to do to get the attention of the politicians,” the third-term congresswoman from Minnesota said. “We’ve had an earthquake; we’ve had a hurricane. He said, ‘Are you going to start listening to me here?'”

Robertson, as you’ll recall, proclamed (among other things), that God wouldn’t protect the town of Dover, PA, over their dumb-assed tossing of intelligent-design advocates in their school board elections.&#160 (Which may or may not be true, but I don’t think I’d be naming names when it comes to something like that, but rather speaking in more general terms, y’know?)

It didn’t help things any that Bachmann was already viewed as a flake – now she’s confirmed it.&#160 And killed any chance she ever thought she might have at the White House.

Now, she did&#160 try walking this dumbshittery back, calling her comments a “joke” – but the damage was already done.

S’long, Michelle, we hardly knew ye.&#160 Now Malicious Malkin is gonna have to find another RINO to kiss up to.&#160

UPDATE:&#160 Actually, I probably shouldn’t call Bachmann a RINO – her conservative street cred is probably sufficient.

But she is&#160 an idiot.&#160 We knew this when she hired Ed “I Hate Sarah Palin” Rollins to be her campaign coordinator.&#160 Which, nowadays, is like begging Bob Shrum to run it.

So let’s say that Malicious Malkin has to find another fellow idiot to cozy up to, and leave it at that.


Well, if this is the dress rehersal, I’ve one question:&#160 Is Dallas that good, or is Minnehaha that bad?

Dallas 23, at Minnesota 17

Green Bay 24, at Indianapolis 21

at Detroit 34, New England 10

New Orleans 40, at Oakland 20

Da Raiiii-duhs will be able to move the ball this year.&#160 Problem is, so will all their opponents.

You heard it here first:&#160 Watch out for Detroit.&#160 They get into the playoffs this year – and I promise you, effin’ no one&#160 wants to play them.

Stafford’s the real deal (12-14-200), the defense is kicking ass, and Nick Fairley hasn’t even suited up yet.

You wanna try to move the ball on this front seven?&#160 Hell, if I’m Deet’s def-co, I play six&#160 in the box just so I can get an extra DB in my base defense.

Memo to widdle Mikey McCarthy:&#160 Pretty chintzy, dude, going for the onside kick on the last possession.

Yeah, it worked this time – but just try that in the regular season. Would serve you right if someone recovered it and ran it in while you weren’t looking, just like Dallas did to Philthy a couple years back.

Today, Dallas committed a major error, cutting ties with center-guard Andre Gurode, while keeping failed-bit lump o’ lard Montrae Holland, who isn’t fit to block Gurode’s jock.

Third-string center Kevin Kowalski played well enough during the ViQueen game to allow Romo (15-20-141) to complete a few good ones to Dez Bryant.&#160 Some chemistry developing there – it had better, because Miles Austin may turn out to be a walking MASH unit this year.

Gerald Sensabaugh blocked a field goal try leading to one Dallas touchdown, then intercepted a tipped pass from The Universe’s Greatest Ever Quarterback Ever In The Storied History Of Ever, Ever&#153, Donna McCrabbs, to help lead Dallas to the win.

The PFW will return Thursday, when they start to count for real, and we’ll be looking for the imminent release of Lump-o’-Lard Holland.&#160 The Cowgirlz had best cut him, if they want to be taken seriously.


Denizens, we start the week off with some fantastic news.

Today is the Vicar’s wedding day…plus 31 years. (A little Paul Harvey lingo, there.)

Congrats, bride & groom!&#160


Denizens, the more astute amongst you will have noticed by now that the name of Michelle Malkin no longer graces the blogroll.

(Not that that fact has any major significance beyond my feeble mind – as I’ve said before, give me at least partial credit for realizing that the world doesn’t revolve around me.&#160 Still.)

There’s a reason for that – this.

I’m far less aggravated by Gov. Perry’s injudicious toss-off remarks than I am by his profoundly troubling, liberty-curtailing actions in office and his fresh batch of specious rationalizations for them. My syndicated column today dissects Perry’s recent, so-called “walk backs” of his odious Gardasil vaccine mandate for children. I’ve written and reported on vaccine bullies in the schools and on informed parental authority over vaccines previously. But as you’ll see from my column below, Perry defenders who dismiss critics as “single-issue” activists are willfully blind to the Gardasil disgrace’s multiple layers of rottenness.

