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Well, if you THOUGHT your electronic mail was safe from the prying eyes of the guvmint….think again. Here comes the “Email Police”.

So here’s the basics (full article here):

Senate Judiciary Committee Chair Patrick Leahy, D-Vt., has drafted a substitute bill for the Electronic Communications Privacy Act, which was originally written in 1986 long before things like electronic archiving and cloud storage. The update, which will be under review next Thursday, modernizes rules for police seeking to obtain private email for investigative purposes — rules that had been surprisingly lax.

And in a nutshell, here’s what they’ll be able to do:

“Leahy’s rewritten bill would allow more than 22 agencies — including the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Federal Communications Commission — to access Americans’ e-mail, Google Docs files, Facebook wall posts, and Twitter direct message without a search warrant,” wrote CNET’s Declan McCullagh.

Oh yeah, that little Constitutional RIGHT called “due process” as well as “no illegal search and seizure” well we’re from the government and we don’t have to obey those pesky things that we don’t like. That’s EXACTLY the attitude that Leahy and his PROGRESSIVE co-conspirators are seemingly taking with this bill re-write. Folks, if you cannot (or worse, will not) see what this band of carpet baggers is doing to our country then personally IMHO you don’t deserve to be a citizen of this country. Now that they’ve got another four years to trash the Constitution, overthrow “We The People” and put the economy on a one-way trip to Hell….the America I grew up knowing AND DEFENDING has become something of an anathema.

Want to fight this?

Welcome to the world of encrypted email. Darth, Vicar, anyone else, just contact the Southern Command HQ and we can get the Cybersecurity team to assist in getting you set up. We have a tested, proven package that we can put in place that will thwart any prying eyes. Personally, your General uses this setup for his communiques and given that my email is protected with an encryption algorithm that is somewhere in the neighborhood of FOUR TIMES that of current Military Strength&#153 specs, I’m confident that the guvmint eggheads would be pounding away for quite some time trying to read my emails. Can you say millennia? Yeah, that sort of stuff.

But, you might want to get on board quick. This is a limited time offer.



This just in.


The Wisconsin governor should sent this bill to the teacher’s union.


Saw this on David Barton’s “Wallbuilders” FB page.

Seems that the repeal of DADT in the military is having its intended affect.  Reducing the the American military eventually to a collection of pansy-assed enviroweenies.

But not in THIS mans’ military.  While it sucks that a LTCol is choosing to retire rather than force his troops into the mandated homosexual indoctrination sessions, his reasoning is 100% sound IMHO.  I knew something like this was coming when the talk of Al-Obambi & Co. hit that they were going to repeal the regulation.

The wussification of this country is now complete, thanks to the “progress”-ives.

Folks, if you haven’t gotten them already it’s really past time to do it.  Take your 4th 2nd [Fixed.&#160&#160 -Venomous]&#160 Amendment RIGHTS straight to the gun shop and SPEND.  Be sure to get plenty of ammo too, you’re gonna need it!



A side thought, Obama is a product of the Chicago political machine. How can anyone possibly believe him to be honest?

In January, it seems that our taxes will go up significantly, here is a site which runs down what those increases will be. Please note that all tax payers are are having their taxes raised.  🙁


(Hat tip RedState.)

This should surprise absolutely no one.

When Congress required most Americans to obtain health insurance or pay a penalty, Democrats denied that they were creating a new tax. But in court, the Obama administration and its allies now defend the requirement as an exercise of the government’s “power to lay and collect taxes.”

And that power, they say, is even more sweeping than the federal power to regulate interstate commerce.

Administration officials say the tax argument is a linchpin of their legal case in defense of the health care overhaul and its individual mandate, now being challenged in court by more than 20 states and several private organizations.

Under the legislation signed by President Obama in March, most Americans will have to maintain “minimum essential coverage” starting in 2014. Many people will be eligible for federal subsidies to help them pay premiums.

And I will still refuse to pay it.


The beautiful & talented Michelle is reporting that the lower chamber of the Imperial Socialist Congress has authorized Shrieker Of The House&#153 San Fran Nan Piglousi to finish ripping the United States Constitution to shreds by employing the Slaughter Solution, aka Demon Pass Deem-and-Pass Demon Pass, to ram the upper chamber’s version of HealthScare down the American People’s collective throat, should it be necessary.

For my part, I do hereby declare, here and now, that I will not comply with this 2,000-page piece-of-excrement excuse-for-a-bill, should Bambi sign it.

But congratulations, Demoscum bastards.&#160 You have just taken one giant step towards the Point Of No Return&#153.

The Can&#153 has been grasped by the handle.

Don’t say you weren’t warned.


It would appear as if the Imperial Socialist Congress&#153 is poised to give FINGER.TXT to the American people.&#160 (And yes, I’m already experiencing an RCOB&#153 over it.)

Two good articles on possible responses thereto can be found here and here.

That’s your homework assignment for today.&#160 Go.&#160 Shoo.


This clown simply does not get it. In this piece, Brother Obama tells us that he will never stop “fighting for us”. A large part of our nation’s problem is that we have far to many hack politicians “fighting for us”.

