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Oh, dear.&#160 They’re getting downright un-comity-like over at Gay Patriot again.

Look, I know that life is not easy. And we each face our own challenges. Sometimes in the face of frustration as we struggle with setbacks, we need, well, we feel that we need to vent. A lot of people seem to do that in the political sphere, projecting their personal demons onto their ideological adversaries.

And since we don’t usually see those adversaries’ faces, we don’t always appreciate their humanity. If if we disagree with someone else’s politics, even if he (or she) makes (what we perceive to be) a lame argument, he remains a human being, facings challenges and suffering setbacks just as we do. Bear that in mind each time you read a comment you find outrageous.

Critique what that person said. Don’t speculate about his private life.

Oh, really?&#160 But…but…but I thought your private&#160 lives were all that defined you.&#160 That, and making sure we all&#160 knew everything&#160 about you and how you liked to get your rocks off.

I mean, what’s the point of being a bunch of flaming heterophobes if you can’t be fucking PUBLIC&#160 about it, hm???

But all that’s not the main purpose of this post.&#160 Down later on in the comments, I found this.

And it can’t go unanswered.

Thank you for the reminder and also sorry it was necessary. It’s saddening that so many “adults” refuse to do the necessary emotional growth to deal with their FEAR better. And yes, anyone who I saw in previous threads systematically going after others with personal attacks are SCARED whether they want to admit it or not. I will repeat it again! Those people are reacting out of PURE, RAW FEAR!! Trust me, I’m far from calm and collected and I find myself on the verge of panic some days over what is happening in this country.

And while I don’t want to, I’ll psychoanalyze certain people as needed because trust me I’ve been there. The only humble advice I can give is start with yourself. Be honest about yourself, whether it’s your identity, what your core beliefs and how much of them are overly motivated by FEAR and PANIC and stop being SO AFRAID to be yourself and maybe you’ll find you won’t need to be so reactive and on a hair spring trigger to jump over certain people’s views.

Comment by PopArt

Okay, PopTart, let’s get one thing straight: I don’t FEAR a whole helluva lot – and I sure as hell&#160 don’t fear you or your fellow faggots.

What you and your fellow limp-wrists call “homophobia”, us normal people call “abject disgust”.&#160 (And yes, to borrow from a notorious El Aurian scientist, normal&#160 is what everyone else is, and you&#160 are not.)

But if you think we FEAR you…think again, Skippy.

I understand and respect why those of you who value Christian beliefs and the family unit are concerned about same-sex marriage advocates. All I can say is you NEED to do more than just wholesale condemn all of us who happen to be gay.

Then you neither understand nor respect us, PopTart.&#160 Not in the ever-lovin’ slightest.

It is not we that condemn you, son.&#160 It’s God’s holy Word.&#160 I mean, what exactly is it about “You shall not sleep with a man as with a woman; it is an abomination” do you heterophobic&#160 idiots (see what I did there?) not understand?

My own relationship with God was being HONEST about how I was created and God doesn’t make mistakes.

Well, you’re half-right.&#160 (Guess that kinda comes with being a half-wit, doesn’t it?)

In the first place, you’re not&#160 “being HONEST about how [you were] created”.&#160 You were, and are, created to be attracted to the opposite sex.&#160 No ifs, ands or buts about it.

Should you care to disagree, you will have to prove it:&#160 Show me the DNA sequence that absolutely, 100% without fail, determines your so-called “sexual orientation”.&#160 It will have to be true of every single person who carries this as-yet-unidentified DNA sequence that, should a person possess it, that person is an avowed homosexual.

And I trust you realize, PopTart – if identical twins possess thet specific sequence, and one is not&#160 “gay” (yes, the sneer quotes are deliberate)…then your “born that way” theory is blown to shit.

But what the hell, y’know?&#160 Y’all made the claim of being “born that way”…y’all get to prove it.

However, you are right about one thing:&#160 God does not make mistakes.

You know what that means…don’tcha, Sparky?&#160 You’re&#160 the one who screwed up, dumbass.

We can find common ground and discuss this maturely.

No…no, we can’t.&#160 Not as long as you & your ilk call us “breeders” and “haters” and “bigots” and “homophobes”.&#160 Not as long as you try to co-opt our&#160 institution, as God gave it to us.

And certainly&#160 not as long as you assholes keep accusing us of having “FEAR and PANIC” when it comes to you effeminiates.

While I would avail myself of marriage, really all I ask is that you not threaten to reign down the government on me and stop me from building a life for myself with a loving partner.

You can call it “marriage” all you want…even unto turning blue in the face (and believe me, some of us would appreciate you doing just that…and more) – but it never has been “marriage”, isn’t now, and never will be, no matter how much you screech about it.

You can whine, and snivel, and squeam and play crybaby all you want, in a pathetic attempt to get us to say that what you do is “okay”.&#160 But as long as I have breath, there will be at least one person on Planet Earth that says, “No, what you do is not&#160 okay, and I oppose it with all my being”.

And I don’t give a shit whether you like that or not, PopTart.

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