Yeah, well, I’m&#160 far less pissed off about Shelley’s knee-jerk (emphasis on that last part) leap to conclusions than I am about the fact that she seems overly eager to do the work of the Lame Stream Media&#153 for them.&#160 The RCOB&#153 is also intensified by the fact that, just as we finally have the candidate that will undoubtedly kick B. HUSSEIN!!!&#160 Obambi’s skanky Kenyan ass out of the White House, along comes the self-named, self-important moral arbiter&#160 of all things conservative, to loudly, screechingly proclaim to the GOP masses that Rick Perry just isn’t conservative&#160 enough for her tastes.

Now, a lot of this bitch’s ass-kissing sycophants will call, and have been calling, this whole rip job of hers a “vetting”.&#160 As if he’s supposed to just stand there, bend over & take it up the ass from all the Torquemadas of the Right, the so-called guardians&#160 of conservative purity, and be effin’ grateful for the privilege!&#160 (“Thank you, sir, may I have another?”)


This is a vetting.&#160 A dispassionate, logically presented, fair & balanced analysis on all the points against Rick Perry, with a corresponding link to positive things being said about the governor and the reader invited to make up his or her own mind.

If Shelley the Asian Bimbette&#153 were the slightest bit interested in a fair, balanced, dispassionate “vetting”, would she have published this picture on top of the post?

Almost as if to imply (if not state outright) that Rick Perry is the Merck Antichrist.

And as if that&#160 weren’t bad enough – and, by Gawd, dont’cha think it oughta be? – her little unflattering photoshop job on the guv comes on the heels of her kvetching…of stupid photo tricks the leftard media pulls on her honeygirl Michelle Bachmann (among others):

Sigh. Seriously, Tina Brown?

Yes, I’m talking about you, Oxford University-educated Newsweek/Daily Beast editor Tina Brown.

You’ve resorted to recycling bottom-of-the-barrel moonbat photo cliches about conservative female public figures and their enraged “crazy eyes?” Really?

Who’s in charge of Newsweek cover graphics now — a Media Matters Soros Monkey? A random Daily Kos commenter? Keith Olbermann’s intern’s intern?


Rep. Bachmann is unabashedly conservative, willing to take both parties’ leaders to task, passionate about her work, popular with grass-roots activists on the Right, committed to reining in the size, scope, and power of government, and yes, expressive. For all this, she must be destroyed.

No doubt the editors and photog will deny doing anything to make Bachmann look bad.

Kinda like the liberties you&#160 took with Rick Perry, Shelley babe?&#160 PotKettleBlack&#153 much, you little shit-for-brains media whore?

It should be clear to anyone who thinks with the head on their shoulders (as opposed to the other one) that you clearly hate Rick Perry and will stop short of very little (if anything) to see that he doesn’t get the GOP nomination.&#160 This wasn’t a “vetting” – it was a fucking hit piece, a smear designed to injure Rick Perry’s (and the GOP’s) chances for the White House.&#160 Thereby ensuring another four years of Al-Obambi – because if anyone thinks that Mittens, Bachmann, etc, have a Snowball’s Chance&#153 of beating Bambi in 2012, I have a bridge I wanna sell ya.

In fact, Shelleyslut, you were apprised of Peskytruth’s analysis.&#160 And here’s what you had to say about that:

Nonsense. Where does that post “debunk” Perry’s trampling of the deliberative process, human shield demagoguery, any of the FACTS included in my column about fed CDC chairman’s own opposition to mandating Gardasil for school enrollment, key difference between communicable diseases like measles vs. STDS, or the disingenuousness of Perry’s so-called walkbacks.

That post doesn’t “debunk.” It makes excuses.

Bullshit.&#160 It offers an analysis of Perry’s record without any of the screeching hatred you’ve developed for him.&#160 That the CDC chair-critter opposed any sort of mandate is completely irrelavant.&#160 That Gardasil themselves didn’t recommend it doesn’t mean a damned thing.&#160 If they were that&#160 doubtful about it, why’d they even submit it to the FDA for approval?

No, Shelley, you little bimboid harpy, you hate Rick Perry.&#160 So much so that you’re willing to even violate your own standards in order to see him defeated.&#160 You bitch when it’s done to Bachmann, but you’re willing to do far worse to Perry.&#160 You’re no fucking better than the lame-assed media whores you bitch about.

ESAD, you stupid-assed skank.

Oh, and one other thing…

As for the ridiculous idea that scrutinizing Perry’s much-bragged-out gubernatorial record is tantamount to “smearing” him, toughen up, buttercups. This is just the beginning of 2012 campaign heat. Limited government activists already know Perry’s ready, willing, and able to dish it out against them. If Perry can’t take it from supposed allies and friends on his own side of the aisle, why should he be trusted as the GOP contender against our Democratic enemies?

