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Memo to the College Playoff Committee:

Did you see what we did to the team that beat your precious Crimson Tide yesterday?

What do you think we would have done to Saban’s boys…hmmmmm?

#6 TCU 42, #9 Ole Miss 3 (Peach Bowl)

Cincinnati 17, at Pittsburgh 27

West Virginia 37, Texas A&M 45 (Liberty Bowl)

#17 Clemson 40, Oklahoma 6 (Russell Athletic Bowl)

#13 Georgia 37, #21 Louisvile 14 (Belk Bowl)

#7 Mississippi State 34, #12 Georgia Tech 49 (Orange Bowl)

#24 Southern Cal 45, Nebraska 42 (Holiday Bowl)

Two more picks for Andy, and the Steelers generally just showed Cincinnati (again) that they made a mistake giving him that huge contract.

Sorry, Andy.&#160 If this is the best you can do, you’ve regressed since the Rose Bowl.&#160 You have a lot&#160 of work to do next year, once the annual one-and-done playoff is over for you.

The Cornhuskers made their obligatory comeback after falling down by 18 in the third, but Tommy Armstrong’s last-gasp heave fell short as time expired.

Nice going, Mountaineers.&#160 You let a freshman quarterback beat you.&#160 TCU should’ve hung 60 on you idiots.

But even at that, at least you gave A&M a game.&#160 That’s more than we can say for “Big Game” Bob Stoops.

The calls for his head on a pike have just increaesd about a hundredfold.&#160 You don’t generally put a coach who’s won a national championship for you on the hot seat…but Bobby is now on the hot seat.

No Todd Gurley?&#160 No Hutson Mason?

No problem.&#160 Just give it to Nick Chubb.

Freshman Nick Chubb took over from there

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, running for a career-high 266 yards and two touchdowns as No. 13 Georgia defeated 21st-ranked Louisville 37-14 in the Belk Bowl on Tuesday night.

Chubb’s rushing total was second highest in school history, behind only Herschel Walker’s 283 yards rushing against Vanderbilt in 1980.

Speaking of getting run over…I knew the Yellow Jackets had a ground game (and not much else), but if you don’t at least try&#160 to force them to pass, it’s gonna be a long day.

And thus it was for the Bulldogs.

Wasn’t a very good day for Mississippians in general, in fact.&#160 Bo Wallace was intercepted on the third play of the game by Chris Hackett.&#160 Two plays later, the Frogs went all Boise State again on the Rebels when Kolby Listenbee took a lateral and fired a strike to Aaron Green for a 31-yard score.

It went downhill for Ole Miss from there.&#160 The dagger came when Wallace, having just escaped a safety by diving out to his own 2-yard line, was blitzed by Paul Dawson & Marcus Mallet and tried to intentionally ground the ball.&#160 He was in the back of the end zone – which, once the penalty was called, would’ve resulted in the safety for the Frogs.

Enter James McFarland.&#160 The defensive tackle made a diving catch of the ball in the end zone for the Tadpole touchdown.&#160 28-0…game , set, match.

It’s a safe bet that TCU could probably have beaten all four of the so-called College Football Playoff teams.&#160 Like I said – this is nothing more than the BCS with two extra teams, and TCU has just shown that it could beat them all.

Playoff committee, rope, lampposts.&#160 Some assembly required.

This week:&#160 4-3.&#160 Overall:&#160 81-29-1.

Be right back with this week’s PFW.

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