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Denizens, in the wake of the death of my friend, I’ve been giving some serious thought to things, and asking some serious questions.

It’s pretty much a given, when my medical condition is taken into account, that there are fewer days ahead than behind.  I go on the page for my high school class, and I see how many of my friends – some I literally grew up with – have passed on (some many years ago, not to put too fine a point on it), and I begin to wonder how much time I have left.

And that  question begs others.

Am I making the best use of my time presently?  Are there more productive things I can be doing?

What about This Fine Blog™?  What with my schedule being what it is, it’s difficult enough to crank out a post a night – and that’s when I know exactly what I wanna write about and  exactly what I wanna say.

In fact, I was talking about this with the Vicar a little bit ago, and I made the observation that this is just like 1996, when I shut down the original BBS – not enough time to give this the effort it properly deserves.  And if I do commit to continuing this, what does it say about me to be half-hearted (half-assed?) about it?

These are ongoing questions for which the answers aren’t immediately available.  For now, I intend to keep doing this, but I’m not going to bust my ass trying to crank something out every day.  I figure you guys might get a better quality of rant that way.

(Besides, that’s why I hired other writers – right, Vicar?  Right, General???  (grin))

So, you douchebags in the Church of the SubTarded™ can mourn a little bit longer.  I’m not going away, and your pussified reverend Mykki Chickenshit has proven he’d rather play with his inflatable dolls for a sixth straight year.

(And you’d thought I’d forgotten about that, huh?)


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