This from the retarded little Filipina trollop who’s always the first to whine & snivel about the hate mail she gets.

Real piece of work, ain’t ya, dumbass?

But anytime you’re feeling froggy and wanna come down here to Texas and call me “buttercup”, little chickenshit-ette, have at it.

Let’s see what it gets you, bitch.


(Crossposted to the Rott – this was just too damned good not to share.)

(Hat tip Drudge – although I tend to wonder if he’d really want it, y’know?)

They use the corner of their huts as personal toilets.

They wipe their asses…with their hands.

They view women as less valuable than farm animals – in fact, they’d rather have sex with the animals.

They are the Most Offensive Creatures On The Face Of The Earth&#153

And they are offended…when they hear you fart.

(No, I’m not making this up. Or to be more succinct – I shit you not.)

So here’s the news: audible farting has been banned for some Marines downrange because it offends the Afghans.

I know there are many things in the Afghan culture that don’t seem normal to Americans and it’s hard to spend seven months working in someone else’s back yard. Still, the Marines I saw downrange are doing a pretty good job at trying to do the right thing around the Afghans.

They’re not supposed to cuss because it could be misunderstood (that one goes out the window a lot). And they stay away from talking about politics, religion or girls because those topics could escalate into major disagreements (they can’t communicate anyway because of the language barrier).

But farting? That’s practically a sport. Ok, it’s not soccer, but a good contest could open the door for cross-cultural exchanges, jokes and other gallows humor.

So, for all Marines getting ready to go downwind, I mean downrange, be forewarned — you may have to hold it in… at least until you get back to your hooch where you can loudly crop dust your friends.

Doesn’t that just rip you a new one?

OTOH, I think we’ve found a way to rid ourselves of Bawney Fwank…


Guys, this episode of the Perfect Football Weekend&#153 opens with some kvetching about yet another new NFL rule for the 2011 season.

We’ve already chronicled the one about a play being declared dead when the ball carrier gets his helmet yanked off (and I’m still&#160 waiting for the explanation on why that’s not an automatic 15-yard penalty).&#160 Here is yet another stupid rule that purportedly make the game safer&#160 (), but also a helluva lot more boring.

Years ago, football (not just the NFL, either – colleges did this, as well) moved the kickoff back five yards, to a team’s 30-yard-line.&#160 This year, in a half-assedhearted attempt to avoid concussions during runbacks, the spot has been moved back to the 35.&#160 In addition, no member of the kicking team can line up more than five yards away from the ball; the theory is that the player’s momentum will be lessened, thus making impacts with opposing players less concussion-threatening.

(It also has the effect of making touchbacks pretty damned much automatic.&#160 Unless, of course, you have Rayegun kicking for you.)

RAYEGUN:&#160 HEY!!!!!


Never mind that a player is pretty much up to full speed after 15 yards anyway, so that prevailing theorem is about as useless as a screen door on a submarine (hat tip:&#160 the late, great Rich Mullins).

Anyway, the Chicago Bears – one of the teams to vote against this rule change – has been, during this preseason, thumbing its nose at Roger Goodfella and the NFL mafiosos.

In their Saturday preseason opener against the Buffalo Bills at Chicago’s Soldier Field, the Bears refused to accept the new rule, and instead lined up their first two kickoffs at their 30, as had been in the past. Apparently, the officials on site didn’t catch it, because no penalties were called and it took a call from vice president of officiating Carl Johnson(notes) to “put a stop to it,” according to the Twitter account of Johnson’s predecessor, current FOX Sports analyst Mike Pereira.

Bears head coach Lovie Smith, who’s had return teams among the league’s best for a number of years, seemed unaffected by the violations and any potential fallout. In other words, it wasn’t a mistake.

“[Bears kicker] Robbie Gould(notes) … we can put it on the 35 and he can kick it out each time,” Smith said. ”We’re not really getting a good evaluation of what we can do coverage-wise on some of our players. That’s what we were trying to do with it.”

Truth to power, yeah!&#160 &#160 Keep it up, Lovie, you guys are gonna find yourself in the PFW.

