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Denizens, as we begin this somewhat-lighter-schedule Perfect Football Weekend&#153, I reflect on the problem associated with waiting too long to comment on an issue of the day:&#160 Everyone else has already beaten me to the punch and said everything I was going to say.

Here’s the deal:&#160 As you already know, TCU was shafted out of its rightful place in the first College Football National Championship Playoff by a half-assed, ball-less, dickless set of wonders known as the College Football Playoff Committee.&#160 (Notable on this august&#160 body (*cough*) is the presence of one Condeleeza Rice.&#160 (Yeah, that&#160 Condi Rice – W’s old Secretary of State.&#160 One pretty damn good reason not to trust it.))

This motley crew decided, in its infinite&#160 wisdom (*coughbullshitcough*), not only to drop TCU out of its playoff grouping in favor of Ohio State, but also to drop the Frogs to sixth, behind Baylor.

Now, from the committee’s point of view, I sorta-kinda see why they’d favor an Ohio State, especially after their 59-0 shellacking they gave Bucky.&#160 (Which rather goes to show that:&#160 1) Bucky wasn’t that good to begin with – if you have Joel Stave as your starting QB, you can’t be very good, and 2) if your conference’s second-best team can’t score in a championship game, how strong is your conference, really?)

What pisses me off, however, is that after all the props I give them for ignoring the shitty officiating that cost TCU against Baylor, they drop TCU based on (their claim) “head-to-head” – then&#160 they say that they couldn’t make a determination on that&#160 until after&#160 the Cubtwats played K-State – trying to claim “body of work”, as it were.

Okay, so let me see if I have this straight:&#160 TCU is three spots ahead of Baylor prior to the Cubshits playing K-State.&#160 Baylor beat K-State by 11.

TCU beat K-State by 21.

And that earns the Frogs a ranking below&#160 the Cubturds?&#160 The same bunch of pussies that went the very next week and lost&#160 to the same West Virginia team that TCU beat?&#160 On the very same field where the Frogs beat them?

Dale Hansen, as much as I dislike the heterophobe, said it best here:

Five of the top six teams have a loss, and TCU has the only loss that matters in this final poll. That’s quite a system.

It is, for all intents & purposes, the Bowl Championship Series (BCS) all over again – just with two extra teams.&#160 And it left out – again – the one team that could have beaten the fuck out of all of them, including Florida State.

Fuck you, BCS II.

On with the football.&#160 Cincy’s the only Core Team&#153 playing this week, and they’ll be the first victim of the Johnny Football Era&#153

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, as Manziel makes his first start at home against the Ben-gals.&#160 And the way Andy’s playing nowadays, Manziel will likely be the better quarterback on the field tomorrow.

The wildcards:&#160 North Dakota State hosting Coastal Carolina in the NCAA FCS Championship semifinals (the Bison are up 24-20 as I write this, and I like their 21-game home streak to continue); Army vs. Navy (the Black Knights may&#160 beat the Middies some day…but, as Gowron once said, “not today”.&#160 Besides, had it not been for my round gut & my flat feet, I’d have been a swabbie twenty years ago.&#160 GO NAVY!!!)…and in the NFL tomorrow, the Cowgirlz will once again get their asses kicked by the Phuckadelphia Beagles (Allas – no D – still has no secondary), the NY Football Douchebags hosting the WASHINGTON REDSKINS, DAMMIT!!!!!!&#160 (look for ARRRRR GEEEEEEE THREEEEEEE!!!!!! to start if Weenie-Boy McCoy can’t – not that it’ll matter), the San Transsexual FairyWhiners on the road against the Seattle Seahags (Russell Wilson’s bunch beginning to put it all back together), Denver on the road against the San Diego…Super-Char-gers&#160 (Manning torches the SD secondary again) , and the General’s Houston Texans on the road againt the Indian-hapless Horseshoes (doesn’t matter who the Texans start – Luck’s better).

We’re back Monday or so for a short recap.&#160 In the meantime…a question for the Vicar:&#160 How many points do you want from TCU?&#160

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One response to “PFW:&#160 Meet the new bastards…same as the old bastards…”

  1. David Hartung says:

    Just for the grins and giggles, I am going with both the Rebels and the Dawgs by a touchdown.

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