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One night late in 1979, an itinerant young physicist named Alan Guth, with a new son and a year’s appointment at Stanford, stayed up late with his notebook and equations, venturing far beyond the world of known physics.

He was trying to understand why there was no trace of some exotic particles that should have been created in the Big Bang. Instead he discovered what might have made the universe bang to begin with. A potential hitch in the presumed course of cosmic evolution could have infused space itself with a special energy that exerted a repulsive force, causing the universe to swell faster than the speed of light for a prodigiously violent instant.

If true, the rapid engorgement would solve paradoxes like why the heavens look uniform from pole to pole and not like a jagged, warped mess. The enormous ballooning would iron out all the wrinkles and irregularities. Those particles were not missing, but would be diluted beyond detection, like spit in the ocean.
On Monday, Dr. Guth’s starship came in. Radio astronomers reported that they had seen the beginning of the Big Bang, and that his hypothesis, known undramatically as inflation, looked right.
If corroborated, Dr. Kovac’s work will stand as a landmark in science comparable to the recent discovery of dark energy pushing the universe apart, or of the Big Bang itself.

That there was a creation event as described in Genesis is indisputably confirmed by this week’s Big Bang scientific breakthrough, an Israeli physicist who is also an Orthodox Jew claims. A secular Israeli professor, unsurprisingly, insists that the Bible and the Big Bang are “not related.”
For believing Jews, the story of the Big Bang resonates perfectly with the story of creation told in Genesis, Aviezer said. “Without addressing who or what caused it, the mechanics of the creation process in the Big Bang match the Genesis story perfectly. If I had to make up a theory to match the first passages in Genesis, the Big Bang theory would be it,” said Aviezer.

According to Genesis, the universe was created from a ball of energy and light that appeared suddenly from nothingness — exactly the same ball of energy and light described in the Big Bang theory. Throughout the centuries, creation ex nihilo was considered impossible, but today it is taken as scientific fact, said Aviezer.
Accepting this has nothing to do with religion, he added; no less a personage than Cambridge University cosmologist Prof. Steven Hawking wrote that “the actual point of creation lies outside the scope of presently known laws of physics.”

None of the above will convince those who deny God, that there is such a thing as God, but once again it seems that the more we learn about the universe in which we live, the more the Bible is corroborated.


This is appalling, but thanks to the gutless wonders being promoted to flag rank by our current Commander in Chief, such actions can be expected to continue!

Mikey Weinstein is supposedly a graduate of the USAF academy. it is my guess that he was a marginal performer.

My mistake, Weinstein was apparently a good officer.


It seems that the price people are willing to pay for tickets to the Super bowl have been going down, the current price being just under $1800 a head. Even this *low* price is out of reach to most Americans.  In addition, it seems that the lowest price tickets for regular season tickets are about a hundred dollars. With the average player salary being about $1.9 million dollars, pro football is most assuredly not a poor man’s game.

While I personally would not be caught dead paying these prices to be entertained, I have no quarrel with those who do. However I do have a question. Professional athletes and other top rank entertainers make a tremendous amount of money working in a vocation which really contributes very little to our society, and the left has no problem; Let a man who runs a company which provides jobs to tens of thousands of people make the same money, and the left screams bloody murder. Where is the logic here?


This is an example of Federal government logic, do we really want them managing our health care?



Those were the words of our President on this day in 1941. Today most folks seem to have forgotten what happened shortly after 0700 at Pearl Harbor on this day in 1941. While I could rant and rave about how we so quickly forget, such a rant would be misplaced and wrong headed. The Japanese attack happened 72 years ago, and it is fitting and proper that while we should not forget, we should also move on. We best honor those who gave their lived in our nation’s defense by working to make something of ourselves, our community and our nation, not by continual mourning.

As I understand history, this has been the nature of Humanity for most of our existence. Our ancestors would honor and mourn their dead, but they would quickly move on. The nature of life and death in the past demanded this. In times gone by death was a part of daily life. Accident and disease killed people every day and the grind of daily life left little time for grieving or for dwelling on memorials.

