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Aaaaaaand Rand Paul just lost my support

UPDATE:  Just now caught that this story is a year old.

Bite Sue me.


Fox News has reported that Mittens has conceded.  He’s now on my fucking TV screen, ready to snivel & piss away the last vestiges of Reagan’s glorious party.

Fuck you, you son-of-a-Mormon-bitch RINO.


Okay, guys, we’re here at the North Dallas Hilton in the mini-headquarters for state reps Dan Branch & John Carona.  We’re in one corner pounding away on the hotel’s wi-fi (thank you, Barron – give my regards to Paris, hm?), and we’ll be here as long as necessary.

Or until one of us passes out from sugar shock, take your pick.

22:14 – Fox News just called Ohio for Bambi.

That’s it.  Goodnight.

Saddle up, fix bayonets, lock & load.

Let the civil war come.

Aw, come on! Is that all you got?! >


Denizens, I was going to have a piece my sister-in-law (aka the Sibling Unit’s™ Spousal Unit™ (grin)) had emailed me for you early this morning.

Wouldn’t you know it – we couldn’t find Mrs. Venomous’ voter ID card, and spent 20 minutes finding it, so there went that.

That said, if you haven’t voted – and you still have time – please, by all means do so.

And remember the adage I post every year about this time:  Vote for whomever you wish – just don’t vote Demoscum.

Good hunting, guys.  Let’s kick Bambi’s ass!

UPDATE:  If possible I’ll be trying to do some live victory-party blogging from Dallas GOP party headquarters in north Dallas.

Henderson’s with me, and we’ll try to pull Mitt through for ya. 


First there is this, which claims that our elections are being monitored because conservatives are trying to intimidate voters.

Then today we see this and we learn that there are indeed voters being intimidated, but it is conservatives who are the victims!

The more news I see, the more I realize that the American left, led by President Obama has the goal of taking control of our nation by any means necessary. When they have this control, whatever liberty we have left will be done away with, all in the name of protecting us from ourselves.


At the suggestion of his Nastiness, I am reposting something posted earlier to Facebook.

Red meat for the conspiracy theorists:

I am not one who sees a conspiracy in every media story, and  strongly suspect that this was a practical joke on the part of some KPHO employee. However, I can’t help but wonder if in the joke there is not a revelation that our “impartial media” is anything but.


Trillions in debt.

Running billion-dollar deficits out the effing wazoo.

The United States credit rating downgraded twice  in his four years occupying the White House.

A laughingstock overseas.

A United States ambassador (J. Christopher Stevens) murdered, sodomized, dragged through the streets of Libya and Cthulhu knows what  else.

Other US embassies attacked, vandalized and torched.

And all B. HUSSEIN!!!  Obambi can come up with…is Big Bird.



Just got this from my sister-in-law.

It’s kinda long, so it’s below the fold, but you’ll like it, so read it.

That’s an order. 

Aw, come on! Is that all you got?! >


He’s cooking the fucking books.

Period, end, stop.

And anyone who believes this number should not only have their head examined…they should be prohibited from voting, they’re that stupid.


SAN DIEGO – My brother-in-law & his wife took Mrs. Venomous & me out for some dinner & sightseeing tonight, so I didn’t see but the last 10 minutes or so of the first debate.

But I’ll say this:  If the rest of the debate went like the last 10 minutes…Bambi got his ass handed to him on a platter.


The Demoscum are crowing about how Bambi’s running away with Ohio.

Nice Deb thinks she knows why.

This information came at the very end of the Gravis Marketing/Capitol Correspondent Ohio 2012 Presidential Survey, but I’m going to go ahead and post it right up front:

Survey of 594 likely voters was conducted September 21-22, 2012. The margin of error is +/- 4.3 percentage points. Party ID: 41.4% Democrat; 31.1% Republican; 27.5% Independent/Other. Results from the poll conducted September 7-8, 2012 are in curly brackets. Results from the poll conducted September 2, 2012 are in square brackets. Results from the poll conducted August 27, 2012 are in parentheses.


Huh, indeed, as the Puppy Blender would say.


So here’s a really good question posed by an apparent black Republican, as seen on the FB feed:

Am I expecting an answer from ANYONE in the Al-Obambi administration or campaign?

{crickets chirping loudly}

That’s what I thought. And so should you, cause that ain’t the “acceptable” type of question to ask this president (cough, cough, gag, gag).

Worthless piece of ….oh nevermind, it’ll just put me in another Grumpy General Mood™. As if one wasn’t enough.


No wait, since I’m already in grumpy mode…..



And the final word, Denizens, from the Demoscummic National Circle-Jerk Convention Circle-Jerk…comes from none other than the Patron Skank Saint For Abortion™, MsGloria Allred:

Feminist lawyer Gloria Allred told The Daily Caller that she is supporting President Obama because he “cares” about protecting women’s rights while Republican nominee Mitt Romney will “take away our contraceptives.”


“Do I trust Romney and Ryan with my reproductive rights and the control over my body and my daughter’s and my granddaughter’s body? Absolutely not. This is not close,” Allred said.

Trust me, Glory baby…you have no worries when it comes to your “reproductive rights” and your right to an abortion.

Your face is doing a kick-ass job of that all on its own.

Hell, how you ever coaxed that p-whipped beta-male of yours to even get within 50 feet  of that  Bermuda Triangle is beyond me. 



One step closer, Demoscum.

One.  Fucking.  Step.  Closer.


On the eve of the Demoscum National circle jerk Convention circle-jerk, we have a report from the Department of Brilliant Metaphors™ about Bambi’s Mt. Rushmore-like “bust” coming to an appropriate end:

A torrential downpour that struck Charlotte Saturday afternoon damaged the Mount Rushmore-style sand sculpture bust of President Obama — an ominous beginning to what many fear is a plagued convention.

Workers were trying Saturday afternoon to reform the base of the sculpture, built from sand brought in from Myrtle Beach, S.C., pounding and smoothing out the sand that had washed off the facade of the waist-up rendering of the chief executive.

The sand sculpture was protected from above, and Mr. Obama’s face didn’t see too much damage. But the storm was so strong that its heavy winds blew the rain sideways, pelting the president’s right side and leaving the sand pockmarked and completely erasing his right elbow.

Appropos for this regime, I’d think.


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