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This, on the other hand, is pure effin’ genius.

Cute Overload Alert&#153!!!!!&#160


Great Honkin’ Cthulu, we could use more backbone like this in the GOP.

As reported in detail at Lost Lettermen and the Kansas City Star, 5-year-old Emma Burton of Olathe, Kan., refused to participate in a class coloring assignment when she and her classmates were told to color in a Jayhawk, the mascot of the University of Kansas. The coloring exercise was part of the kindergarten class’ celebration of the state of Kansas.

However, Emma wouldn’t comply with her teacher’s instructions. Instead, according to her mother — Bug Bytes blogger Julie Burton — the four-foot tall tot brazenly refused to color the Jayhawk on the grounds that she doesn’t like the University of Kansas. She took the Jayhawk sheet she had been handed, walked up to her teacher and asked for a Powercat (the mascot of Kansas State) to color. When Burton was told there weren’t any Powercats to color, she threw the Jayhawk in the trash.

Go read the rest.

Honors her father & mother?&#160 Doesn’t back down in the face of oppressive official adversity?

Damn, I love that kid!&#160


Denizens, for your weekend we’re going to combine a little countdownage, a little cute-overloadage and a little ROFLMAO-age.

(In other words, I triple-dog-dare you to watch the following without cracking a smile.&#160 Seriously.&#160 I dare you.)

Laugh with me!&#160 A-hahahahaha…!

Seven.&#160 Six.


These Two just happen to be Lutheran! 🙂


Denizens, to end the year on a good note, here’s a little Cute Overload-age-ery&#153 for y’all.&#160 My collie/sheltie D’ohji does this to me a lot, too, so I can identify with the little munchkin.

Happy New Year, guys.&#160 See you on the flip side.

UPDATE:&#160 Actually, I didn’t think I could embed the thing, but here y’all go:


Guys, we start this edition of the Perfect Football Weekend by sending our best wishes to Michigan State U. head football coach Mark Dantonio, whose Spartans gave him a heart attack – literally – as they beat Notre Dame last week.

Michigan State coach Mark Dantonio had a mild heart attack and was hospitalized Sunday morning, shortly after calling an audacious fake field goal to beat Notre Dame in overtime.

The 54-year-old Dantonio had surgery to put a stent in a blocked blood vessel leading to the heart. He’s expected to remain in the hospital a few more days, and offensive coordinator Don Treadwell will lead the team during Dantonio’s indefinite absence.

“This morning, in the very early hours, not long after the football game, Coach Dantonio began experiencing some symptoms,” said Dr. Chris D’Haem, who performed the relatively common procedure to restore blood flow. “Fortunately, his heart damage is very minimal. He’s going to do very well and we’re very optimistic he’ll have a full recovery.”

The Realm&#153 wishes Coach Dantonio the absolute best.&#160 We still remember TCU coach Jim Pittman, who died on the sidelines of a heart attack during a game at Baylor, so we’re still a little skittish when we hear about such things.

On the other hand, perhaps we could get this little guy to pray for Coach Dantonio:


On to the football.&#160 My Arlington Heights Yellow Jackets take on Trimble Tech this evening around 7:30.&#160 To get a feel for how the game might go, I went to look up last year’s game – only to find out there wasn’t one last year.

Or the year before that.

Or before that.

In fact, the last game of which I have a record was all the way back in 2005 – which Heights won, 21-0.&#160 IOW, an entire class of kids went without playing the Bulldogs – none of these guys have ever seen&#160 the Green & White.

Hence, I have no idea what’s gonna happen.&#160 Now&#160 I’m worried.

Friday night, Gary Patterson’s fourth-ranked Texas Christian Horned Frogs will have what I consider to be their toughest challenge of the year – yes, tougher than BYU, more daunting than Utah, far more of a test than Smurf-Turf Eff-head State, should we get the chance to kick their asses this year.

For tomorrow night, a national cable audience will see the Tadpoles in Dallas – against SMUT.

The Shitland Ponies are getting better & better under June Jones (whom, IYAM, it can still be said is an idiot for forsaking the isles of Hawai’i for the landlocked concrete of Dallas), and this is the best chance they’ll have to steal one against the Horned Frogs – they’re under everyone’s radar, and they’re good.

Vegas has the Frogs as an 18-point favorite in the battle for the Iron Skillet&#153 – three touchdowns minus the three-point Mustang home-field advantage – so look for it to be inside 10.

Saturday finds Bob Stoops & the eighth-ranked Oklahoma Sooners in Ohio to take on the Cincinnati Bearcats in a Big XII-Big East matchup.&#160 Cincy is down this year – how else do you explain them getting shellacked by Fresno State – and so Vegas has OU as a 14-point favorite.&#160 I don’t think it’ll be that close.

I was going to institute the SpatulaLine&#153 on Turner Gill & Rock Chalk Jayhawk this week – then I find out they’re favored by 23 this week as they host New Mexico State.

Turner, ol’ buddy – you need to serve up squash casserole this week.&#160 “Get it done”, as Eddie Jellico will say about 500 years from now.

Speaking of Vegas, there are a couple of PFW games this week they’re not gonna touch with a ten-foot pole.&#160 Eleventh-ranked Bucky finishes up its non-conference feasting this weekend with a creampuff in Austin Peay College.&#160 I’m not sure, but I don’t even think these guys are Division 1-AA – more like Division II or III.&#160 We might even see Zac Lee Nate Tice or Curt Phillips in this one.&#160 Hell, if HDD is close enough Saturday, Bret Bielema may even wanna stick him in there at QB.&#160 Or maybe at linebacker – we found out this week that sophomore Chris Borland is gone for the year after getting injured in the Arizona State game.

And in Lincoln, South Dakota State will play the sacrificial lamb against sixth-ranked Nebraska.&#160 The question here is whether the Blackshirts will even let SDS score.

And speaking of “can they even score”…the Dallas Cowgirlz travel back to the Southern Command Sunday to get their asses handed to them again by Pew-stun.&#160 The season, for all intents & purposes (read:&#160 having the ‘Girlz play the Super Bowl at home), ends here.&#160 After which, we may have a Major Announcement&#153 concerning Dallas’ place in the PFW.

That’ll come sometime Monday after the recap.&#160 Stay tuned for that, and we’ll see you then.


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