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And no sooner does Citi take over a bank that just failed, in part, because ellos los chaperon los penes de “La Raza”,  than it…does the exact same thing itself.


Grant Supports Ongoing Capacity Building for Local Affiliates

Just an FYI – Citi was one of the banks scheduled to be bailed out under the terms of the Crap Sandwich™.

Memo to Citi:  Those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it.


Last week, we had a veritable gaggle of Chicken Littles squawking that if the original $700 XXXL (that’s billion  to you folks at the Church of the SubTarded) bailout crap sandwich bill wasn’t passed BY FRIDAY, BAH GAWD™, that the economy would tank and we’d all lose our jobs and be living in SackclothAndAshes-Ville™ by Monday.

Monday they said that if Uncle Sugar didn’t do something by the end of the day, stocks would lose 398% of their value, the economy would crash and we’d all be selling apples on street cornersOHMAHGAWDTHEHORRORTHEHUMANITY!!!!!!!11!!ONE!!!1

This morning, as I write this, the Dow is up 240 points.  (And yes, I am fully aware that it may change, depending on what time you click that link, but that’s just as I was writing this, okay?)

I’m still here.  What about you?

UPDATE:  Dow finished up 485 – well over half the value lost yesterday.

Those of you who whined about the sky falling yesterday:  Don’tcha feel rather silly now? 


Denizens, remember a couple of days ago I challenged these pussies to come get me?

Not that I had anything to do with it (I didn’t), but it looks like they got the message, anyway:

Aw, come on! Is that all you got?! >


(Hat tip:  Malkin reader JD in D.C.)

Item:  Back in June, Wachovia Bank decided to do an “in your face” to legal  American citizens and fund a group of Mexican pendejo  pussies called “La Raza”.  (For the Uninitiated™, their slogan is “For the Race, everything; for those outside the race, nothing”.)

Item:  Today, Citigroup agreed to buy Wachovia before the FDIC had to step in and bail ‘em out.

Yeah, how’d that La Raza deal work out for ya, Wachovia? 


Michelle Malkin reports that the first attempt at shoving this Bombastic Bullshit Bailout Bill™ down our throats has failed.  Arm twisting now underway, with one vote changed so far.

Presumably, that’d be the one B. HUSSEIN!!!  Obambi’s uber-goons got to.

More to come.

UPDATE:  Done deal.  This version of the BBBB™ is dead.

And Wall Street is acting like a four-year-old who’s just been told that no, he can’t have a cookie.

Fine.  Let Wall Street crash.  Those of us who are left can pick up the pieces and start over.

At least there’ll be some of us left.  With this POS bill, we’d all  get creamed.


LC & IB BlackisWhite sent me this link via email last night, and I think the post, and the linked .pdf article, are well worthy of your time.

Go.  Shoo.


Remember I said that if Ed Hochuli was the best the NFL had to offer, that we were screwed?

I rest my effin’ case.

Arlington Heights 20, Dunbar 27

#24 Texas Christian 10, #2 Oklahoma 35

UBuffalo 25, at Central Michigan 27 (UBuffalo covers)

at Nebraska 20, Virginia Tech 35

at Dallas 24, Washington Foreskins 12, Fucking Excuses for NFL Zebras 14

Aw, come on! Is that all you got?! >


B. HUSSEIN!!!  Obambi doesn’t want you to see this video:

Send  your so-called “truth squads” after me, Obitchipoo.  I fucking dare you.


Why the Pentagon, bin Laden?

Some of us here think that targeting Redskin Foreskin Park would have cost you a lot less grief.

(And yes, TripleLinguiniDick, I said it. What the fuck  do you think you’re gonna do about it?  Not a damned fuckin’ thing, that’s  what, asswipe.)



Time to initiate a new category.

Well, seems the General here has got to enter the 21st century when it comes to staying in contact with the HQ and Battlestaff. Up until now, all I’ve ever used to stay in contact when I was off-base was your plain old simple cell phone. And for the most part I’ve stuck with Motorola RAZR phone for the past couple of years because of the big screen and small overall footprint.

But remember, your General is also a closet Linux fanboy. I still have a working Sharp ZAURUS SL-5500 that I tinker with every once and a while. Ahh, the good ol’ days of yore…….

So, when the HTC Dream was announced would use the Google Android mobile OS my interest perked up again. So much so, that today I cranked up my T-Mobile (yup, I use T-Mobile….when you get the kind of discount on the service I get, it was an easy decision) site and put my pre-order in for the G1 in lovely black. Yes, I’ve already read a bunch of the coverage on the G1, and yes I’m aware of the shortcomings the G1 has. but my opinion is that the things that the G1 is doing right is enough to outweigh the minor inconvenience of not having a headphone jack. Yes I know it also is missing Exchange/Outlook support by default, but I’m certain the developer community will have that shortcoming eliminated by the offical release date of October 22nd, prolly with a few days to spare!

As I said, to initiate the “Technology-ery” category I’m going to post about the G1 and my thoughts about it as it arrives next month. I’ll also try to cover the apps that I’ll add to the phone to make my life easier as I transition to a “smartphone” and the needs I’ll have that the phone will meet (hopefully).

Stay tuned.



Another giant of the screen and film has passed. Paul Newman passed away today at his home in Westbury, Connecticut. Go here and here for further coverage.

Even though he was clearly liberal in his political dealings, between Steve McQueen and a select few others, Paul Newman defined “cool” in the movies. Not to mention, Paul was darn good as well inside a race car. It was said that he would adjust his filming schedule to ensure he could get as much time at the track as was possible. Not only was Paul a driver, but he also was a car/team owner once he couldn’t race anymore.

And doggonnit, he made a really decent line of salad dressings.

He will be missed.


Looks like B. HUSSEIN!!!  Obambi’s Gestapo “truth squad” goons aren’t wasting any time:

A team of Obama-supporting prosecutors and sheriffs in Missouri is preparing to pursue legal challenges to any presidential campaign ads deemed to be false or misleading.

KMOV-TV in St. Louis reports District Attorney Robert McCulloch, a past president of the National District Attorneys Association, said that whether the ads could be attributed to an opponent’s campaign itself, or another organization, “If they’re not going to tell the truth, somebody’s got to step up and say, ‘That’s not the truth. This is the truth.’”

Would that be truth like, “B. HUSSEIN!!!  Obambi is a socialist, needle-dicked pussy faggot who doesn’t even possess the testicles in his family”?  Or perhaps, “B. HUSSEIN!!!  Obambi is nothing but a Shit-cago political machine hack  who doesn’t have the balls to fight his own fights, but has to hire thugs to do his fighting for him”?

That kind of truth, you mean?

Aw, come on! Is that all you got?! >



Denizens, remember the story about the Ant and the Grasshopper?  The one where the Ant worked his…well, his posterior sectionoid…off during the summer, and the Grasshopper mocked the Ant and blew his wad on Wine, Women And Song™?

Or somesuch.

And then the Grasshopper withered away and died come winter, while the Ant was safe, warm, and comfortable?

Now.  Remember the 1990s version of it where the Grasshopper claimed speciesism, had Kermit the Frog come and sing on Oprah, and the Ant had all his stuff taken away from him and given to the Grasshopper, ala Communism?  (Or Clintonism, as the case may be.)

Both versions are here, if you wanna read ‘em.

Michelle Malkin has written a beautiful revision of the tale – and hopefully she won’t be too mad, ’cause I’m gonna borrow it and post it below the fold. 

Aw, come on! Is that all you got?! >


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