Today our success in extending human life, and in making that life easier and more disease free has given us an odd desire to dwell on those who have died. In doing this we help no one, the living or the dead. Yes, we should remember and grieve for those who are taken from us, especially those who are taken by tragedies such as Pearl Harbor, Oklahoma city and Sandy Hook, but if you would truly honor them, move on, do not dwell on the tragedy, but look forward to the life yet to come.


On this national day of Thanks giving I am mulling over tome of the things for which I give thanks. Right at the top of the list is that God sent his son as the perfect sacrifice for my sins. On a more human level, God has allowed me an amazing family all of whom are healthy, fed, clothed and who have a roof over their heads. As I look at the world around me, I realize just how fortunate this makes me and my family.

We in the USA have our poor and destitute, but even they as a class have much for which to be thankful. American poor are still better off than about 80% of the world’s people, and unlike many in other nations, our poor have the opportunity to improve their circumstances.

As we celebrate this day of prayer and thanksgiving, we need to remember those who are still struggling to recover from natural disaster, who are in fear of their lives because of beliefs they hold, those who are oppressed because they are of the wrong race or sex, and those who are dealing with ongoing, or terminal health issues.

Last but certainly not least, I ask that we give thanks for the service of those in our armed forces who serve far from home defending our freedom from those who would take it from us.





Earlier today some guy named Steve Crager made a post to Facebook about remembering our uniformed men and women who’s commitment to the defense of our Constitution prevents them from celebrating the holidays with their loved ones. All smart alec comments aside, I have to agree wholeheartedly with this stranger. This year we have retail store employees complaining because they have to go into their urban, or suburban, climate controlled workplaces, on Thanksgiving day, work their 6-8 hours, and then go home to their families. While these folks are busy telling the world how unfair this is, we have other men and women working the same thanksgiving holiday, but they do so in an environment in which anyone they meet might be wanting to kill them, they work in temperature extremes, and live in less than pleasant environments far away from any loved ones. They have n0 guarantee that they will get out of this job alive or in one piece. The amazing thing is that they seem not to complain, they merely fulfill the oath they took to defend our Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic.

Might I suggest that the weenies who work at Walmart and the like need to get a life?



I spent eleven years of my life standing in the defence of our nation’s constitution, and I understand that the General served for even longer. That document was written to provide the government necessary for a civil society, and at the same time to protect us from being oppressed by that government. More and more it seems that our government does not care about the document which is supposed to be our supreme law. Read this, and try to keep your temper.

It seems that after a routine traffic stop, the police in a New Mexico town decided that the driver had drugs concealed within his body. They took him to the local hospital, did anal probes, gave him enemas and forced him to defecate in front of hospital staff and the police. All this without a warrant. After finding no drugs, the driver was released and the hospital sent him the bill.

General, remind me again why we served?


How can this possibly make sense? If I read this correctly, all this law does is places the same requirements on abortion providers as are levied on the rest of the medical community.



I really have mixed feelings about this. On the one hand I never really expected this to end any other way than the way that it has, but at the same time the eternal optimist in me keeps hoping that our elected leaders will see the handwriting on the wall and actually fix our fiscal house. More and more I fear that the day when our entire government and society implodes is not far off.


Denizens, as we start this very late edition of the Perfect Football Weekend (late because I said I was gonna do it last night, and fell asleep in my Comfy Chair&#153 again), I am reminded of this story about which the Vicar posted about three weeks ago or so.

On Facebook.

(mock glare at the Vicar)

Anyway, he posted about it thusly:

The issue here is not homosexuality, it is the inability of a group of students to conduct themselves in a civil manner at a university event.

(This all ties into the PFW because there were Ole Miss football players in the audience.)

I’m going to play Devil’s Advocate&#153 and respond in kind:

In fact, it is&#160 about homosexuality heterophobia.&#160 Or, to be a little more blunt about it, the constant shoving thereof into the faces of those – yours truly included – who don’t want a damned fucking thing to do with it.

