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If the Core Teams™ are gonna suck like this, I gotta wonder why I keep doing this.

Arlington Heights 56, Western Hills 17

at TCU 7, TU Shortdicks 30

Liberty 24, at Gardner-Webb 0

at #4 Ohio State 63, Penn State 14

Dallas 30, at Detroit 31

Aw, come on! Is that all you got?! >


How can this possibly make sense? If I read this correctly, all this law does is places the same requirements on abortion providers as are levied on the rest of the medical community.



Okay, Denizens, since everyone else in the world, their dog, and its fleas has weighed in on The Big Hah Skrewl (a little Rush lingo, there) Football Controversy™…(sigh)…I s’pose I can, too.

And by The Big Hah Skrewl (a little Rush lingo, there) Football Controversy™…I’m talking about Aledo-Fort Worth Western Hills.  IOW, the big 91-0 shellacking of the Cougars by the Bearcats.

Some Western Hills soccer mom helicopter mom Stupid Cunt™ of a parent actually went so far as to file a formal bullying complaint against the Bearcat football team – a complaint that was eventually found to be utterly baseless.

A copy of the complaint obtained by The Associated Press quoted a parent, whose name was redacted by the Aledo school district, who said: “we all witnessed bullying firsthand.”

“Picking up my son from the fieldhouse after the game and taking him home was tough,” the complaint read. “I did not know what to say to my son on the ride home to explain the behavior of the aledo (sic) coaches for not easing up when the game was in hand.”

Except, you dumb-assed bitch, that’s exactly what Buchanan did – he started taking his starters out after only 21 plays.  Would it have made you any happier, trollop, had he left them in and ran up 150 points on the Cougars?  Because I guaran-damn-tee you he could have, very easily.

Listen, it’s not like I don’t know where you’re coming from – both OD Wyatt and my Arlington Heights Yellow Jackets got completly blown away by the Bearcats, both by an identical score of 84-7.  You think that makes me  happy to hear of it?  And I don’t even have a kid going there.

But at least I’m man enough to just let it go, and realize that Aledo could give several major college teams a run for their money.

On to the football.  Speaking of my Jackets, they whipped up on the aforementioned Cougars last night, 56-17 – in fact, since that Aledo beatdown, they themselves have averaged over 51 points a game.  Guess they weren’t as bad as I’d first thought (though Paschal still pisses me off).

Tomorrow, the TU Shortdicks Longhorns Shortdicks come a-calling on Gary Patterson’s TCU Horned Frogs.  TCU’s a two-point home favorite according to Vegas, so that means they expect TU to win it on a last-second field goal.

Casey Pachall will likely make his return, but he’ll be facing a defense that can get to the quarterback – and Pachall ain’t exactly Usain Bolt.  This one makes me nervous.

Also Saturday, Turner Gill gets to face the Gardner-Webb Runnin’ Bulldogs again.  Problem is, this time he has to face them with the Liberty Flames, instead of with the UBeefalo Bulls.

On the other hand, G-W got trounced by the same Coastal Carolina squad that barely squeaked by the Flames last week in OT, so no SpatulaLine™ here.

Sunday, it’ll be the Battle Of The Men Amongst Boys™, as Dez Bryant & the Dallas C’boyz travel up to Detroit to take on the Lions & Calvin “Megatron” Johnson.  I like Detroit in this one simply because 1) they’re at home, and 2) they have Ndomakong Suh & Nick Fairley in the defensive line.

Houston doesn’t play this weekend, so we’ll plug in another college game – and one, I might add, that’ll give me yet another PFW.

And I say this, because the game is Penn State (*hack, spit!) is going to Columbus to take on Urban Meyer and the fourth-ranked Ohio State Buckeyes.

Does anyone seriously  think the Nittany Pussies have a chance? 

We’re back Monday or so for the recap.


Just had an exchange on Facebook  with a lady from Texas who believes that Wendy Davis is going to be the next governor. As both of you are based in Texas, what are your assessments?


Denizens, maybe tonight I’ll have a football story on which to rant.  Right now, there’s not time to do diddly-squat.

For now, we have Arlington Heights-Western Hills (I’ll take Heights, you can have Hills & 6, based on common games vs. Aledo (/snark)); TCU hosts the TU Shortdicks; Liberty is at Gardner-Webb; Dallas is at Detroit, and Houston is guaranteed not to lose this week – for the obvious reason.

Recap’s Monday or so; I’ll have more tonight.


Katy Perry’s Firework  really does  sound like fingernails on chalkboard.


Denizens, as you may (or may not) know, I’ve pretty much eschewed Halloween for several years now.  Yeah, giving kiddies candy ‘n treats ‘n stuff is all cool ‘n all (when they bother even showing up) – but I’ve been fairly down on the goblins & spooks and general darkness  October Thirty-Oneth has turned into in recent years.

That said…Great Honkin’ Cthulhu, check out this costume:

It’s been a heck of a day for bizarre and captivating Halloween costumes. But the first prize definitely goes to California photographer Royce Hutain who designed a LED Halloween costume for his daughter that created a startling effect in which the toddler appears to be an animated stick figure.

“She is 22 months old and loves wearing the suit,” Hutain writes on his YouTube page. “I’ll be uploading a video of her in different locations running around and doing her usual funny stuff.”

Is that effin’ cool, or what?


