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Earlier today some guy named Steve Crager made a post to Facebook about remembering our uniformed men and women who’s commitment to the defense of our Constitution prevents them from celebrating the holidays with their loved ones. All smart alec comments aside, I have to agree wholeheartedly with this stranger. This year we have retail store employees complaining because they have to go into their urban, or suburban, climate controlled workplaces, on Thanksgiving day, work their 6-8 hours, and then go home to their families. While these folks are busy telling the world how unfair this is, we have other men and women working the same thanksgiving holiday, but they do so in an environment in which anyone they meet might be wanting to kill them, they work in temperature extremes, and live in less than pleasant environments far away from any loved ones. They have n0 guarantee that they will get out of this job alive or in one piece. The amazing thing is that they seem not to complain, they merely fulfill the oath they took to defend our Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic.

Might I suggest that the weenies who work at Walmart and the like need to get a life?


Denizens, the good news is that both the machines are now back up & stable.

KORRIOTH:  For now.

VENOMOUS:  Oh, thanks, Django Downer.

MERLIN:  Well, y’know, it’s been, what, about three-plus years since the Great Hard Drive Upgrade Extravaganza™?  Remember what you’re always saying about electronic components?

VENOMOUS:  Yeah, yeah, yeah – they can fail at any time, for any reason…

ALL (in unison):  …or for no reason.

And even as I type this, the fan on the work box is very audibly reminding me that it’s in desperate need of replacement.

May be a bit before I get caught up (read:  finally post the long-over PFW recap(s)) – but I found a blurb from this column (dealing with pet peeves) this morning and had to repost.

Below the fold.  Go click it – it’s that damn good.

Aw, come on! Is that all you got?! >


You guys seen this Jewelry Exchange commercial yet?

This has pissed me off ever since the first time I saw it.

She does that to me, I yank the ring outta her hand and go give it to my other  girlfriend.

MRS. LSIK&T (with titanium cluebat):  Your WHAT?!?!?!

LSIK&T:  Shut up & take the hint.

MRS. LSIK&T (with titanium cluebat):  Hmf.

Gimme a grateful woman every time.  Preferably a hawt one.

MRS. LSIK&T (with titanium cluebat):  KA-BONNNNNNNNNG!!!!!!

…uh, ow. 


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