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Damn! Just about to settle in for SOTU when I remembered I haven’t watered my Chia Pets. Big collection. Will take time.
7:57 PM – 28 Jan 2014



General, has the Southern Command weathered Leon in acceptable form? Did things get bad enough to remind you of your time in the Dakotas?

Darth, how is winter treating the Realm?


It seems that the price people are willing to pay for tickets to the Super bowl have been going down, the current price being just under $1800 a head. Even this *low* price is out of reach to most Americans.  In addition, it seems that the lowest price tickets for regular season tickets are about a hundred dollars. With the average player salary being about $1.9 million dollars, pro football is most assuredly not a poor man’s game.

While I personally would not be caught dead paying these prices to be entertained, I have no quarrel with those who do. However I do have a question. Professional athletes and other top rank entertainers make a tremendous amount of money working in a vocation which really contributes very little to our society, and the left has no problem; Let a man who runs a company which provides jobs to tens of thousands of people make the same money, and the left screams bloody murder. Where is the logic here?


This mainly will concern those Denizens in Texas, but still….should this surprise ANYONE when it concerns the party of the arse??!!

Seems the Demonscum candidate for Texas governor, Wendy Davis, used their typical modus operandi party line thinking SHE wouldn’t get discovered.

Guess what Wendy, we knew you were a habitual liar. Most Texans are not the bleating sheep (and we have a hell of a lot more common sense too!) that the MSM you so heavily rely on to spew the lies coming from your lying piehole thinks we are. You are so finished as a political candidate. BUH BYE. SO SAD. SO LONG. PLEASE do let the door hit your a$$ on the way OUT OF THE STATE!

Greg Abbott is clearly a better gubernatorial choice. And he’s also the choice that the Generalette and myself support to boot.



“Binghampton”? 🙂


Here we have yet another example of the State punishing those who choose to do things their own way! Depending on how the morning goes, I will have comments later.


Anyone here?

Bueller. Bueller.

Anyone. {crickets chirp loudly}

SG RAYEGUN: Airman, didn’t you pass my order for the ALL CLEAR back on the first of the month? {turns to Airman Wazowski standing at the console nearby, and promptly has to look down due to the airman’s diminutive stature}

AIRMAN WAZOWSKI:{cringing and in a sheepish voice, adjusting his glasses} Yes General Rayegun. We actually issued it twice an hour until 0900. We are still looking into possible reasons for the lack of chatter.

SG RAYEGUN: Hmmm, keep me informed with the routine updates. {turns to open the door and starts to walk out}

SG RAYEGUN:{in the doorframe, turns back around} And get someone in here from Environmental Control ASAP, sounds like Jiminy and the whole clan are having a concert again!

AIRMAN WAZOWSKI: Yessir! {salutes semi-crisply and immediately grabs the phone}

SG RAYEGUN:{mumbling to himself} I swear the new recruits coming out of Basic Training are getting more and more one-eyed myoptic. And why can’t they salute properly anymore????


Yes, that time of year once again rolls around.


No big plans or anything, just going to quietly hang out with the Generalette today. Oh yeah, and “GUNS UP”. Tech wrecked ’em in the Holiday Bowl!!

Darth, Vicar, if you need me please leave word at the front gate and the Security Forces personnel will relay your message.



DIS chu’ botIvjaj!

qaStaHvIS DISvam, reH qaDmeylIj DacharghmeH yapjaj HoSlIj, ‘ej not nIHoSmoHtaHbogh qaDmey DaHutlhjaj.

(May you all enjoy the new year!

During this year, may you always be strong enough to overcome your challenges, and may you never lack for challenges to keep you strong.)


KORRIOTH:&#160 And with a tolerable accent, too.&#160 You honor us, Admiral.

VENOMOUS:&#160 I try.

Happy New Year, Denizens.


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