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Denizens, the PFW recap (for those of you on the edge of yer seats in rapt anticipation ) will be either late tonight or tomorrow.&#160 Just not enough time at the moment.



Yet another in a series of One-Legged Man&#153 days today, Denizens.

Check back tomorrow…(zzzzzzzzzzzzzz)


Guys, I’m still here.&#160 Still here, still with only one leg (sometimes none), and still with lots of asses to kick.

After I kick them, maybe I’ll get a chance to blog.

Don’t go anywhere.


No time to write about squat today, Denizens, so here’s another one from soon-to-be-regular-correspondent Lady Heather del Jeep Wrangler:

Yes, that’s right:&#160 It’s a redneck wedding cake.

And, truth be told, it looks a helluva lot tastier than the three I’ve had…


Okay, so I was slammed at work yesterday, went out for the evening last night, and I’m having to catch up on chores today that force me to leave the house.

This is why My Eternal Wisdom&#153 isn’t reaching your eyes.

Seriously.&#160 I’ve got lots of things to say – especially some choice nuggets about Cianderella “Pavlov’s Dog” Tierney (you’ll see why I call him that in comments shortly, assuming I haven’t banned his skanky pseudo-Irish Michigan ass and just forgotten about it) – I simply don’t have time to write at the moment.

(sigh) I need a vacation…


I don’t even have time to tell you I don’t even have time. (sigh)


First it was a flu bug, caught during the wildly-successful Texas Blogfest 2005, that laid me low.

Then it was the massive increase in my workload brought about by the closing of the warehouse where my Evil Technician’s Laboratory&#153 was located, and my subsequent transfer to my company’s business office and call center.

On top of all that, a client of mine (from my Side Business That Loses Money Hand Over Fist&#153) had her machine go toes up on her.&#160 It’s only the heart of her business, you understand, and since several local governments depend on her, and the asshats at the *spit* Environ-loon Prick-sucking Agency *spit* can throw her in the hoosegow without the documentation that was on this box…

The point of all this carping is that, in addition to The Six Or Seven Of You Who Still Read This Blog&#153, I’ve promised stuff to a couple others of you that I haven’t yet gotten around to delivering.

Your patience thus far is very much appreciated.&#160 Please be a little more patient.&#160 Your stuff’s on the way, promise.


It’s a One-Legged Man&#153 day today, guys.&#160 I’ll get to stuff as I can.

Figures…open up a new blog and now I’m too busy to post on it… (grumble grumble grouse)


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