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The guess from here is that the inbred bastard had it coming


“Unexpected this is…and unfortunate…”


Houston, we have a problem.&#160 John McZhamnesty is the Republican front runner.&#160 He took Florida last night over Romney by 36% to 31%.&#160 Rudy Giuliani grabbed 15% and the Huckster had 14%.&#160 (As already chronicled here, Rudy has left the race – and if Huckabee has any brains at all to speak of, he’ll soon follow.&#160 Shame Fred! got out so soon – now would’ve been a great time to do some damage.)

Not only are there no more true conservatives left in the presidential race, but the least conservative left amongst the GOP now looks as if he’ll be the standard-bearer come November.

Florida was supposed to be Rudy’s to lose – and lose it, he did.&#160 By not getting his name out there in Iowa, New Hampshire, Michigan and South Carolina, Giuliani gave new meaning to the phrase “out of sight, out of mind”.&#160 With other candidates in the race to garner Floridians’ attention, Rudy had no chance.&#160 The lesson to be learned here is this:&#160 if you’re gonna run, you start on the blocks at the starting line – not at the third turn.

On the Donk side, the Duchess Hilarious won what was, basically, a one-person race – and got no delegates as a result.&#160 As punishment for Florida moving up their primary, the Demoscummic National Socialist Committee stripped the state of its delegates and ordered its candidates not to campaign there (an order the Duchess promptly disobeyed).

Memo to Florida Dems:&#160 Now that the Party has shown you what they think of you, isn’t it time you showed them what you think of them?&#160 Say, by voting Republican in November?

Just sayin’, is all.

Next big race is “Super Tuesday” next week.&#160 For the GOP, it either becomes a real race, or a McRINO coronation.&#160 In any case, I think it’s time to stock up on more ammo…


ABC News is reporting that Silky Pony has finally seen the writing on his multi-million dollar wall, and will finally heed it and drop out.

And, having seen his “all eggs in one basket” Florida strategy fail miserably (more on that this evening), Rudy Giuliani is doing likewise.&#160 The Huckster can’t be too far behind, one would think.


No, Denizens – I can’t say as I watched the State of the Union Giveaway Show&#153 last night.&#160 Had better things to do – like old reruns of previous Super Bowls on the NFL Network.&#160

But I’m reading the text of the speech right now, and I have to confess to a little puzzlement by some of it.

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The little podunk town of Brattleboro, VT, is going to have a vote in March on whether to arrest President Bush & Vice President Cheney on “war crimes”.

I’d just love to see them try it.&#160 What’re they gonna do – have the Thixty-Ninth Pink Thivil Unionth Brigade ekthecute the warrant?&#160


IV is on its way.

Watch this space.


Denizens, I’m in the middle of a few things here, but a quick analysis of the coming primaries (S. Carolina for the Donks, Flori-duh for the GOP) reveals the following:

If Giuliani doesn’t win Florida, his campaign is done.&#160 (Same thing for the Huckster, though it’ll take a little longer for him to realize it.)

We’re down to Mormonboy and McZhamnesty for the GOP nomination.&#160 And that being the case, the party as we know it today is on the brink of implosion.

The Donks should be cheering more loudly about that, but they’re too busy with their Hilarious-Osama Obama infighting for their one collective brain cell to pay more attention thereto.&#160 Infighting which, I might hasten to point out, will come to a quick end if B. Hussein doesn’t win S. Carolina today.

Will update this as events warrant (read:&#160 once I find out the results in SC today).

UPDATE:&#160 Well, hold off on the Hilarious coronation – at least, for another week.

B. Hussein routed the Duchess 51-30 – that is, if current trends hold.&#160 (Edwards Silky Pony, as usual, finished third – and probably should go ahead and drop out.)

The black vote went 4-1 in favor of B. Hussein, which meant that Clintoon couldn’t even depend on the female vote there.&#160 Be interesting to see if that holds throughout the rest of the South.

Next stop:&#160 The Feb. 5 states, of which Tennessee is one (at least, Hilarious was headed there after the polls closed in SC).

We continue to watch & see…

Update the 2nd:&#160 Make it 55-27, B. Hussein.&#160 Even more interesting.


For the last few days, the media has been (as you probably know) reporting that confidence in the economy is down, down, down. (With a gleam in their voice, as if it were all Bush’s fault, no doubt.)

But something they haven’t&#160 been reporting as loudly is that oil, from a high of just a tick over $100/barrel last week or so, had dropped to between $85 and $90.

This morning, as I’m getting ready for work, I’m hearing on the radio that, thanks in part to Bernanke’s 3/4-point interest rate cut, optimism on the economy has rebounded a bit.&#160 And so has the price of oil – to around $88 and change/barrel.

Uh, Ben?&#160 Could I have a little bit more pessimism, please?&#160 Say, about $40/barrel worth?


Okay, so, Romney won Nevada.&#160 Clear victory, too – he actually won a majority, pullng in 54% to the 12% pulled in by McRINO and the Twoofer, RuPaul.&#160 (Huckabee placed fourth, with a whopping 9%.)

In S. Carolina, the Huckster finished second, with 30%; Fred! was third with 16%, placing ahead of Romney’s 15%.&#160 (As you know, Fred! extricated himself from the race earlier today.)

All these men trailed the winner of S. Carolina…John-boy McRINO, with 33%.

I have a question for South Carolina GOP:&#160 WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOUR MORONS?