But for now, we have to settle for the Dallas Cowgirlz, who are in Minne-haha this week to take on the ViQueens.&#160 With Brettina Farve having been Stergered (Stergered?) out of the league for all practical purposes, their new quarterback is – surprise! – Donna McCrabbs, the Universe’s Greatest Quarterback Ever In The History Of Ever, Ever, For All Time!&#153&#160 (We say “universe” now because – at the rate he’s going – he’s gonna wind up having played for every team in&#160 the universe before he’s done.)

We’ll probably see both him & Romo for about a half or so, then the ViQueens’ reserves will kick the Cowgirlz’ reserves’ asses for the second half. (Stop me if you’ve heard this before, I know – but it’s true, isn’t it?)

We’ll have other game to look at, such as Carolina-Cincy, NEPansies-Detroit (Mr. Brady?&#160 Meet Mr. Suh.&#160 Can we fit you for that flak jacket now?), J-E-T-S-JetsJetsJets-Douchebags, and Houston-San Transexual.

We’re back Monday or so with the recap.&#160 In the meantime, it’s interesting to note that it’s “Week Zero” in Texas “hah skrewl” (a little Rush lingo, there) football and my Arlington Heights Yellow Jackets…have the week off.&#160 Yawn.


[SCENE:&#160 On the bridge of ISS Poseidon, the Realm’s new Federation-class prototype.&#160 Admiral Darth Venomous is still mired away in Facebook Hell&#153, and the bridge is empty, save for a couple of technicians named (ironically enough) Berkeley & Zhamno.

Zhamno is fiddling around with the Ops controls.&#160 Berkeley is egging him on.]

BERKELEY:&#160 Yeah, yeah!&#160 Do it!&#160 C’mon!

[Zhamno touches one last control.&#160 On the viewscreen, the picture changes.]

ZHAMNO:&#160 Schweet!

[At that moment, the turbolift doors fly open, revealing Supreme General Rayegun, who isn’t the happiest of campers right at that moment.]

RAYEGUN:&#160 What in the name of Fek’lhr&#160 are you two doing?!?!

BERKELEY, ZHAMNO:&#160 GENERAL, SIR!!!&#160 Uh…uh…(ulp!)

RAYEGUN:&#160 Never mind that.&#160 Quit playing with the effing tractor beam and prep this bridge!&#160 We launch in fifteen minutes!

BERKELEY:&#160 Uh…sir?

RAYEGUN:&#160 We’ve located the Admiral.&#160 We’re going to assist Mrs. Venomous in rescue operations.

ZHAMNO:&#160 But…but, sir…what about your ship?

RAYEGUN:&#160 The Generalette took it.&#160 Something called a “girls’ night out”.&#160 Don’t ask, just move!!!

BERKELEY, ZHAMNO:&#160 Yes, sir, aye aye, sir!!!&#160 {They scurry as Rayegun exits.]

Prayers & well wishes for the quake area.


Phillip Tanner, who do you think you are?&#160 Jason Witten?

at Dallas 7 San Diego 20

at NY Jets 27, Cincinnati 7

Washington 16, at Indianapolis 3

at NY Football Douchebags 41, Chicago 13

Memo to Brandi Jackoff and the rest of the NY Football Douchebags:&#160 You.&#160 Ain’t.&#160 That.&#160 Good.

‘Nuff said.

To:&#160 Peyton Manning
From:&#160 Indy fans

Hurry back?



They say – well, there was a NextGen episode that said, anyway – that every moment of pleasure must be paid for with an equal moment of pain.

Poor Andy Dalton.

Going 8-19-86 with 2 picks isn’t gonna make anyone forget Carson Palmer.&#160 In fact, expect the “Miss Me Yet” billboards to be going up after Week Two.

Sure you didn’t lie about your age, Andy?&#160 And that you’re one year younger than you’re actually saying?&#160 Apparently Pachall isn’t making anyone forget you down here.

Seems like you can’t have a Romo start without a Romo pick.&#160 And you can’t have a Romo pick without it leading to an opponent’s score.

We got both – the pick one of three Cowgirl turnovers for the night – as the Chargers basically showed Dallas they’re nowhere even near&#160 even being average.

Not to worry, it’ll get there – Rob Ryan’s defense shows flashes; the secondary doesn’t stink too&#160 much without Newman & Jenkins, and the line’s even blocking better sans&#160 Davis & Colombo.

In fact, the veteran purge may not yet be over.&#160 Take a look at this:

(Incidentally, that’s a stupid-assed rule.&#160 You don’t have the Jason Witten catch-and-run vs. Philthy if you have that rule.&#160 Fucking NFL front-office pussies.

And would someone like to tell me why there was no facemask penalty called?&#160 It’s the same damned thing, just about.)