I have a proposal. Let’s make it a policy that any politician who says that he will “fight for us”, is removed from office at the next election, to be replaced with someone who will actually leave us alone!


It seems that this race may not be over yet. Read this. It seems that after a “recanvassing” of the vote. the conservative Doug Hoffman is only a little over 3,000 votes down, and the absentee votes have not yet been counted. Over 10,000 absentee ballots were sent out.

Because of the number of absentee ballots, the election results have not yet been certified. Despite this, and because Hoffman had conceeded and was not contesting the preliminary results, House Speaker Pelosi was legally able to swear in the Democrat. If the Absentee balllots give the race to Hoffman, Owens will have to leave the House.

This could possibly raise a constitutional question. The Healthcare bill won by 2 votes. What would have happened had Hoffman been in the House, or had there been no representative from New York’s 23d district?

If Hoffman should be declared the winner, and should the American People keep kicking up a fuss, I sincerely doubt that any sort of conference bill on healthcare will make it through the House.


Interesting blurb on Drudge about the proposed BambiCare package.&#160 As it stands right now, the Demoscum are, to employ an aphorism, “betwixt the devil & the deep blue sea”.&#160 If they go with public option, 44 Donk congresscritters oppose it – but it’ll likely die in the Senate.&#160 If not, 57 congresscritters on the left oppose it, which’ll kill it outright.

But what caught my eye was this particular background piece on one of the potentially recalcitrant Dems:

Rep. John Murtha (D-PA): “We Cannot Support Any Health Care Reform Proposal Unless It Explicitly Excludes Abortion From The Scope Of Any Government-Defined Or Subsidized Health Insurance Plan.” “We believe in a culture that supports and respects the right to life and is dedicated to the protection and preservation of families. Therefore, we cannot support any health care reform proposal unless it explicitly excludes abortion from the scope of any government-defined or subsidized health insurance plan. We believe that a government-defined or subsidized health insurance plan, should not be used to fund abortion.” (Letter To Speaker Pelosi, 6/25/09)

John Murthafucker.&#160 Ex-Marine (in this case, yeah – ex-Marine), enemy of the war, enemy of all troops – champion of the unborn.

The Chinese curse holds firm:&#160 We live in interesting times.





FoxNews and CNET are reporting here and here that a bill that has been introduced in the Senate by Jay Rockefeller. Senate bill 773, aka the Cybersecurity Act of 2009 would:

offer President Obama emergency control of the Internet and may give him a “kill switch” to shut down online traffic by seizing private networks

Not on my watch!


This piece of shit legislation reeks UNCONSTITUTIONAL all over the place. If this is not a clear attempt at a total power grab by the DEMONSHITTERS and the WHINE HOUSE you obviously are a DEMONSHITTER yourself or are living in a DRUG INDUCED coma.

Attention all SENATORS who even CONSIDER voting yes on this bill. KISS YOUR JOB GOODBYE at the next election. WE THE PEOPLE will not for one iota of a second stand for this overt attempt at turning OUR country into a socialist/marxist oligarchy with Al-Obambi as your puppetmaster.

All Comm channels are to remain open until further notice.



Time to get serious.

For those who haven’t had time to catch this, H.R. 2454 (aka, the Waxman-Markey energy bill) is the nefarious plan to tax America into oblivion. All under the auspices of “going green”. I could spend hours typing in the overview of this beatdown of a bill, but just go here to check it out.

Even the Wall Street Journal is saying this thing is a bad idea.

Even more surprising is that the Can’tBeStuck (in last place) networks are chiming in with this interesting piece about the energy and health reform bills. Color me slightly shocked once I read that article.

Folks, the time to get involved is now. The Generalette-to-be and I have already written our House rep to say vote “HELL NO” on the energy bill. You should do the same. Or start stockpiling cash cause any form of energy, from your electric to the gas for your car/truck/SUV/RV/Hummer is going to chew into more of your monthly budget. Like starting tomorrow!


UPDATE (1015 hours): Seems the weasel Demonscum have added 100 341 (H/T to David) pages to this bill overnight in order to “pork up” the bill. This is pathetic people. Get out there and let your House reps know they need to vote “NO”.


If I were an employee of AIG – one that had earned a multi-million-dollar bonus for which I’d negotiated a contract, that is – I think I might have this to tell both AIG and the Imperial Socialist Congress:

Dear AIG – and not-so-dear Imperial Socialist Fuckwits in what used to be an honorable deliberative body known as Congress:

Unlike a lot of you pissweasels, I actually work&#160 for my living.&#160 Moreover, as a person living in a heretofore capitalist society, I – meaning, my skills & talents, my experience my efforts are all worth whatever the market is willing to pay for me/them.+

This includes, but is not limited to, base salary, incentives of all sorts and whatever bonuses (bonusii?) I can fairly negotiate with whatever company has me in its employ at any given time.

