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Satan has begun his eternal raping of Hugito the Needle-Dick&#153.

Let the party…commence!!!


As of right now, I’m as ashamed to be an American as I’ve ever been.&#160 And I’m ashamed to be a resident of Dallas County.

Happily, I can correct the latter.&#160 Fixing the former will take some doing.

Barack HUSSEIN!!!&#160 Obambi, the Manchurian Muslim, the Dickless Wonder, the “Messiah”, Jugears McHopenchange, managed to steal the election last night with the help of: a) the Lame Stream Mediots&#153, who have cast aside all pretense of being in the tank for this feckless jackass, b) ACORN, who couldn’t illegally register enough illegal voters fast enough, and c) illegal aliens, who benefited not only from ACORN’s tactics, but from election officials who couldn’t – or wouldn’t – take the time & effort needed to make sure that legal citizens’ votes&#160 retained their full value.

And in Dallas County, a bunch of stupid-assed elitist bastards managed to shove an incompetent lesbian down our throats again for the office of sheriff.&#160 Thanks to an assload of illegal alien voting, I’ll soon be looking for residence in an adjoining county.&#160 One which doesn’t have its head up its socialist ass.

And to add insult to injury, the fucking damnfool extra-chromosome jackasses in western Pennsylvania put Benedict Murtha back in office.

Shit-for-brains fuckheads, all of you.

About the only good things to come out of yesterday’s elections were that the faggots got their dicks cut off and handed to them, and that enough Minnesotans woke up and figured out that no, he’s not good enough or smart enough, and he’s not really that well liked.

But now I have about 62 million enemies.&#160 And I’m serious about what’s up on the banner – if you voted for that son-of-a-bitch Obambi, you’re now my enemy.&#160 Anything I can legally do to make your life a living hell, I’ll do it.&#160 And I’m going to give your illegal occupier of the White House exactly&#160 the amount of respect you gave George W. Bush – that is to say, less than fuckin’ zero.

From this point forward, Jugears McHopenchange will be known by his formal title, the Ayatollah Obambi.&#160 His bitch-of-a-wife will be known as the First Stupid Cunt&#153 Cupid Stunt&#153.&#160 (Apologies to cunts.)&#160 His fuckfaced little excuse-for-an-administration will be known as Al-Obambi.

And every bad thing that happens to the Unites States from this point forward, whether it’s the economy, teen pregnancy, downturns in the war or a fucking hangnail on the right little toe of Joe The Plumber&#153, will be fully blamed on B. HUSSEIN!!!&#160 Obambi.

This is what you asked for, you retarded liberal fucks.

Get used to it.&#160 I’m through being nice.


While the National Barack Channel’s Saturday Night Lickspittles&#160 were busy engaging in their latest round of Palin Derangement Syndrome, they were also&#160 lampooning the Demoscum for their complicity in Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, not to mention the new owner of the Demoscum, Georgie-Porgie Soros.&#160 A clip of the skit also appeared on their webpage.

That is to say, but for only a few hours.&#160 Then it mysteriously disappeared down the memory hole, very likely at the behest of the aforementioned Soros.

But then Michelle Malkin managed to get a copy of it, and she posted it.

Then Pat Dollard did likewise.

And then Misha got into the act.

Now it’s my&#160 turn.&#160

Come’n try to take it, Obama goons…&#160

UPDATE:&#160 Those of you who have Firefox probably won’t be able to see it.&#160 As soon as I have a free moment tonight, I’ll convert the .wmv file to Flash so everyone can view it.

Update the 2nd:&#160 Still having trouble with the conversion.&#160 Hang tight.

Update the Threeth:&#160 Okay, I give up.

Those of you who can’t see it, click here to download it.


One of these days, I’m gonna learn to go with my gut and not question first instincts.

As you’ll recall, I said this:

I’m not sure if Russia is Gog or Magog, but I don’t think Russia, as currently constructed, is up to the task of an attempted Israeli invasion, which many – myself included – believe must occur prior to the rapture of Christ’s church. They’re going to have to become more powerful, and I believe this is the first step in that direction.

I then backed off when Misha came up with more information to which I wasn’t at the time privy.

