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I really have mixed feelings about this. On the one hand I never really expected this to end any other way than the way that it has, but at the same time the eternal optimist in me keeps hoping that our elected leaders will see the handwriting on the wall and actually fix our fiscal house. More and more I fear that the day when our entire government and society implodes is not far off.


Our nation has survived over 200 years. In that time we have overcome many things, and generally come through our trials a stronger and more cohesive nation. That is until the last generation or so. Now our enemies are within, and they seek to destroy us by dividing us. Here is just the latest attempt. In knuckling under to the demands of this activist group, Chaplain Reyes commander has shown that he is unfit to command a latrine, and  he should be removed immediately. Unfortunately, given the current climate in our government, that will not happen.


Denizens, we’re once again praying for the Outer Northern Rim&#153, as Oklahoma City is going through another series of tornadoes.&#160 (Moore is near there, too, so extra prayers will be needed.)

That is an order.&#160 Thatisall&#153.


This week my brother begins round two of chemotherapy for pancreatic cancer. Round one was oral chemo and radiation treatment which he completed with few side effects. Round two is intravenous and he has been told that it is rougher on the body. Please keep him in your prayers.


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