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Okay, so, Romney won Nevada.&#160 Clear victory, too – he actually won a majority, pullng in 54% to the 12% pulled in by McRINO and the Twoofer, RuPaul.&#160 (Huckabee placed fourth, with a whopping 9%.)

In S. Carolina, the Huckster finished second, with 30%; Fred! was third with 16%, placing ahead of Romney’s 15%.&#160 (As you know, Fred! extricated himself from the race earlier today.)

All these men trailed the winner of S. Carolina…John-boy McRINO, with 33%.

I have a question for South Carolina GOP:&#160 WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOUR MORONS?

This is the same McRINO who has taken away our right to say what we want, when we want, through McRINO-Feingold.&#160 Same guy who bitched about us over the zhamnesty issue.&#160 The leader of the “Gang of Fourteen” that prevented President Bush from nominating conservative judges to the benches, thus creating judicial backlogs, thus exacerbating an already overtaxed court system.

And you people voted&#160 for this assclown?

And, in so doing, caused the most conservative candidate in the race to decide he was beating his head agasint a brick wall and quit?&#160 Do you dumbasses realize what you’ve fucking done???

By not giving your vote to Fred!, you have pretty much guaranteed that a conservative will not occupy the White House in 2009.&#160 You have all but guaranteed that the next few Supreme Court judges will be fucking socialist activists who don’t give a shit about our God-given freedoms or the Constitution that protects them.&#160 That’s our right to free speech, our right to defend ourselves, our right to be secure in our papers & effects, our right against self-incrimination that you’ve helped to basically give away (among others).

What in the Hell&#153 were you people thinking?????

We are now left with a choice between a liberal Republican governor who’s Der Kaiser’s functional clone; another governor whom the liberals in Massachusetts had no problem electing to office; and McRINO.&#160 This is what you idiots want?!?!?!


The Republican may very well win in November – but it’ll be without my vote.

And to those of you who want to bitch at me for “throwing away” my vote, or who say “if you don’t vote, you’re just giving the White House to Hillary” – look:&#160 There is no functional difference between anyone who’s left in the GOP, and either the Duchess or&#160 B. Hussein Osama Obama.&#160 None.

McRINO may keep trying to fight the war against terrorism a little longer than the Demoscum, but he’ll eventually cave.&#160 On that, you can safely bank.&#160 Huckaclown’s already called our foreign policy “arrogant”, and Cthulu knows that Romney’s FP expeience can fit in a thimble with room left over.

So, since there are no conservatives left in the race, this conservative will likely sit it out, too.

That, and load up on the ammo.

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5 responses to “On Nevada & the morons of S. Carolina”

  1. Anthony L. says:

    I wouldn’t bitch at anyone who is a republican for throwing away their vote. Couple of thoughts here. Hillary in the White House could actually be entertaining. I don’t honestly believe she would stand a chance at getting any of her lofty socialist programs past the Congress, much less the American people. Another observation; Bill is going to fuck her 7 ways to Sunday in the general election. The asshole just cannot keep his mouth shut, or his big ass out of the public eye. This will hurt her. The people might just bite on a Hillary ticket, but they do not, repeat do not want another BJ presidency. Think about that for a moment. BJ by virtue of his sleaziness and voter disdain cost his Vice President the office in 2000 during relatively good times, to a weak Republican candidate at best. Both Hillary and Obama are easy candidates to beat, for different reasons.

    There are fundamental differences between the dem and rep candidates, but of the big 3, Huckapoo is essentially a dem. I don’t like any of them, but I suppose I will have to hold my nose again and vote. Half a loaf is better than no loaf at all. There is far too much at stake both domestically and foreign to allow the dems control of Congress and the White House. I don’t give a flying fart in an f-4 tornado about the Republican party, I am more concerned with the Nation as a whole. Having said all that, I will vote for ANYONE not Hillary or Obama in November.

  2. David Hartung says:


    WHile I haven’t made up my mind for certain, I a moving in your direction. Thus far, I have seen nothing in either Romney, Guiliani, or McCain which would cause me to vote for them. In the case of Huckabee, I have some serious questions.

  3. Keep in mind that SC has an open primary – people who are not registered Republicans can vote in it. Add to that Fred’s departure – the conservative vote is now less split. McFeingold is toast.

    Of the remaining candidates, Romney is probably the best bet, based on the fact that American Conservative union president David Keene endorses him. An ACU prez should be a good judge of who is good for conservatism.

    At the very least, somebody who actually makes an Olympics profitable has to know a lot about economics and finance. And is only two miracles away from qualifying for Catholic sainthood 🙂

  4. Robert Huntingdon says:

    Honestly, I don’t like any of them, but if Romney would just get his head out of his rectum on health care he would *probably* be “survivable”… and that may be the best we can hope for.


  5. Anthony L. says:

    I was saying *any* candidate (save for Ron Paul) is a better alternative than the demoscum offering. This is true, no matter how you say it. I am not pleased with having to vote against someone again, but by G-d I will if that is what it takes to keep a bona-fide socialist out of office (both of them, or 3 if you include Obama).

    It is crunch time for our team, and if I may use a football analogy, this is a fumble on our part. Pick up the fucking ball and run for the goal. We can put our house in order after we win the game. This will be much easier to do from the perspective of winners rather than losers no matter who wins the primary.

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