That back is a rookie by the name of Phillip Tanner out of Middle Tennesee (yep, that&#160 Middle Tennessee – formerly MidTenn State, the school that produced Ed “Too Tall” Jones) by way of Dallas Skyline.

The kid’s been impressive all preseason; he ripped off several good runs in the Denver game, as well.

Now, combine that with the fact that Dallas drafted DeMarco Murray.&#160 And they also still have Lonyae Miller, whom they like a lot.

Tashard “I can haz autograf, Mizter Vick?” Choice – your days here are so&#160 numbered.

The PFW will return in a couple days with thoughts on another stupid new NFL rule.


Sure, we all know that a 5.8 quake hit Mineral, VA CAUSE ALL THE DAMN MEDIA IS FLAGGELATING ON IT!!!

But were you aware of the fact that the “Largest Colorado quake since 1973 shakes homes” occurred yesterday?  And that quake was a 5.3 (some reports stated 5.5).

Minor aftershocks continued Tuesday in the relatively sparsely populated area that the USGS says is not known for major quakes or active faults…

Hell, all the flaggelation has dumped the Libya debacle to below the fold status on most of the sites I was perusing… And it completely eliminated the Maxine Waters’ “the TEA Party can go to hell!”

{You first BEEZATCH}

antics from the radar screen. Anyone wanna take bets on how long it takes the Goreacle to say this was all due to Glow-bull Wormening&#153???

Sooooo glad to see that the media still can’t figure out how to get their collective heads outta their collective gigantic arse. {that’s sarcasm for you folks in Rio Linda that didn’t see it}



Denizens, this pre-season&#160 edition of the Perfect Football Weekend&#153…

(Happy now, SpatulaGoddess?)



Anyway, it begins with a lawsuit.&#160 Seems Oklahoma State coach Mike “I’M A MAN!!! I’M FORTY!!!” Gundy was having some work done on his home, and he hired a contractor to do the work.

And said contractor showed up…wearing an OU t-shirt.

Brent Loveland of Choctaw, Okla., said he arrived early in the morning March 21 wearing a gray “Oklahoma Baseball” T-shirt with the university’s name in red block letters. He and two others began to unload their equipment.

According to the lawsuit, Gundy arrived at the house at 9:30 a.m. and spotted Loveland’s shirt. “How dare you come into my house and offend my wife,” Gundy allegedly said.

Gundy then allegedly used profanity as he told the contractor to get off his property. He called Loveland a “stupid idiot” for wearing the shirt on “OSU soil,” and refused Loveland’s apologies. The contractor offered to turn his shirt inside-out but was refused, according to the lawsuit.

Now, I’m not an attorney, nor do I play one on TV.&#160 Seems to me, though, that with Oklahoma being a right-to-work state (someone correct me there?), an employer can hire and/or fire for any reason, or for no reason.&#160 Don’t really see what case the kid has here.

Nevertheless, the moral of the story is clear:

A carpenter said he has learned his lesson: Don’t wear rival colors to Oklahoma State football coach Mike Gundy’s house.

True dat.

On to the football.&#160 Our Heroes, the Dallas C’boyz, are home again Sunday night for Preseason Game Number Two&#153 against the San Di-e-go…(Super) Chargersssss…

(Sorry…channeling a little Chris Berman, there.)

Romo & Phil Rivers will likely play about a quarter or so, then SD’s subs will likely outplay the ones in blue & silver.&#160 Oh well…it’s preseason.

Other games on the boob toob will include Pittsburgh-Miami Heat Philthydelphia, New England-Tampa Bay, the New York J-E-T-S-JetsJetsJets!!! visiting Houston, and Detroit-Cleveland.&#160 (Let’s see how widdle Coltie McCoy likes getting thrown around by Ndamukong Suh again.)

We’ll be back Monday for the recap.


Got this from Denizen & fellow blogger Alan K. Henderson:

Proving yet again that Alan Does Not Have Enough To Do&#153.&#160


So here are Leo Hindery and Warren Buffet, supposed “patriotic billionaires” who want Al-Obambi to hike taxes on “the rich” .&#160 (Of course, these two morons are Demoscum, and as we all know, Demoscum think you’re rich if you make as little as $36,000 a year.)

Memo to Mssrs. Hindery & Buffet:&#160 You want the “rich” to pay more in taxes, dumbasses?&#160 You want your taxes to go up?

Set the example, fuckheads:&#160 Cut a check already.&#160 The gummint ain’t too proud to beg – lead the way and pony up.



