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The bastards at the Dullest Moaning Snooze&#160 are at it again.

Fresh off their failed bit of naming as their so-called “Texan of the Year” the illegal alien, now comes Kevan Ann Willey and her little brood saying that Republicans need to move, quoting the headline, “beyond Reagan”.

Some, like Rush Limbaugh, think Republicans need a pleasing personality to keep the old Reagan coalition of social, economic and defense conservatives dancing together in the same tent. Others, like Newt Gingrich, contend that Republicans must move beyond Reaganism with a message more attuned to today’s voters.

What Newt seems to have forgotten, Kevan Ann, is that it’s the Reagan Coalition, having seen enough of Demoscum-monopolized government, that put him and the Republicans in control of the Congress for the first time in fifty years in the first&#160 place.

And he got there by running on conservative&#160 platforms – specifically, a Contract with America that promised to reform the Imperial Socialist Congress and pass laws & implement programs favored by…wait for it…conservatives.

He’d do well to remember that.

2012 UPDATE:&#160 A sharp-eyed reader named Hannah Edwards of the LearnStuff site advises us that the old link was broken, and graciously provided a link from LearnStuff, with which we have updated the post.&#160 (Of course, she’ll be given credit – even if the update is four years after the fact. (grin))

We agree with the modernizers, which is why we recommended last month that Republicans nominate Gov. Mike Huckabee. The Arkansan has a keen ear for the economic anxieties of modern workers, which differ from the social and cultural worries that attracted “Reagan Democrats” to the GOP.

Uh, wait a minute, Kevan Ann.&#160 Granted, you’re cute as a bug – but that doesn’t mean you get a pass when you start to spew bullshit.

In case you’ve forgotten, Ronaldus Magnus ran on a platform of tax cuts, spending cuts and economic reforms to bring us out of the…let’s see, what was that word again?…ah yes – “malaise” – brought about by four years of failed economic policies of Jimmuh Cahduh.

And now you’re wanting us to be led by another Ar-kansas governor who might as well be another Kaiser Wilhelm…?

I don’t think&#160 so.

Whether or not Republicans go with his fresh thinking, the GOP can’t simply live off the intellectual capital of a generation ago. Not unless the party wants to make the same mistake Democrats did.

Bullshit.&#160 Contrary to what you might feel, Kevan Ann (Cthulu forbid I ever accuse you of thinking), conservatism works every time it’s tried.&#160 The only times Republicans find themselves in any trouble is when they either act like or listen to Demoscum.&#160 It is no coincidence that when Shrubya decided he’d rather get along better with Demoscum than fight them on things like border security, education and Glow-bullshit Wormening&#153, the American electorate decided to give him more&#160 Demoscum to play with.

A conservative who ran like&#160 a conservative, and didn’t apologize for it every time a Lame Stream Mediot&#153 pooh-poohed him and called him a “big meanie”, would sweep this country like fires generally go through California forests.

Republicans, particularly, need to reconsider the relationship between government and the economy. For instance, it makes sense in today’s world to think every bit as much about investing in initiatives

Translation:&#160 tax hikes and exerting even more federal control over education.&#160 Neither of which America needs any more than they need another plane flying into a building.

that help students master math and science as it does to sprinkle tax cuts upon the wealthy.

In the first place, since “the wealthy” drive a damned good portion of the economy with this not-too-well-known-to-the-DMN concept called “private-sector investment”, it behooves our economy to let them keep more of their money so that they can drive&#160 this economy of ours.

Secondly, our kids used to do just fine at mastering things like math & science back when teachers were allowed to teach facts, rather than theories (read:&#160 evolution and the aforementioned Glow-bullshit Wormening&#153), sex education in first grade and feel-good, self-esteem-enhancing&#160 bullshit.

Kids learned a lot more when it was just “readin’, ritin’ and ‘rithmetic”.&#160 Those that didn’t learn…went on to become op-ed page editors.

Primaries serve to sort out and prioritize a party’s message; the GOP’s future rests on how this drama turns out. We’re pulling for the modernizers.

I really miss the Dallas Times Herald.&#160 When they were around, I didn’t have to put up with this sort of socialist sewage from the Morning News.

Up yours, Kevan Ann Willey.&#160

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3 responses to “A moderate GOP?&#160 Over my dead body, DMN (UPDATED)”

  1. Tennessee Budd says:

    Hell, I doubt I could’ve got past the byline. How the hell do you take seriously a chick named “Kevan”. If her folks wanted to give her a sorta-butch-ish name, couldn’t they have spelled it correctly?

  2. Look on the bright side Spats….with just a little bit more LIbEraliSm the Morning Snooze could be equal to the excuse for a floozypaper we have here. Ya know, the Whoston Groanicle (formerly known as the Help I’m Chronically Unable).

  3. Kevan is a name for a defensive tackle, not a gal.

    We got beyond conservatism with Nixon, Ford, and Bush 41. What did that get us?

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