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I lied.

There won’t be a Perfect Football Weekend column this week, after all. There just isn’t time.

And that’s getting to be a major problem around here.&#160 Remember how I’ve groused in the past about This Fine Blog&#153 going the route of the original BBS?&#160 Never having time to maintain it and such?

That’s getting to be the case, writ extra-large, these days.&#160 I can’t give this endeavor the time it deserves at this point, and I’m honestly wondering if I want things to continue that way going into 2014.

(For the One Or Two Of You That Still Care About This Blog&#153, yes – that’s an indication that I may be ready to put SCBBS back on the shelf for the time being.)

Watch this space.

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2 responses to “Programming note”

  1. David Hartung says:

    A point if I may sir.

    While you may not have the time to blog on a regular basis, between you, the General and me, we do manage to get several posts a week up. It seems to me that unless the cost of keeping the blog open is an issue, you should let it ride. Post when you have time, and enjoy life.

  2. The cost is actually negligible. I get up to four domains to work with as part of my Hosting Matters package, and I’m using two at the moment – this one, and one dedicated to personal email for me & my family. Given that my long-time ISP, Internet America, was charging me $11 monthly for basically what HM is giving me at the moment as part of my package, SCBBS is actually free to run.

    The problem here is the same one that hit back in 1996, back during the BBS days. At the time, not only was I doing Fidonet stuff and LENSNET stuff and all that, I was also the Head Honcho&#153 of a small network called USPolNet.&#160 Politics, politics & more politics.&#160 That was in addition to my dispatching job at work (which would later turn into an accounting position for which I was woefully unqualified, but that’s another story), plus I was still in the first year of the diabetes.

    Needless to say, I flat-out ran out of time.&#160 I wound up closing USPolNet, and then the BBS shortly thereafter.

    I suppose I can hang on, though the PFW is pretty much done. I’ve had enough of ranting about crappy football for now.&#160 There’ll be the benediction, and then I’m getting ready for vacation.

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