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I still have some serious doubts that Sara Palin is truly suited to be our President, but considerinng Obama’s incompetence, Mrs. Palin would be a definite improvement.

Here is a slide show with ten reasons why Gov. Palin would be a good president.


As God is my witness, I swear to you, Denizens – I had not seen this by 5:30 CST yesterday, when I first had this thought.

But in any case, mea culpas aside, let me pop my head up real quickly to say that having watched Gov. Palin’s speech at the Tea Party Convention in full (available here on PJTV — skip the legacy media, support PJTV if you can)… I am more convinced than ever that Gov. Palin should be the next chair of the RNC. In fact, Chairman Steele should step down now, fly to Alaska, and fairly BEG Gov. Palin to take the job.

Great minds, indeed, do think alike.


Over at MSLSD, they have their panties in a bunch over the fact that Todd Palin – husband of Our Beloved Sarahcuda&#153 – wielded just a tad bit of power as a chief executive’s spouse.

Nearly 3,000 pages of e-mails that Todd Palin exchanged with state officials, which were released to msnbc.com and NBC News by the state of Alaska under its public records law, draw a picture of a Palin administration where the governor’s husband got involved in a judicial appointment, monitored contract negotiations with public employee unions, received background checks on a corporate CEO, added his approval or disapproval to state board appointments and passed financial information marked “confidential” from his oil company employer to a state attorney.


So, I guess they’re going to royally condemn the Baroness Hilarious’ meddling in Das Klintonreich&#153 and her attempts to hijack one-sixth of the American economy back in 1993-94…oh, Any Day Now&#153.&#160 Right?



Well, surely&#160 they’ll at least raise an eyebrow over the First Wookiee’s&#153 elevated profile in Al-Obambi, won’t they?


Hello???&#160 Bueller?

(more crickets)



(Hat tip to the fine folks over at Hot Air.)

Well, we seem to have found Sarah Palin’s Achilles-heel: Her extreme distaste for the word “retard”.

Palin believes Limbaugh’s repeated use of the word “retard” yesterday was “crude and demeaning,” her spokesperson emails.

In the wake of Palin’s demand that Rahm Emanuel be fired for saying the liberal activist strategy on health care was “f–king retarded,” a bunch of people have been asking how she’d react to Limbaugh’s tirade on the air yesterday.

“Our political correct society is acting like some giant insult’s taken place by calling a bunch of people who are retards, retards,” Rush said, adding that Rahm’s meeting yesterday with advocates for the mentally handicapped was a “retard summit at the White House.”

Okay, I’m on board with that.&#160 And I have zero objection to the use of the word “retard” – I mean, didn’t I just get through referring to the Gaia-worshippers & tree-huggers as “libtards”?

Der Sarahcuda, apparently, takes a different view.

I asked Palin spokesperson Meghan Stapleton for comment on Rush’s rant, and she emailed me this:

“Governor Palin believes crude and demeaning name calling at the expense of others is disrespectful.”

This all comes on the heels of Our Beloved Sarah&#153 getting a mite peeved at Rick Perry’s use of the word.

Hoo, boy.

Sarah, to employ a Whoopi Goldberg-ism, there’s a difference between a retard and a retard-retard.&#160 If you know what I mean – and while that’s not the absolute best way it could be expressed here, I think you do.

This is not the hill on which you want any political aspirations of yours to die, Sarah (assuming, of course, that you still have them).&#160 Unfortunately, however, to paraphrase the boys on the old Dodge Hemi commercial, “this can’t be good”.


Generally, I don’t care to get into flame wars with other bloggers.

MERLIN:&#160 What about Mykki Chickenshit?

VENOMOUS:&#160 Exception to the rule.

OZY MCCOOL:&#160 And Michael Crook?

VENOMOUS:&#160 Pussy extraordinaire.&#160 He deserved his&#160 beatdown.

KORRIOTH:&#160 And the dipshit over at Pillage Ain’t Chicken Pot Pie?

K’HADIBAK’H:&#160 And…

VENOMOUS:&#160 Awright, all right&#160 already!!!&#160 I get&#160 it!