The bonus I received from AIG was given to me as part of AIG’s contractural obligation to me – I know very damned few of you pussies up there in DC have ever even heard&#160 of a contract, much less been a part of one, but work with me here, mkay? – and it was a bonus that I negotiated with AIG in good faith&#160 for either doing what I was hired to do or for not taking my ass and bolting to the competition once the initial contract was up.&#160 In other words, you bastards, that money is mine, it was legally earned, fair & square, and I resent the hell out of any leftist dickbreath that dares to even suggest&#160 that it wasn’t.

In fact, it was one of your own, Senator-ette Chrissy Dodd-ering-Idiot (Communist-Connecticut), who had the idea to put my bonus in the damned stimulus package to begin with!

Now here comes the Imperial Socialist Congress gonna tax mll the money I earlned fairly & squarely.

And what kind of representation do I get for my confiscatory and Draconian taxation?&#160 Not very damned much – a lot of squabbling and finger-pointing, but not a helluva lotta leadership.&#160 Then again, that’s pretty much been the case since the Demoscum regained control back in 2004, isn’t it?&#160 And I note that no one really wants to talk about the $630,000 in campaign contributions, part of which went to the selfsame Chrissy Dodd-ering-Idiot and his White House henchman, B. HUSSEIN!!!&#160 Obambi, have they?&#160 Not to mention the nearly $60,000 given to the RINO John-boy McLame, huh?

So go ahead and try to take my hard-earned money, asslicks.&#160 See how many tax shelters I can find, how many money-losing businesses I can invest in, etc, in order to keep from having to pay you one red fuckin’ cent&#160 of that money.

Or perhaps how many attorneys I can pay to sue your asses into obliviion.&#160 Whether I have a case or not – it’ll be worth it just to see your skanky asses squirm, just for once.

Not to mention how many guns & how much ammo that bonus money will buy.&#160 If you know what I mean.


A pissed-off AIG’er


Al-Obambi signed the Porkulus bill earlier today. Get ready for the floor to drop out from under us all…..

UPDATE: Looks like the stock market clued in pretty damn fast. The DOW closed down THREE HUNDRED POINTS today, closing at a new low not seen in nearly a decade. Which was when boys and girls???? Can you say “Kaiser Wilhelm Von Slickmeister” and the previous reigning administration of deceit and lies???? I knew you could.

Talk about a lie….the “American Recovery and Reinvestment Act” as we all know is just a swindler’s way of saying “tax and spend”, which we all know is the modus operandi of the Demonscum since FDR. Not only that, but by signing the bill, Al-Obambi has broken YET ANOTHER campaign promise (certainly won’t be the last you can bet). Need further information on just how BAD this pork is and the lies, check out some of these tidbits from this article by Joseph Farah:

“When there is a bill that ends up on my desk as the president, you the public will have five days to look online and find out what’s in it before I sign it,” he said. His campaign called the idea the “sunshine before signing promise.”

…exactly one business day after the approval of the bill, Obama has signaled he will sign it.

You might want to sit down for this…….

* Before this bill is signed, actual federal obligations are already $65.5 trillion – exceeding the gross domestic product of the entire world.

* The Obama administration economic stimulus package is going to force the Treasury to borrow approximately $2.5 trillion in 2009 and another $4 trillion in 2010, with the result of increasing the current $10 trillion national debt by 65 percent in just two years. If the Obama administration increases the national debt by 65 percent every two years, the debt will be $16.5 trillion in 2010 and $27.225 trillion by 2012, the year of the next presidential election.

* If you had gone into business on the day Jesus was born, and your business lost a million dollars a day, 365 days a year, it would take you until October 2737 to lose $1 trillion.

* $1 trillion dollars divided by 300 million Americans comes out to $3,333 per person.

* One trillion $1 bills stacked one on top of the other would reach nearly 68,000 miles into the sky, about a third of the way from the Earth to the moon.

* Earth’s home galaxy, the Milky Way, is estimated to contain about 200 billion stars. So, if each star cost $1, $1 trillion would buy five Milky Way galaxies full of stars.

If you’re not sick yet, you will be once this payable starts going for your wallet.

Methinks it’s time to start the secession petitions folks. I for one certainly want off this donktard bus….cause it “fo’ shure” ain’t goin’ in the right direction…..

Obligatory RCOB in 5…4….3………..


All of us are patently aware that there’s more and more month at the end of the money these days. We’re also aware that banks, mortgage lenders, and potentially the automakers are getting a bailout — which ends up coming out of our (as in yours and mine) pockets…..emptier as they’re getting.

But when you read this article, prepare for a RCOB moment (as Darth is so famous for using) or at least keep a roll of duct tape handy to keep thy noggin’ from ‘splodin.

Today taxpayers are supporting our former presidents to the tune of more than $2.9 million. Their yearly salary pension is $191,000. Aside from that, each gets a staff; that staff costs you, the taxpayer, $96,000 per president.

Yeah, ain’t that just speh-shulllllll to quote the Church Lady from SNL.

But it should come as no surprise as to who the greediest bastard is when expecting us to pay for his “bills” is. Read and prepare for the RCOB. Duct tape is optional.

You have been warned.


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