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Recently a Christian cadet at the US Air Force Academy was forced to remove a Bible verse from a white board outside his room because it was supposedly an improper mixing of Church and State. Before that Christian business people were disciplined by their respective states because the understood it to be a sin to support same sex weddings by making cakes, taking pictures or doing flowers. Currently there is yet another attempt to remove the “Ground Zero” cross, because it supposedly establishes a state religion, as do Christian Christmas decorations on public property. With all these things going on, you would think that our government would avoid religious entanglement like the plague, right?

It seems not! read this, but beware it just may cause your blood pressure to go through the roof!

It seems that our wussy president just cannot resist kowtowing to the Islamic extremists!


While the US military seems to be pulling back from international activities, Russia is expanding their range of military action.  As much as I think that the time is long past for us to play world policeman, this truly bothers me.


Vicars are not line officers, and hence do not have authority to give orders, so I very, very strongly request that all read this.

Now ask yourself why we re-elected our president.


I’m sorry, Vicar or not, if I were In Afghanistan, and this Rule came down, I would absolutely have to break it!


Folks, by now all have likely heard of the dust-up off the coast of the Gaza strip. As we all know, the lame stream media is making Israel out to be a bunch of criminal thugs. Checking with Fox, it seems that all is not as some would have us to believe.

It appears that our Palestinian friends were more interested in the confrontation, than in getting the supplies into Gaza. This makes their claims against the IDF even more suspect than normal.


There is nothing to say here, at least not that is appropriate. Read this, and remember that there is an election coming up.


While I do not share our Blog founder’s enthusiasm for Israel, they have long been one of our most faithful allies. To see Obama turn his back on them as chronicled here is far more than discouraging.

There is a simple fact here. The Palestinians, who up until the sixties were known as the Arabs that they are, have never hid the fact that their goal is the complete destruction of the nation of Israel; as well as the killing of as many Israeli Jews as possible. If Obama actually throws Israel under the bus as this article indicates he has done, we can fully expect Israel to fight back with every weapon at their disposal.

Should the UN unilaterally declare a Palistinian state, the entire middle east will become a blood soaked sand pit, almost immediately. Israel will not sit idly by and allow themselves to be destroyed. They will fight, and the Islamic states will enter the fight against the Israelis. This will disrupt oil flow out of the Persian gulf, which will playt havoc with the world economy.

I pray that I am wrong, but given the parties involved, and Obama’s open disdain for Israel, I really don’t see any other course.


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