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Not to gloat, but grandchild number 7 is due in September.

I do like being Granddad! :) :) :)


1997.  Kaiser Wilhelm vonSlickmeister had just “won” a second term (he’d faced noted Republican sqush BobDole (no, no typo; he himself pronounces it like its one word, kinda like AlGore), who was so enamored  of our base that he hadn’t even read  the GOP platform, much less agreed to abide thereby), and I was in a most foul mood and not ready to make nice with anyone  even remotely resembling a Leftard.

I had loudly declared my intention to say what I wanted, when  I wanted, and fuck anyone who wanted to do anything about it, bahGawd  (a little Jim Ross lingo, there).  And I was loaded for bear, as the saying goes.

And promptly ran out of time (not to mention inclination) to devote to running my BBS.

Fast forward to today.  I’m in a snarly mood (albeit more because of who’s no longer in the Presidential race and why than because of who will  be in it), I’m ready to tell the Demoscum just what the Hell I think of them, and come say it to my fucking face if you don’t like it, Donktards

…and I’m running out of available time to run this place.

No, no, Denizens – I’m not going anywhere.  Not this  time, anyway.  But I’ve got rants all ready to go about Mittens Rommerhoid, Newt, Santorum, Malicious Malkin and her cunt-lapping sycophants over at Little Green Snot Malkinballs II, plus  the Dullest Moaning Snooze – and I don’t get home ’til damned near 10:00 at night nowadays, fall into my Comfy Chair™ and promptly drop off the face of the Blogosphere™.

This is no way to run a blog.  Grrrrrrr.


Denizens, this gentleman was my first pastor.  (Not my first minister, as I was a Presbyterian prior to this – really too young to consider things, but still.)

This man set the standard by which all other preachers & pastors – both Southern Baptist & not (yeah, Vicar, you too) should be measured.  If there were more men like him leading the Southern Baptist Convention, I’d still be there.

Rest in peace, Bro. Miles.  I have no doubt that the Lord is telling you right now, ‘”well done, thou good & faithful servant”.


According to official IRS figures, the income at which one moves into that nasty top 1% is about $380,000. it also seems that Mr Buffett’s poor mistreated secretary makes between $200,000 and $500,000 per year.


For years we heard from out friends on the left about Bush’s “helping” his “rich” buddies at the expense of the nation. Now there is this. It seems that some very curious actions have come out of the White House, actions which coincidentally benefit large Obama donors.

Is it any wonder that our fellow Americans have so little use for our elected leaders?


Memo to Artur Davis of National Review Online:

Enter the last dream date that Republicans may have at their disposal. His name is Jeb Bush, and this time, there is a feasibility around the idea that seemed unthinkable months ago.

Oh, do  go fuck yourself.



Although the back-flipping cheerleader is kinda cute.

MRS. VENOMOUS (with cast-iron skillet):  WHAAAAAT?!?!?!?!?!

‘Scuse, gotta dash… 


The Seattle Post is reporting (and Drudge, via the AP, has confirmed) that former Penn State coach Joe Paterno has died at the age of 85.

He is the winningest college football coach in history, and its greatest representative, despite what the Asphyxiated Piss media says.

They say it was lung cancer.  But I blame the cowardly pisstards at Penn State University, who fucking had  to have a scapegoat for the Sandusky scandal, didn’t they?  Paterno followed Pensylvania law – and the state of Pennsylvania fired him for it.

And in doing so, they took away his reason to live.

Congratulations, Pennsylvania, you fucking bastards.  JoePa’s in heaven now, so he’s in a better place.  But he could be in Hell right now, and he’d still be better off than living in your piece-of-shit excuse-for-a-state.


Well, Denizens, I may have been a liiiiiiiitle  bit premature in my writeoff of Newt Gingrich.  (Of course, I’d already said so, but he subsequently slipped, and even I didn’t quite anticipate this.

Newt Gingrich defeated Mitt Romney today to win today’s South Carolina primary, boosted by a fiery debate performance this week that deflated the former governor’s front-runner status overnight.

Rick Santorum will place third and Ron Paul will be fourth first-in-the-South contest.

Propelled by voters who were heavily influenced by the pre-primary debates, and a strong evangelical showing, Gingrich claimed a landslide victory, winning virtually every county in the Palmetto State save for a handful that went to Romney.

So now…with Widdle Ricky Santorum coming from behind to win Iowa, Mittens “Mr. Inevitable” Romboma – with four years and an inordinate amount of cash and so-called “momentum” – has now only won one of the first three primaries/caucii.

And that  one was a hop, skip & jump from his home state.