I wouldn’t give two shits for how Stephen McGee looks as an NFL quarterback.

But he does&#160 get the job done.

at Dallas 24, Denver 23

at Chicago 10, Buffalo 3

at Detroit 34, Cincinnati 3

Tampa Bay 25, at Kansas City 0

at Cleveland 27, Green Bay 17

S’long, Todd Haley.&#160 Been nice knowing ya.

If that’s what the Chief offense is gonna look like this year, forget it.

According to the Bears’ broadcast, Roy “Clank” Williams was brought in (once Dallas finally saw the light & cut his ass) to be…and I swear I’m not making this up…the “Bears’ No. 1 receiver”.

Prediction:&#160 There will be at least one offense that’s actually worse than the Cowgirlz this year.

On the other hand, Marion Barber looked pretty good, getting 45 yards on seven carries in limited action.&#160 Almost as if the offensive line really was&#160 the problem in Dallas.&#160

The Buffalo Bills have finally done away with The NFL’s Butt-Ugliest Uniforms&#153.&#160 The Uniform Czar&#153 is well-pleased.

Maybe now they’ll start playing&#160 like an NFL team.

Andy Dalton’s TCU debut resulted in a 27-0 shutout of Baylor four years ago.

But then, they&#160 didn’t have Nick Fairley or Ndomakong Suh in their line.

Dalton was 11-15-69 in his Cincinnati debut, plus 1 pick.&#160 Backup Bruce Gradkowski wasn’t much better, going 6-11-53.

It’ll be a loooooooong&#160 year for the Bengals.

Line fails to block for Romo?&#160 Check.

Porous defense?&#160 Check.

Stephen McGee throwing the game-winning touchdown in the last minute?&#160 Check.

Yep, just another day at the office for Your Dallas Cowboys&#153.

The O-line will be better this year&#160 We just don’t know when.&#160 Until then, Romo gets to keep running in fear for his life.&#160 He went 3-5-33, and didn’t really look all that good in doing so.

Rob Ryan’s first play as defensive coordinator…was to run the Flex defense.&#160 Seriously.&#160 Right down to a number 54 (linebacker Kenwin Cummings, who looked pretty damn good last night otherwise) dropping into a four-point stance about two yards off the line of scrimmage, a la&#160 Randy White.

McGee played the final two-plus quarters, running the offense efficiently enough (and accounting for all three Dallas touchdowns, plus the winning two-point conversion).&#160 And rookie Dwayne Harris (East Carolina) not only stated his case for a roster spot, but also to be the third receiver on the team.

Kevin Ogletree, watch out.&#160 Harris was you three years ago, and just as you beat out a veteran for a roster spot, the same thing’s about to happen to you.&#160 (Shame, too – you had a ton of potential.)

The PFW will return on Thursday (assuming there’s a game on that night), when we’ll extoll the virtues of not&#160 wearing the wrong shirt in enemy territory.


(Hat tip:&#160 Hot Air via Michelle.)

Not sure why it’s taken this long, but the Ayatollah’s approval rating (according to Gallup – everyone else’s mileage may vary ‘n all that) has finally crashed through the 40% barrier to settle at 39%.

Translation:&#160 He’s lost all the independents, and is now beginning to lose part of the base.&#160 (You can figure out for yourselves which part of it.&#160 It ain’t the 99%-ers, that’s for damned sure.)

At this rate – assuming the GOP nominates the right candidate (and that’s by no means a given) – the only question will be whether it’s a 49- or 50-state landslide.


…he’s out.

With Michelle Bachmann & Ron “Crazy Uncle In The Attic” Paul finishing one-two in yesterday’s not-really-all-that-scientific Iowa straw poll – one in which neither GOP front-runners Rick Perry nor Mittens the Mormon bothered to even participate – former Minne-haha governor Tim Pawlenty has seen his own personal “Mene Mene Tekel Upharsin”.

Former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty dropped out of the race for the Republican presidential nomination on Sunday, hours after finishing a disappointing third in the Iowa straw poll.

“I wish it would have been different, but obviously the pathway forward for me doesn’t exist so we are going to end the campaign,” Pawlenty said on ABC’s “This Week” from Iowa.

The low-key Midwesterner, who had struggled to gain traction in a state he had said he must win, had told supporters on a conference call shortly before the broadcast interview that he was ending his White House bid.

Thanks for playing, T-Paw, g’bye.

Probably coulda told you this day would come, but, oh well.


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