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Denizens, I was going to pontificate at length (as we start this edition of the Perfect Football Weekend&#153) about how Roger Goodfella Goodell had gone all pussified sexist on us and hired four bimbos women to help oversee their domethtic violenthe polithies&#160 ‘n all, and about how the witchhunt over any NFL’er who had so much as looked&#160 crossways at a woman had begun (they’ve already arrested & suspended more players), and how all NFL employees are going to have to undergo thenthitivity “awareness” training, and so on & so forth.&#160 And about how this is no longer the game with which I fell in love, ad infinitum, ad nauseam.

Then I saw this.

Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III was told by an NFL representative to flip his ‘Know Jesus, Know Peace’ t-shirt inside-out at a press conference over his dislocated ankle on Sunday, reportedly because it was not a Nike t-shirt.


Wonder if Goodfella Goodell ever paused to ponder that, if he & his minions didn’t sneer so much at The Lord Jesus Christ, there might not be so much of the shit that’s going on in the NFL right now, eh what?

Let’s get to the football.&#160 Phil Young takes my Arlington Heights Yellow Jackets into battle at Farrington Field tonight against the Grapevine Mustangs.

Grapevine only won one game last year, has a new head coach and (from listening to local punditry) doesn’t quite have their legs under them just yet.&#160 Gimme Heights in another squash (which, if it proves out, will mean a complete turnaround from last year’s non-district schedule, where they went 0-4 0-3).

Sunday, Tennessee, fresh off its humiliation at the hands of the Cowgirls, visits Andy Dalton & the Bengals of Cincy.&#160 The Orange & Black are only a seven-point favorite at home – which seems to me to be a bit low – but maybe Vegas knows something I don’t.

TCU is off, so we’ll do four wildcard games this week:&#160 Bowling Green State U. and #19 Wisconsin (squash alert), Iowa at UPittsburgh, #6 Texas A&M at SMUT (Schmear Schmoo) and Central Michigan in Lawrence to play Rock Chalk.&#160 (This is Charlie Weis’ last year, you heard it here first.&#160 I don’t care if I-State did&#160 beat Iowa last week, CM’s gonna come in here and torch ’em.)

We’re back Monday (hopefully) for the recap.&#160 In the meantime…if the light truly has&#160 come on in Cowgirlville, make sure you have Demarco Murray on your fantasy team, ’cause he’s going to gash St. Louis so much you’ll be seeing Ram bone…


Here we have yet another example of the State punishing those who choose to do things their own way! Depending on how the morning goes, I will have comments later.


Our nation has survived over 200 years. In that time we have overcome many things, and generally come through our trials a stronger and more cohesive nation. That is until the last generation or so. Now our enemies are within, and they seek to destroy us by dividing us. Here is just the latest attempt. In knuckling under to the demands of this activist group, Chaplain Reyes commander has shown that he is unfit to command a latrine, and  he should be removed immediately. Unfortunately, given the current climate in our government, that will not happen.


Ever notice that the heterophobic assholes who are doing their damndest to shove homosexual marriage down our throats…were (and are) the same bigoted anti-Christian bastards who squeam about us attempting to “impose our morals” on everyone else?

(Yeah, I know it’s stating the obvious.&#160 I’m just sayin’.)



A system of government where the least capable to lead are elected by the least capable of producing, and where the members of society least likely to sustain themselves or succeed, are rewarded with goods and services paid for by the confiscated wealth of a diminishing number of producers.


In Philadelphia there is a young Lutheran pastor who has been called by Philadelphia area Lutherans to work with the inner city and homeless folks. Logically, you would think that the local government folks would welcome all the help they can get, and would have policies in place to aid these workers. Unfortunately, such does not seem to be the case.


Read this, and see what wonderful steps the city of Philadelphia has taken.


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