And that…wasn’t even anywhere near the slam-dunk it should’ve been.

“Mr. Inevitable”?

I wouldn’t exactly call this guy Sherman marching through Atlanta, y’know? 


Fox News Channel is reporting confirming that Rick Perry is planning to perform the dreaded “suspension” of his presidential campaign.  There’s supposedly a 10:00a (CT) news conference scheduled.

If this is true, I will be later on delivering the Mother Of All Political Rants™ against a certain Filipina skank bitch and her little toadie cunt-licking sycophants.

Stay tuned.


So the paper insert inside the box of Just For Men  said…

(Hey, you  try turning completely gray before age 30 and going 14 years like that and see how you  feel, m’kay???)

…it said “Out of respect for the environment, our gloves have changed to a more sustainable material.”

And so did the other  paper insert they put inside the box.

And the overwhelming likelihood is that this batch of boxes, at the very least, contained an extra paper insert, just like mine.

“Respect for the environment”???



And at long last, Widdle Jonnie Huntsboy has seen his personal “Mene Mene Tekel Upharsin” and decided to hang it up.

On Monday morning, Jon Huntsman announced his decision to quit his presidential bid following a poor showing in New Hampshire’s Jan. 10 primary. In his announcement, he derided the negativity permeating the GOP primary race and immediately threw his support behind Mitt Romney.

“Today, I am suspending my campaign for the presidency,” the former Utah governor and U.S. ambassador to China said during a news conference held in Myrtle Beach, S.C. “I believe it is now time for our party to unite around the candidate best equipped to defeat Barack Obama. Despite our differences and the space between us on some of the issues, I believe that candidate is Governor Mitt Romney.”

Oh, you really didn’t expect anything different, did you?  One Mormon endorsing another, that is?

This’ll add, what? Another 1.54 votes to Mittens’ total?



Gutlessness.  Pure, unadulterated, one hundred percent, non-biodegradeable gutlessness.

Ladies & gentlemen…your  Allas Cowgirlz.  (That’s right – still no D.)

#14 Oklahoma 31, Iowa 14 (Insight Bowl)

#20 Nebraska 13, #9 South Carolina 30 (Capital One Bowl)

#10 Wisconsin 38, #5 Oregon 45 (Rose Bowl)

Dallas 14, NY Football Douchebags 31

Aw, come on! Is that all you got?! >


So I’m getting ready for work, when I get a call from a longtime friend of mine.

Asks me a techie-type question, which – being a techie-type – I dutifully try to answer.

Right in the middle of the answer, he interrupts me – as he has a nasty habit of doing when I’m trying to explain something computer-related to him – and goes off into a tangent about how all of us geek-types are (paraphrasing here) bastards who can be trusted to do everything but what you wanted done to your computer in the first place, and will format your hard drive and put another operating system on the thing whether you wanted it or not, never mind it was an OS you didn’t want in the first place…

…etc, etc, ad infinitum, ad nauseam.

And I’m sitting there thinking “So, old friend, why the fuck did you call me in the first fucking place?”

(UPDATE:  Just so you know, Denizens, this guy, bless his heart – and I mean that in the Bob-from-HMS sense – is the same one who once blamed me for crashing his Windows NT system, years ago.  Right after I found said system’s C: drive at 95% of capacity.  And no – that’s not a typo, either.)

Beware the user who has a little knowledge.  They think they know a helluva lot more than they actually do.

Does that sound arrogant?


It damn well should.

And I say this knowing full-effing-well that there are techs (probably some even living as close as within my complex) who have forgotten twice as much as I’ll ever know.  And I respect that, and them, with all the inherent bowing & scraping that that implies.

But I’ve been honing this craft now for TWENTY FUCKING YEARS, DAMMIT!!!!! – and by that, I mean a minimum  of eight to ten hours a day (many days a lot more than that, more all-nighters, fried hard drives, system boards and video cards than I feel like counting), 24/7/365 – and I’m getting just a little  bit sick & fucking tired of being questioned by fuckfaces who think they can code the next great Micro$oft operating system just from having watched me defragment their hard drive for five @($!!^(!!!! minutes.

Next time you feel the need to question something I’m doing to your computer – such as, say, ripping out the latest malware you’ve downloaded from GayBathHousePorn.com – try & remember that you called me, jack, and there’s a 99 44/100% chance that I might, just might  know more than you.

Otherwise, computer physician, heal thine own fucking self.  I got better things to do.

Like watch my toenail fungus grow. 


Does still exist in the USA. The Supreme Court ruled today that Federal government hiring policies do not apply to people in a ministerial position. The story is here.

The decision was 9 to 0, so this one will be with us for a while.


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