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As of right now, I’m as ashamed to be an American as I’ve ever been.&#160 And I’m ashamed to be a resident of Dallas County.

Happily, I can correct the latter.&#160 Fixing the former will take some doing.

Barack HUSSEIN!!!&#160 Obambi, the Manchurian Muslim, the Dickless Wonder, the “Messiah”, Jugears McHopenchange, managed to steal the election last night with the help of: a) the Lame Stream Mediots&#153, who have cast aside all pretense of being in the tank for this feckless jackass, b) ACORN, who couldn’t illegally register enough illegal voters fast enough, and c) illegal aliens, who benefited not only from ACORN’s tactics, but from election officials who couldn’t – or wouldn’t – take the time & effort needed to make sure that legal citizens’ votes&#160 retained their full value.

And in Dallas County, a bunch of stupid-assed elitist bastards managed to shove an incompetent lesbian down our throats again for the office of sheriff.&#160 Thanks to an assload of illegal alien voting, I’ll soon be looking for residence in an adjoining county.&#160 One which doesn’t have its head up its socialist ass.

And to add insult to injury, the fucking damnfool extra-chromosome jackasses in western Pennsylvania put Benedict Murtha back in office.

Shit-for-brains fuckheads, all of you.

About the only good things to come out of yesterday’s elections were that the faggots got their dicks cut off and handed to them, and that enough Minnesotans woke up and figured out that no, he’s not good enough or smart enough, and he’s not really that well liked.

But now I have about 62 million enemies.&#160 And I’m serious about what’s up on the banner – if you voted for that son-of-a-bitch Obambi, you’re now my enemy.&#160 Anything I can legally do to make your life a living hell, I’ll do it.&#160 And I’m going to give your illegal occupier of the White House exactly&#160 the amount of respect you gave George W. Bush – that is to say, less than fuckin’ zero.

From this point forward, Jugears McHopenchange will be known by his formal title, the Ayatollah Obambi.&#160 His bitch-of-a-wife will be known as the First Stupid Cunt&#153 Cupid Stunt&#153.&#160 (Apologies to cunts.)&#160 His fuckfaced little excuse-for-an-administration will be known as Al-Obambi.

And every bad thing that happens to the Unites States from this point forward, whether it’s the economy, teen pregnancy, downturns in the war or a fucking hangnail on the right little toe of Joe The Plumber&#153, will be fully blamed on B. HUSSEIN!!!&#160 Obambi.

This is what you asked for, you retarded liberal fucks.

Get used to it.&#160 I’m through being nice.

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One response to “Fuck you, Amerika”

  1. David Hartung says:

    Darth old buddy,

    I share your dismay at the results on Tuesday. What they did was to choose the fast track to socialism. Ha McCain won, the best we could have hoped for would have been a slightly slower journey. The destination would have been the same.

    In other words, we really had no choice.

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