Well, now it looks as if I backed off too soon:

The Georgian National Security Council Secretary Alexander Lomaia just finished briefing the international media at 1800 Eastern Time / 0200 Tbilisi Time.

He stated that currently, approximately half of Georgia is under Russian control, and the country was basically cut in half. They currently believe that there are 12,000 Russian Troops in Georgia and 700 Tanks and Armored Personnel Carriers. In addition he stated they believe there are 9 Russian Naval Vessels off the coast of Georgia attempting to conduct a Naval Blockade of their seaports on the Black Sea.

In addition he stated Russian Troops had entered and taken the city of Gori and the Port of Poti

All that was preceded by this:

President Bush just finished speaking about the Georgian / Russian Conflict. The President stated that for all appearances the intention of the Russian Government is to depose the legitimate Government of Georgia and their actions in this escalation have been of a brutal nature.

By contrast, I refer you back to Desert Storm.&#160 After the Alliance had thrown Saddam Hussein’s Iraqi forces out of Kuwait, the opportunity was there to proceed on towards Baghdad.&#160 Bush 41 steadfastly refused, saying at the time that the objective of the whole military operation was to liberate Kuwait and that was it.&#160 Even though he could have – and, it later turned out, should have – GHWB went only so far and stopped.

This is now looking like a full-scale takeover of Georgia by Russia.&#160 I now can’t help but think that Vlad Putin has it in mind to rebuild the old Soviet Union – the next step in those End Times&#153 I mentioned to you.

Keep your eyes peeled, Denizens.&#160 This is gonna get uglier & uglier.


And so it begins.

Back in 1991 or so when the Soviet Union breathed its last, I warned the forum on which I participated at the time (StarText) that the USSR wasn’t dead, but merely dormant.&#160 Sleeping, as it were.&#160 I cautioned that the forces behind the Evil Empire&#153 could reincorporate at will, and would if we weren’t careful.

I’m pretty sure few people are looking at what’s going on in Georgia the way I am.&#160 No matter.&#160 I’m of the opinion that this is the first step in the reassembly of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.

And it’s one more reminder that the End Times&#153 are getting closer.&#160 I’m not sure if Russia is Gog or Magog, but I don’t think Russia, as currently constructed, is up to the task of an attempted Israeli invasion, which many – myself included – believe must occur prior to the rapture of Christ’s church.&#160 They’re going to have to become more powerful, and I believe this is the first step in that direction.

Now, I could be wrong about this.&#160 I hope to God I am.&#160 But I don’t have a good feeling about what’s going on over there RightAboutNow&#153 – and neither should you.

UPDATE:&#160 Based on what Misha had to say about the whole affair, I was a little bit…well, not misinformed, but rather insufficiently informed.&#160 It would appear Russia didn’t start this one, after all:

A bit of history here, and please correct us if we’ve gotten it all wrong: South Ossetia is a province of Georgia that didn’t want to be part of Georgia anymore, so they held a referendum in ‘92 to secede. The results weren’t recognized, so they did it again in 2006, this time with observers from all over the world. 95% turned out to vote and 99% voted in favor of seceding. Now, we may be a simple Emperor, but those numbers seem to be somewhat indicative of the locals being quite determined to break ties with the old guard and set up shop on their own.

But the Georgian government didn’t see it that way, and fighting and conflict has gone on ever since, more or less under the radar until yesterday, when Georgian President Saakashvili decided to use the opening of the Olympics to retake South Ossetia while nobody was looking. Unfortunately for him, his invasion managed to kill a number of Russian peacekeepers, and Russia doesn’t take too kindly to her nationals being killed while abroad. Big mistake. So Russia responded by shelling the everloving shit out of the Georgians and now Saakashvili is all of a sudden very interested in peace and quiet.

I stand corrected on this point.&#160 On the other hand, it’s still very disquieting to see the words “Russia”, “military” and “invasion” in the same sentence.&#160 Whatever the cause, I’m not too keen on the notion of Russia getting the idea “hey, this invasion stuff was fun, let’s do some more”.

Even if, as Misha states, we don’t have a dog in this fight…well, I’d just as soon it stay that way.&#160 We have enough problems as it is.


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