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It was first postulated by Rush Limbaugh, and it’s now being repeated far & wide (the latest being Newt Gingrich, courtesy of Human Events Online) – the notion that it was “Republicanism” that lost, not conservativism.

There’s a point in that, and it’s quite a valid one.&#160 To quote Newt, “by Election Day, Democrats were seen as better at controlling government spending and at reducing taxes.”

As incredulous as this seems – socialists controlling spending and cutting taxes? – it speaks more to the GOP’s inexplicable inability to, well, be&#160 the GOP.&#160 That is to say, to be Reagan’s&#160 GOP.

Back in “hah skrewl” (a little Rush lingo, there), I took a public speaking course in lieu of senior English.&#160 (What can I say?&#160 Beowulf bored the shit out of me.&#160 Besides, I had to put up with that particular English teacher in homeroom every day – I didn’t want to have to spend yet another hour in that room at risk of a mid-morning nap.)&#160 One of my speaking assignments was to be political in nature.&#160 I was to endorse a presidential candidate (and during my senior year of 1980-81, this was the Carter-Reagan race) and explain why.

First thing I did when I approached the lecturn was yank out my wallet – which, being employed part-time at minimum wage, was empty far more often than not – turn it inside-out, show it to the rest of the class and announce that, if I could vote, I’d vote for Reagan, and the empty wallet was why. (Got high marks for the visual too, which was nice.)

The point was that Democrats could not possibly be trusted to allow us to keep more of our own hard-earned money.&#160 And they’ve done absolutely nothing in the 26 years hence to disabuse the American public of that notion.&#160 The conclusion, therefore, must be this:&#160 that for Republicans to have been seen as less&#160 trustworthy in this area, they had to have screwed up royally.&#160 They would have had to forsake their heritage, if you will, as conservatives – and out-liberal the liberals.

And that’s exactly what they did.&#160 A Medicare drug “benefit” no one wanted.&#160 A “bridge to nowhere”.&#160 Increased federal spending nearly every year of the Bush-43 administration.

And it wasn’t just the economy, either.&#160 An education bill largely authored by one of the Right’s worst enemies.&#160 So-called “campaign finance reform” which grotesquely violated, and continues to violate, Article I of the Bill of Rights.&#160 A nomination (Harriet Miers) of a supremely unqualified Supreme Court candidate.&#160 A perceived “fox guarding the henhouse” deal involving our ports.&#160 Immigration “reform” that amounts to nothing but blanket amnesty for illegal pendejos.&#160 A refusal to abide by the Constitution when it came to Supreme Court nominiations (remember the so-called “Gang of 14”?).&#160 Congressional scandals involving unethical, if not outright immoral behavior.

And lastly (though certainly not least), a war in which the United States was increasingly seen at home to be fighting not to lose, instead of to win.&#160 An appearance of fighting with the proverbial hand proverbially tied behind the proverbial back.

All hallmarks of liberal Demoscum administrations, all brought about by a supposedly conservative-oriented (if not dominated) United States government.

Is it any wonder that many conservatives stayed home?

Fortunately, for the GOP to resume its rightful place atop the United States government, the solution is simple:&#160 Quit giving a shit what the Demoscum or the leering press thinks of you, return to the values & beliefs that you and your base support and cease apologizing for them.

Low taxes, limited government, respect for the rule of law, respect for our borders, respect for life, respect for the sanctity of marriage and the definition thereof (one man, one woman).&#160 These principles and ideals have worked every time they’ve been tried.&#160 Only when the GOP has turned its back on them have they lost – and if they refuse to return thereto, they will continue to lose.

What will it be, GOP?

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4 responses to “A post-election analysis – sort of”

  1. Never thought I’d say this, but I want Newt Gingrich for Prez. He used to not be good at handling the press, which was the main reason I wouldn’t have wanted him to run back in the 90s, but I think he’s over that. He understands conservatism and knows how to communicate it.

  2. JBeez says:

    [Welllllll, if it isn’t my personal bitchboy JPussy, straight from the Christian Science Monitor’s Suckweasel Sycophant’s room where he’s been fellating the pink elephants again.

    Did you really think I was going to let your keyboard methane go…uh…”unenhanced”, douchebag?

    Think again, asslick. (snicker)&#160 -S.]

    HAHA ima little pussy ass libtard fucknozzle. Nice job losing my verginity to my pet goat there, cuz ima numbnuts. Now we limp-wristed short bus shitstains are once again the MAJORITY. And we’re gonna stay that way, cuz ima boyo. MY kind are the cockroaches that need to be stamped out in order for this country to truly progress.

    [Can’t argue with you there, JBitchboy (guffaw).&#160 -S.]

  3. Spats my friend,

    You make a good point, but if I were you, I would not hold my breath. The current crop of Republicans will continue to imitate Democrats, and it will be us, the American people who will loose. Those of us who support the concept of low taxes, limited government and maximum individual liberty, will have to find a third party to support. Currently I am giving careful consideration to a party our old friend Bob Plett supported, the Constitution Party.

  4. the Humble Devildog says:

    I seem to recall mentioning about a week before the election that it wouldn’t be that hard for the Dhimmirats to be more conservative than the Republicans.

    Every bit of polling data that I’ve heard shows that they managed to pull off that less-than-impressive feat.


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