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To: Supreme General Raygun

From: The Vicar

RE:Recent Court Ruling concerning Homosexuals in the Military.

General, your experience in the regular forces is more recent than mine. Do you believe that there will be problems among the troops, now that the courts have once again inserted themselves into the nation’s defense? Do you think that the problems will be sever enough to degrade our mission readiness?

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2 responses to “Memo to Southern Command”

  1. Vicar,

    And you have hit on one of the key reasons I decided to depart ways with the regular forces. Namely, the governments massively overwhelming desire to mess with the military to suit their whims and fancies. What am I talking about perchance? Why nothing other than the dasterdly deed of social engineering. DADT, just like what was done to the Boy Scouts, is just one cog in the giant wheel that the progressives have been silently behind the scenes pushing through in order to keep their agenda moving.

    Plain and simple, that lifestyle is a perversion and an abhoration of the Bible. Even Mosaic law of the Old Testament clearly took a stand and made the practice unlawful. If the Bible says its wrong, that’s a fairly clear indication that God would not tolerate such behavior. And just by reading the Bible, we can see EXACTLY what happens to a society that allows or even promotes such activity. How many metropolis’ of the day were erased from the map for their choice of abherent behaviors? Enough for a simple man such as I to understand that its ground that need not be crossed.

    So simply put, yes mission readiness and even mission capability will be severely degraded enough because of sheer presence of why DADT was conceived let alone enacted and now being recinded. It’s also just another reason that America will not be around as a major world nation come the end times.

  2. David Hartung says:

    Brucie “comes on” to his room-mate. Room-mate responds by beating the crap out of Brucie. In a fair world, room-mate would quite rationally be punished.

    One of my concerns in this whacked out administration, is that there will be a whole new class of social action complaints against Airmen who have the temerity to tell their homosexual friends that homosexuality is wrong.

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