This is the same McRINO who has taken away our right to say what we want, when we want, through McRINO-Feingold.&#160 Same guy who bitched about us over the zhamnesty issue.&#160 The leader of the “Gang of Fourteen” that prevented President Bush from nominating conservative judges to the benches, thus creating judicial backlogs, thus exacerbating an already overtaxed court system.

And you people voted&#160 for this assclown?

And, in so doing, caused the most conservative candidate in the race to decide he was beating his head agasint a brick wall and quit?&#160 Do you dumbasses realize what you’ve fucking done???

By not giving your vote to Fred!, you have pretty much guaranteed that a conservative will not occupy the White House in 2009.&#160 You have all but guaranteed that the next few Supreme Court judges will be fucking socialist activists who don’t give a shit about our God-given freedoms or the Constitution that protects them.&#160 That’s our right to free speech, our right to defend ourselves, our right to be secure in our papers & effects, our right against self-incrimination that you’ve helped to basically give away (among others).

What in the Hell&#153 were you people thinking?????

We are now left with a choice between a liberal Republican governor who’s Der Kaiser’s functional clone; another governor whom the liberals in Massachusetts had no problem electing to office; and McRINO.&#160 This is what you idiots want?!?!?!


The Republican may very well win in November – but it’ll be without my vote.

And to those of you who want to bitch at me for “throwing away” my vote, or who say “if you don’t vote, you’re just giving the White House to Hillary” – look:&#160 There is no functional difference between anyone who’s left in the GOP, and either the Duchess or&#160 B. Hussein Osama Obama.&#160 None.

McRINO may keep trying to fight the war against terrorism a little longer than the Demoscum, but he’ll eventually cave.&#160 On that, you can safely bank.&#160 Huckaclown’s already called our foreign policy “arrogant”, and Cthulu knows that Romney’s FP expeience can fit in a thimble with room left over.

So, since there are no conservatives left in the race, this conservative will likely sit it out, too.

That, and load up on the ammo.


ABC News has just reported that Fred! has removed himself from the race, citing his ill mother in Tennessee.





UPDATE:&#160 I’ll have more to say tonight.&#160 S. Carolina, put on your asbestos undies.



This son-of-a-bitch calls himself “Reverend” – but then again, so does Jesse Jackson.

Today, the national holiday memorializing Dr. King, should be a day of conviction and, if need be, confrontation.

“We have ignored the essence of his life and the horror of his death,” said Mr. Johnson, 62, director of Texas operations for the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, who marched with Dr. King through the segregated South. “We’ve allowed white America to escape the guilt of his assassination, and we’ve allowed black America to drift back into a coma.”

Let’s understand a couple of things, “Reverend”:

1. In the first place, I didn’t have anything to do with killing Dr. King.

Neither did my brother.

Neither did my parents.

Neither did my step-parents.

Neither did my white friends.

Neither did any other white person I know.

So you can take your “white guilt trip”, sir, and shove it up your ass.

2. If you want to realize Dr. King’s dream, then you, all your racist black friends, all your racist gangsta rappers, all of you who still call us “cracker” and “honky” and “whitey” and owe you so-called “reparations” for something of which we were not, nor could have possibly&#160 been a part are strongly advised to do a little introspection and check your racism at the fucking door.

I submit to you and everyone else that the majority of racism is no longer the possession of the white race.&#160 The majority of us don’t care that you have black skin, but you and your so-called “leadership” sure as Hell care that ours is white.

So if I were you, “Reverend”, I’d watch out for the glass in my house before I go to throwing stones.


Halftime score, NFC Championship Game:&#160 at Green Bay 10, NY Football Douchebags 6

Hey, Douchebags!&#160 Not quite&#160 as easy when the other team contests the two-minute drive, is it?&#160

UPDATE:&#160 (Final:&#160 GB 20, Douchebags 13, Fleabag Pissant Zebras 10) Who the fuck carted the New England Pussies’ officiating crew to Green Bay so damned fast?&#160 Where was the illegal contact on the interception on the Pack’s overtime drive?

Now I’m gonna have to do what I’d been dreading – pull for the New England Pussies in the Super Bowl.

Fuck you, NY Douchebags.&#160 Fuck you and the zebras you paid off.

And fuck&#160 Archie Manning.&#160 Someone shoulda cut his dick off after Peyton.

UPDATE the 2nd:&#160 Let’s not mince words here, okay?

The NY Football Douchebags haven’t won shit.&#160 They were handed this game on a fucking silver platter by a half-assed excuse-for-a-zebra crew that had its collective head up its collective ass.

How else are you gonna explain no flag for Cori Webster riding Donald Driver out of the play well past the five-yard contact zone with no flag, but Al Harris draws a pass-interference flag for so much as daring to breathe&#160 on Plaxico the Pansy-Ass?

Roger Goodell, if you don’t push for full-time trained&#160 officiating after the last two weeks of this shit, you are nothing but a little fuckheaded son-of-a-crack-whore-bitch.

And you can fucking quote&#160 me.



Some years ago, I dragged my Luddite brother, kicking and screaming, into the Computer Age&#153.&#160 He hated the things, didn’t want anything to do with them, didn’t even like the one he had to work on at his job.

Last night, he demanded that I teach him how to rip selected tracks from his CD collection so that he could make a “greatest hits” disc.

I’ve created a monster.&#160


The bastards at the Dullest Moaning Snooze&#160 are at it again.

Fresh off their failed bit of naming as their so-called “Texan of the Year” the illegal alien, now comes Kevan Ann Willey and her little brood saying that Republicans need to move, quoting the headline, “beyond Reagan”.

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