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Here is the text of a post I made to Usenet this morning:

The article from which I am quoting can be found here.

An authoritative new analysis of the fall Electoral College vote finds President Obama just 23 Electoral Votes shy of reelection, and he could lose up to five states won in 2008 and still beat Mitt Romney.

But his hold is so weak and and the economy such a threat that Romney could win it all just by taking Virginia, a finding that should vault Gov. Bob McDonnell into the top tier of potential vice presidential nominees.

What I find interesting about this article is the distribution of the electoral vote. The Democrats get the northeast, the upper Midwest,the west coast and Hawaii. with the exception of New Mexico and Colorado, the Republicans get everything else.

This sort of distribution makes it easy for those of us who live in “red” states to look around, see no one who like the President, and assume that he will lose. To do such is a huge mistake. If Obama is turned out in November, it will be because he lost states in these solidly Democratic areas. If Romney cannot pull votes in those states, he has lost.


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