But when a blogger keeps playing Johnny One-Note on an issue, and I innocently ask a question to find out what’s going on, bring up a valid point or two – go out of my way to not be combative, in fact…

MERLIN:&#160 WTF?!

KORRIOTH:&#160 Who are you and what have you done with Lord Venomous?

VENOMOUS:&#160 Oh, pipe down.

…and I get a buttload of snark&#160 in return – well, you just know&#160 how that’s gonna set with me.

MERLIN:&#160 Now that’s&#160 more like it.

OZY MCCOOL:&#160 Pass the popcorn, this is gonna be good.

KORRIOTH:&#160 Stewed gagh&#160 for me, if you don’t mind.

Awright.&#160 This all started back in October, when the American Conservatives Union, led by some jerkwad named Little Davey Pants David Keene, offered to back FedEx in a nasty legislative dispute involving the National Labor Relations Board and United Parcel Service.

For a small fee – say, two to three extra-large.&#160 (That’s “million” for those of you at the Church of the SubTarded.)

The initial letter, available here (Adobe Reader required), reads more like an offer to become sort of an advertising agency/marketing firm for FedEx in the dispute.&#160 Phone calls, radio/TV, the whole nine yards.&#160 FedEx, however, already in possession of its own corporate communications department, rightly spurned the offer.

Whereupon Little Davey Pants David Keene promptly signed off on a letter supporting UPS’ position.

Quite the mercenary, isn’t he?

This episode eventually cost former KFI radio host John Ziegler a spot at the Western CPAC convention when Little Davey Pants ol’ Keenie couldn’t be tasked to answer Ziegler’s questioning on the scandal.&#160 And, in part because of this, Sarah Palin opted to bypass the national CPAC convention this year in favor of a lesser-known Tea Partiers’ convention.&#160 For which, she earned the wrath of one Dan Riehl of the Riehl World View&#160 blog (located (for now) on the blogroll).

I’m hearing through sources Sarah Palin is getting $75k to speak at this Tea Party convention. Can anyone confirm that officially? That’s a lot of damned tea. (emphasis added -DV) The only acceptable rationale is this is not a grassroots event, as she claimed she wouldn’t charge tospeak at one of those. Has she ever done that?

I saw via the site they are asking local groups to pony up 10 or 20 bucks an individual to send in their “best” representative. It’ll cost them well over a grand altogether with hotel and such, more in many cases unless they drive.

Like I said, probably just another day in American politics.

Which, presumably, is a slap in the face of Sarah Palin, since most of us consider her to be more than just your average politician.&#160 (And in fact, not even a politician anymore, seeing as she’s no longer in public office.&#160 That, however, is another story for another post.)

Next:&#160 Part II


Yeah, I’m still up.&#160 Don’t ask why – I’m not sure I&#160 know.

So here are the folks at Hot Air, and it looks like they’re pooh-poohing Der Sarahcuda for asking the same question that a helluva lot of us have been asking:&#160 where’s the birth certificate?

(Side note:&#160 Allahpundit and Antagonist?&#160 Just between the three of us – fuck you pussified little needle-dicked douchebags.&#160 Either one of you wanna call me an “embarrassment” to my face, let’s see you do it and see what it gets you.&#160 Asswipes.)

Anyway, for months now on this issue, I’ve been hearing shit like “the issue is settled, the debate’s over”.

Yeah?&#160 The issue of “global warming” was supposedly “settled” and that&#160 debate was supposedly “over”, too.&#160 How’d that work out?

(Incidentally, stay tuned – this won’t be the only time I mention East Anglia.&#160 I’m about to rub a certain religious denomination’s – and a certain pastor’s – face in it.&#160 Hard.)

Seriously.&#160 Bambi has spent millions&#160 in attorney’s fees suppressing something, the producing of which would not only humiliate the so-called “Birther” movement, but also encourage a severely lagging (right now, anyway) Demoscum party and&#160 probably jack up his sagging poll numbers, all in one fell swoop.

Yet he won’t produce it.&#160 Why?


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