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Guys, I have a situation here that’s going to preclude me making any Texas Blogfest ’07 preparations.

No, the wedding isn’t in trouble, but my fianc&#233e is going to need my help in handling a small problem she’s having – which, unfortunately, will leave me no time to do much of anything else, I imagine.&#160 Therefore, TB07 is postponed until further notice.

Sorry.&#160 I’ll let you guys know when we reschedule.



(Crossposted here from the Rott, because that’s where the original post first appeared.)

During a recent thread, the Imperial Empress (long may she bestow large amounts of firearms & ammo on the Emperor (grin)) was overheard saying thusly:

But, we are grateful to have been fortunate enough to be able to be a part of the fun! Maybe we can accomplish something similar in Texas this year as well!

Funny she should mention that.&#160 Here’s what I have in mind:

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Denizens, front & center please.

How would you feel about a Texas Blogfest ’07 towards the end of April?&#160 Say, the last weekend thereof?&#160 Discuss here, if you please.

(Incidentally, I’ve already discussed this with my partner in crime the SpatulaGoddess, and she rather fancies the idea.)

I’ll be telling you the reason for the April date in exactly one week’s time.&#160 Stay tuned.


Hopefully, you’ve heard the old saying:&#160 “It was a location thing – you had to be there”.

Well, you had to actually be at&#160 the Texas Blogfest 2005 in order to fully appreciate the atmosphere and the cameraderie.&#160 Those of you who had Yahoo Messenger got to see at least a little bit of the happenings from one of two webcams.&#160 (Yeah, I know – you had to ask the SpatulaGoddess’ permission to view hers – need to talk with her about that. )

By now, you’ve seen the post below about the crew coming and saying it to my face (grin) Saturday for lunch.&#160 Am pleased to report that, according to a consensus of attendees, Atkins Train-Wreck Stew&#153 – so named because when I make it, it’s usually a train-wreck (g) – got an overwhelming “two thumbs way up”.&#160 Guys, I’m really pleased you liked it – I was worried I was going to need massive spew warnings all over the place.

Saturday evening was fun & frivolity at Billy Bob’s Texas.&#160 Eight of us packed ourselves into a 7-passenger minivan (sorry, guys – I really thought it would’ve held more (rueful grin)) and ambled our way over there, arriving just after 9:00.

The Chris Cagle concert was good, and we even got a couple of folks out on the dance floor.&#160 (Memo to Susan Nunnally:&#160 Why didn’t you tell&#160 me you were looking for a dance partner?&#160 What, I’m supposed to read your mind or something? (grin))

Additional memo, this time to self:&#160 How is it that Emperor Misha the Danish import actually looked more Texan than you, the native?&#160

Sunday morning, about 10 of us showed up at the DFW Gun Range, where Kim, Connie & Misha usually do their shooting.&#160 That’s a fine establishment, and I heartily recommend you go out there and avail yourself of the facilities whenever you’re in town.&#160 I know I&#160 intend to.

There were some&#160 pictures taken, in addition to the group shot you see below.&#160 I’ll see what I can do about posting them here directly.

And now, without further ado, we now return to our regularly scheduled ranting & raving.&#160 What’s this I hear about that limp-wristed rim-jobber Michael Crook putting up FTT again…???


Damn, that was a fun weekend.

Denizens, I’ll have something resembling a recap in a day or so.&#160 Right now, I’m just trying to de-compress, and I imagine the SpatulaGoddess is, too – or, at least, will be after she and her kiddies get home.

Just one little item of business before I shut down for the night:&#160 If you’ve emailed me/left comments in a given thread without a response for me, patience.&#160 I’ll get to you shortly.

(Except for Cianderella “Real Chickenshit” Tierney.&#160 I’ll get to you&#160 when I damned well feel like it, you goat-felching blotch of rejected afterbirth.&#160 Cowardly little needle-dicked losers like you are worth maybe&#160 a nano-second of my time – and oops! there goes yours. (snicker))

That is (yawn) all…


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