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I have a losing week, and still get to declare a PFW.

Go figure.

Arlington Heights 38, Western Hills 35

TCU 14, at Oklahoma State 36

at #8 Oklahoma 13, #5 Notre Dame 30

at Nebraska 23, #22 Michigan 9

at #25 Wisconsin, Michigan State 16 (OT)

Liberty 12, at Coastal Carolina 36

at Dallas 24, NY Football Douchebags 29

Aw, come on! Is that all you got?! >


No time for much of anything, Denizens, so here’s what we got: Heights beat Western Hills last night, so that’s one.

Today, TCU’s at Oklahoma State, OU has Notre Dame in Norman (book this one for the Sooners – ND can’t match up with OU’s speed), Nebraska gets Michigan in Lincoln (probably a Wolverine win here), Michigan State gets fed to Bucky at Camp Randall, and Turner Gill’s LIberty Flames go for four in a row at Coastal Carolina.

Sunday, it’s the New York Football Douchebags™ at the Cowgirlz without Sean Lee.  I don’t give a shit, necessarily, who wins – but if Vickie Cruz tries that little samba dance, I want a Cowboy to go for his knees.

We’re back next week with something resembling a recap.  In the meantime, I remind my staff (and my Denizens) that PFWs aren’t solely my domain.  That’s what I have comments for, and I’m sure my cracked staff (grin) has some teams they follow…right?


Denizens, the time has come to add a new voice to This Fine Blog™.

Welcome, please, Rachel Higgins from the accreditedonlinecolleges.org site, who will be writing a guest post or two here.

MERLIN:  Anything to get out of your writing duties, eh m’lige?

VENOMOUS:  Damn straight.

Now, one caveat, Denizens:  Her submissions here may not be what you’ve come to expect (i.e, it’s not necessarily gonna be Right-Wing Rant-age-ery™ (grin)).  Don’t worry – I haven’t lost my mind.

MERLIN:  Competely.


VENOMOUS:  Hush, you.

Anyway, welcome, Rachel.  Glad to have you on board.


Take your lumps now, Froggies.  As long as you start delivering them in 2013.

Arlington Heights 13, OD Wyatt 41

at #23 TCU 53, #17 Texas Tech 56 (3OT)

at #9 Oklahoma 52, Kansas 7

Nebraska 29, at Northwestern 28

at Wisconsin 38, UMinnesota 13

at Liberty 21, Concord 13

Dallas 19, at Carolina 14

Aw, come on! Is that all you got?! >


First there is this, which claims that our elections are being monitored because conservatives are trying to intimidate voters.

Then today we see this and we learn that there are indeed voters being intimidated, but it is conservatives who are the victims!

The more news I see, the more I realize that the American left, led by President Obama has the goal of taking control of our nation by any means necessary. When they have this control, whatever liberty we have left will be done away with, all in the name of protecting us from ourselves.


At the suggestion of his Nastiness, I am reposting something posted earlier to Facebook.

Red meat for the conspiracy theorists:

I am not one who sees a conspiracy in every media story, and  strongly suspect that this was a practical joke on the part of some KPHO employee. However, I can’t help but wonder if in the joke there is not a revelation that our “impartial media” is anything but.


Though I am not the big Football fan in this forum, I must point out that Mississippi State goes into this weeks match-up against Alabama with a 7 and 0 record. This is the second time since 1895(the start of MSU football) that the school has accomplished such a feat. I think it safe to say that Dan Mullens is doing a god job.

Unfortunately, Alabama is also undefeated and against them MSU cannot afford to take a quarter off, like they did against Middle Tennessee. They are going to have to play 4 quarters of all out quality football, if they hope to repeat the results of 1980.


For your Sunday, Denizens – and since I know that at least some  of youse guys (mheh) will be doing this this weekend – a short primer on the art of changing oil.

Below the fold, ’cause it’s kinda long – but a good read and always well worth your time, because I said so. 

Aw, come on! Is that all you got?! >


This happened yesterday morning at the State Fair of Texas.

Man, they’ll fry anything there these days. 


Denizens, at the moment I’m up past my scalp in alligators, so that’s why posting’s been DamnedNearNonExistent™.  With any luck, things will lighten up a bit next week.

For now, TCU has Texas Tech at home, Rock Chalk gets fed to OU in Norman, Nebraska’s at Northwestern (you’d damn well better win this  one, Pelini), Wisconsin keeps Paul Bunyan’s Axe vs, UMinne-haha, Turner Gill’s Liberty Flames go for a three-game winning streak vs. Concord (no SpatulaLine – I like Liberty straight-up), and if Jason Garrett ever wants to be taken seriously as a head coach, the Cowgirlz will win in Carolina Sunday.

Oh, and Heights lost again – this time to OD Wyatt. (Enjoy your one year here, Todd Whitten.  You ain’t getting another.)

I’ll have something resembling a recap, hopefully Monday.  Maybe I’ll only be up to my ass in alligators by then…


Some of you may remember that I have been in a course of instruction, which will ultimately lead to my ordination and installation as a Lutheran pastor. That day has finally arrived. On 11 November 2012 at 1600 I will be officially ordained and installed as pastor of the church where I have been serving for the past three years. During that time my official title has been that of  vicar, which is what led His Nastiness to christen me with that name on this fine blog. As a matter of housekeeping, in this realm, I will remain Vicar.

Those who find themselves in my neck of the woods on the appointed day, consider yourself invited to the service.


Last evening, in the last seconds of the Mississippi State, University of Tennessee game, we saw this:


State was already three points up, all they had to do was to keep the ball away from UT. As luck would happen, this guy was open, and State won 41-31. We are now 6 and 0. Next week, we have a chance to be 7 and 0. The following week we play Alabama. On that game, all bets are off.


Not quite as easy when your All-Universe™ offense is going against an experienced  defense, is it?



Rather blatantly highjacked from FB

Little Johnny even gets it right!!!!! Must be a TEXAS boy!
A teacher asked her 6th grade class how many of them were Obama fans.

Not really knowing what an Obama fan is, but wanting to be liked by the teacher, all the kids raised their hands except for little Johnny. The teacher asked Little Johnny why he has decided to be different.

Little Johnny said, ‘Because I’m not an Obama fan.’

Aw, come on! Is that all you got?! >


Trillions in debt.

Running billion-dollar deficits out the effing wazoo.

The United States credit rating downgraded twice  in his four years occupying the White House.

A laughingstock overseas.

A United States ambassador (J. Christopher Stevens) murdered, sodomized, dragged through the streets of Libya and Cthulhu knows what  else.

Other US embassies attacked, vandalized and torched.

And all B. HUSSEIN!!!  Obambi can come up with…is Big Bird.



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