I mean, really.&#160 As I have said time, and time, and time again – the issue with the sodomites isn’t that they want tolerance – I tolerate them sufficiently in that I’ve never given any of them the ass-whipping of their miserable lives.

Leave me be, I leave you be.

No, what they want is for you & me & everyone else on God’s Green Earth&#153 to say that what they do is okay.&#160 Just fine & fucking dandy – in fact, even preferred&#160 in some cases.&#160 Otherwise, why all the parades, the rallies, the beatdowns (sometimes even physically) on people who don’t subscribe whole hog to the blatant heterophobia?


And, as they themselves say in their little “NOH8” screechings…silence is consent.

Now, as I understand it, the Ole Miss footballers were forced, as part of their curriculum, to attend this indoctrination play.&#160 In other words, this was nothing more than “thenthitivity twaining”.

I would have disrupted the damned thing, too.&#160 Hell – I’d’ve kicked the ass of the bastard who assigned it to me.

On to the football.&#160 Phil Young’s Arlington Heights Yellow Jackets got their second win in a row last night, beating the South Hills Scorpions, 40-16.&#160 One for me.

Saturday, Gary Patterson’s TCU Horned Frogs should – I said should – get a gimme game at home against the U. of Kansas.&#160 As we know, Rock Chalk has been spinning its wheels for a few years now, which cost Turner Gill his job.&#160 (Frankly, I was hoping Turner could hang on long enough to coach this game; I was looking forward to going and possibly getting to say hello.&#160 C’est la vie).

Anyway, TCU has this pull-your-hair-out-annoying habit of playing down to its competition.&#160 And Vegas has the Frogs as a near-solid 25-point favorite, so Jaden Overkrom will have to win this one at the gun with his foot.

Also Saturday, seventh-ranked Georgia (See what you guys get for nearly letting Tennessee beat you?) is a 7&#189-point home favorite vs, 25th-ranked Mizzou.&#160 I like the Dawgs’ chances here, but not by too much.

UPDATE:&#160 And just for this one week only, we’re gonna follow the Red River Shootout Rivalry Pink Taffeta Ballet Shootout.&#160 It is, of course, OU-Texas weekend, and since 12th-ranked OU is&#160 a former PFW team…and since I hate Mack Brown & TU with the purplest of passions…

Sunday, the Houston Tex-annes should – again, I say should – end their losing streak against the St. Louis Ewes Rams Ewes.&#160 Hell, Gary Kubiak – if the Cowgirlz can whip them and you can’t, what’ll that say for you…?

Speaking of the Cowgirlz, they get one more chance to stay in this little soiree against the Washington REDSKINS!!!!! (see what I did there, you politically correct bastards?&#160 Suck it.) and Robert Griffin III.

(Yeah, I would go into the Second Coming&#153 bit – but as long as the pussies on the Left insist on making the Redskin name an issue, ARRRRRRR GEEEEEEE THREEEEEEEEEE!!!!!&#160 gets something of a pass.

They say Griffin’s still a bit gimpy.&#160 Yeah?&#160 So was it the case for the last game last season, and how’d that&#160 work out for the Cowgirlz?

We’re back Monday or so with the recap. In the meantime, my question for the Vicar is…what am I paying you for, anyway?&#160


Here is a blog post which purports to have quotes from a book by a Secret Service  agent, giving the inside thoughts of the Secret Service about various presidents. It is absolutely interesting, but I urge caution. The quotes are so one sided that I have to wonder just how true it is.

Upon further research I found this. It seems that like many blog articles, this one was a mixture of fact and fiction. Interestingly, with the exception of Obama, the blog article got it right on the presidents. What makes this particularly interesting is that this article shows that the post 1960 Republican Presidents were decent people, while the Democrats have essentially been scum.


The Vicar wonders what the General’s response will be when Private(E1) Manning’s request for transgender hormone therapy arrives on his desk.


Attitudes such as this, create the dependency class that our President relies on for so much of his support.


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