Fox News’ Juan Williams said earlier today that it’s Republicans’ fault that the Bambicare websites utterly failed like they did.

Yes, he really said that.

Yes, he really said that.

He also said that two-thirds of Americans want Republicans to ease up on criticizing Bambi & the Demoscum.

Why the hell  did Roger Ailes ever think it was a good idea to bring this asshat aboard?


The future is Case Keenum.

Okay, Houston – you can stay.

Arlington Heights 54, OD Wyatt 21

TCU 10, at #21 Oklahoma State 24

#15 Georgia 27, at Vanderbilt 31

at Liberty 52, Coastal Carolina 55 (OT)

Houston 16, at Kansas City 17

Dallas 17, at Phuckadelphia 3

Aw, come on! Is that all you got?! >


My apologies this morning, Denizens, for not posting this yesterday.  Wasn’t time yesterday morning, and (as usual) once my avoirdupois ass hit the chair last night…zzzzzzz.

Anyway, I had promised that I was going to talk about Bob Costas and the “Redskins” controversy.  And may do that in the next couple of days, if there’s time.

But there isn’t right now, so let’s hit the football.  Arlington Heights trampled OD Wyatt last night, 54-21 (dammit, where was this group against Paschal?), so that’s one for me.

Today, TCU is at 21st-ranked Okie State (for the second straight year – grrrrr), and OSU is a 7½-point favorite; they should cover easily.

15th-ranked Georgia is a Vanderbilt today – and if the Dawgs know what’s good for ‘em, they’ll more than cover their own 7-point spread.

Liberty hosts Coastal Carolina in a Big South matchup – and, given how CC manhandled the Flames last year, the SpatulaLine™ is set at 50.

Houston…well, I know I shouldn’t do this, but since they tapped Case Keenum to start at Kansas Shitty (fuck you, Fatassed Andy Reid, you had no business beating Dallas), they’re back in the PFW this week, even though they’ll likely get their heads handed to them.

As for the Cowboys, they’re up in Phuckadelphia this week, where Mikey “Woof!” Vick is going to take a back seat to Nick Foles, who will probably shred the Girlz’ secondary a la  Peyton Manning.

We’re back Monday for the recap.  Now, if you’ll excuse me…I have to go work up a rant for Widdle Roberta Costas…


NFL coaching legend for the Houston Oilers and New Orleans Saints, Bum Phillips, passed away Friday at age 90.

Prayers and condolences go out to his family, especially the six children including son Wade Phillips.

The rain and colder weather here at the Southern Command add a certain exclamation point to this sullen time. You will be missed Coach Phillips!


Seems that the cupid stunts over at Moron.org have clamored up something possibly resembling a set of soap-bubble cajones and are pushing forth this petition.

An online petition posted this week to Moron.org (edited for clarification – SGR) calling for President Barack Obama to “arrest and try House GOP leadership for sedition” has generated thousands of signatures.

Well, if you spineless weasels insist on going there then you best be watching your own bulbous backsides cause that just opens the floor! I had a worthy retort all lined up and ready to go, but I found this already penned.

I could not care less if they arrest Boehner and Cantor. But, that will not solve the problem. By these pigs saying ‘arrest GOP’, that is like saying; “Arrest ALL Republicans” I told you this would happen and it is.

The fact remains that the only person who needs to be arrested for treason and sedition is Barack Hussein Obama, born in Kenya-his father not legit, making HIM not our president…

Yup, that is it in a nutshell denizens. And don’t forget, Al-Obambi has more than TRIPLED our national debt in just over fieve years to where now it is about to go over $17T. Folks, that “T” for TRILLION. As in the number seventeen followed by TWELVE zeroes, aka 17,000,000,000,000.00. That fact alone is enough to call for treason proceedings in my book. Then add in all of the scandals like Benghazi, EPA, IRS, NSA, Fannie, Freddie, the Gaffmaster, and the flat out lies and utterly complete contempt for the US Constitution by the current occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, you get to the same conclusion rather quickly and easily as well. Not to mention, Al-Obambi is still actively trying to cram the so-called “Affordable” Care Act on us and all the while still not listening to WE THE PEOPLE when we say HELL NO!

Deniznes, the call for action has gone out time and time again. This time though, more are responding…like those from “The Greatest Generation”, our WWII veterans. Men and women who understand the difference between right and wrong, and what true justice looks like. Stay vigilant.



Item:  Bambi today blamed the recent partial governmental shutdown  on “meddling bloggers and ‘activists who profit from conflict’”.

Reaction:  Where’s my paycheck?


I really have mixed feelings about this. On the one hand I never really expected this to end any other way than the way that it has, but at the same time the eternal optimist in me keeps hoping that our elected leaders will see the handwriting on the wall and actually fix our fiscal house. More and more I fear that the day when our entire government and society implodes is not far off.


Y’know, when I added Houston to the PFW, I should have realized that Wade Phillips was a coach on a staff of a team that was starting a backup quarterback.

And didn’t I just leave that party?

Arlington Heights 40, South Hills 16

at TCU 27, Kansas 17

at #7 Georgia 26, #25 Missouri 41

#12 Oklahoma 20, TU Shortdicks 36 (at Dallas)

at Houston 13, St. Louis 38

at Dallas 31, Washington REDSKINS!!!!!! 16

Aw, come on! Is that all you got?! >


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