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I bought a Chevy Cavalier back in 2005 to get away from Ford, in part due to:&#160 1) horrendously shitty gas mileage from my F150, and 2) equally shitty customer service.

That, and I was boycotting the at the request of Mr. Wildmon.

However, Mr. Wildmon has since called off the boycott – and none too soon, either.&#160 Because if I now want to buy a car from an American company, Ford’s my only option.

Because this morning, GM & Chrysler officially went on my shit list.

Citing imminent danger to the national economy, President Bush ordered an emergency bailout of the U.S. auto industry Friday, offering $17.4 billion in rescue loans and demanding tough concessions from the deeply troubled carmakers and their workers.

Translation:&#160 they get only 10 30-minutes breaks per day instead of 12, and the lunches get cut back to 1.5 hours.

Detroit’s Big Three cheered the action and vowed to rebuild their once-mighty industry, though they acknowledged the road would be anything but smooth as they fight their way back from the brink of bankruptcy.

Get it straight, Asphyxyated Piss morons:&#160 Ford isn’t part of this bailout.&#160 For now, anyway.

The autoworkers union complained the deal was too harsh on its members

Not nearly as harsh as not having a job in the first place, you dumbasses.&#160 Then again, you pussified thugs should be glad I’m not President, because any deal with any automaker would include the dissolution of your pathetic little group.&#160 Get your job on your own merits, like I and most other Americans have to.

while Bush’s fellow Republicans in Congress said it was simply bad business to bail out yet another big industry.

And God bless those Republicans, too.&#160 At least they have more spine than Limpdickya.

Bush, who signed the massive $700 billion rescue for financial institutions only this fall, said he was reluctant to approve yet another government bailout of private business.

Oh, sure&#160 he was.&#160 About as “reluctant” as he was to bail out his butt-buddies on Wall Street.

Here’s a hint, Shrub:&#160 In order to succeed at capitalism, one also has to be allowed to fail.&#160 Sorta like what your non-war-related presidency has done.

But he said that allowing the massive auto industry to collapse in the middle of what is already a severe downturn “could send our suffering economy into a deeper and longer recession.”

Oh, bullshit.&#160 There would have been no fucking collapse.&#160 GM & Chrysler would have filed for Chapter 11, life would have gone on, cars would continue to be sold, the cuntmuffin unions would have been brought to their fuckin’ knees, and so on.

Win-win for everyone, IYAM.&#160 Except for the unions, but that’s what would have made it sweeter.

Speaking at the White House, he also said he didn’t want to “leave the next president to confront the demise of a major American industry in his first days of office.”

Ball-less to the very last.

This&#160 is why your ratings are so damned low, Linguiniya!&#160 You have such a fucking woodie&#160 for getting along with Demoscum pussies who’d as soon kneecap you as look at you that you have completely forgotten the conservative base&#160 that got you there in the first place!&#160 You are wasting time trying to play nice with chickenshits who are going to revile you no matter what, to the point that now your own constituency&#160 fuckin’ reviles you as well!

Great Honkin’ Cthulu&#153, man – you’ve got degrees from both Harvard & Yale – you’re supposed&#160 to be smarter than this!

And then the GOP wonders why the hell they’re getting their brains beaten in.

For your part, Ford – sell me a Mustang and all will be forgiven.&#160

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2 responses to “Resolved:&#160 To do my best to help bankrupt the Stupid-Assed Two”

  1. RobertHuntingdon says:

    Well, to play devil’s advocate for a half a second, if Chrysler and GM had to file for bankruptcy, then there MIGHT be one problem. Even if they did file, unless they got some immediate relief from their creditors AND at least some immediate cash infusion they would probably have to temporarily shut down while waiting for the bankruptcy judge to get their terms sorted out. Doesn’t sound like such a bad idea so far, right? I mean, those grossly overpaid union workers should be able to easily afford a vacation… right? Maybe. But the parts suppliers unfortunately cannot.

    Of course, even IF this is actually true (I was told it was by somebody trying to argue against bankruptcy… and while I doubt he deliberately lied to me I doubt his sources as well) it only takes a half a second of thought to come up with the obvious solution. Go on ahead and give some **small** loans from the TARP funds but require immediate chapter 11 filing AND also use every bit of executive leeway to encourage the bankruptcy judge to get on the case tomorrow and do fast work.

    But instead (as usual), President Milquetoast flubs it again and we pay the price. Fun fun fun!


  2. HDD says:


    This is really getting tiresome…

    The only two things the government can do in a situation like this are A) print currency and hand it to the auto makers (this will lead to incredible inflation…if printing money was the answer to an economy’s problems, governments would have printed enough money to negate any financial crises milennia ago), or B) remove capital from the economy (no nation has ever taxed its way into prosperity. Taking money out of the hands of the people who generate wealth doesn’t seem to make an economy better.). Technically, there are two other things a government can do, which are C) both of the previous two solutions (simultaneously removing the amount of wealth in an economy AND making any remaining wealth worth less tends to be orders of magnitude worse than doing either by themselves), and D) nothing at all.

    The President, Congress, and the Secretary of Treasury chose C. The correct answer was D. Hang on to your hats, boys. It’s going to be a bumpy ride. What is most annoying about this impending disaster is the staggering number of ‘conservatives’ who are signing up for it. Nothing the government can or will do will stop the Depression. Everything the government does will CAUSE the Depression!

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