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[Scene: Aboard a Martok-class dreadnought, as yet unnamed.&#160 In the Engineering section, a swarthy Klingon (but we repeat ourselves) oversees several more Klingons, five or six Cardassians, a couple of Gorn and about eight or nine Naussicans.&#160 The Klingon overlord carries a painstick with him, and he’s not necessarily above using it to make a point every now and then – although the Klingons under his command seems to relish that sort of thing.&#160 Never mind.

Off to the side, about 10 feet from the overlord, a large mass of energy shimmers into view.&#160 The mass solidifies to reveal His Rudeness, Merlin, Chief Engineer Ozymandias McCool and Captain Korrioth.&#160 The overlord moves to greet them.]

KLINGON OVERLORD:&#160 Admiral.&#160 To what do we owe the privilege?

LSIK&T:&#160 We noticed that you’re a little behind schedule, Commander K’tinghe.&#160 Is everything okay over here?

CMDR. K’TINGHE (gulping audibly – he was hoping they wouldn’t have noticed):&#160 We…uh…we’ve run into a few difficulties with some of the materials that those damned Ferengi sold us.

KORRIOTH (angrily):&#160 You were supposed to procure those materials from the Shelliak!!!

CMDR. K’TINGHE:&#160 They wouldn’t sell to us…!!!

LSIK&T:&#160 Easy, gentlemen.&#160 Commander, I expect to be notified when issues like this arise.&#160 This vessel is to become the flagship of the Realm&#153 fleet, and I want no surprises when it undergoes its maiden voyage.&#160 Do I make myself clear, sir?

[There is unmistakeable fear in Cmdr K’tinghe’s eyes now as he nods his head violently.]

CMDR. K’TINGHE:&#160 I beg forgiveness, m’Lord.&#160 I will redouble my efforts!

LSIK&T:&#160 That’s appreciated, Commander.&#160 We will pay a visit to the Shelliak and…ah…smooth over&#160 the misunderstanding.

CMDR. K’TINGHE:&#160 Thank you, m’Liege.

LSIK&T (to Korrioth):&#160 Captain, return to Pegasus&#160 and lay in a course for the Shelliak Corporate.&#160 I’ll join you shortly.&#160 And contact Spacedock and have a contingent of quantum torpedoes loaded into the weapons bay.

KORRIOTH (grinning broadly):&#160 Aye.

Denizens, work on the IV project had slowed to a virtual crawl, but I’ve managed to get at least a little bit of work done on it.&#160 Hope to have more news soon.

As always, watch this space.

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  1. Supreme General Rayegun — February 19, 2008 @ 5:37 pm


    Okay if I have the imagery correct this time (and the hints given in this post are not THAT subtle), I would like to inform you that the General’s Command Post will also be upgrading to “IV” RSN. Like probably this weekened.

    Due for delivery on Friday the 22nd is the new “Unobtanium” Battle Staff Core Receptacle, the old Hal 9000 unit will be replaced with a “Virgil” model 9500, and various other Battle Staff equipment will be given more modern enclosures befitting their upstanding demands which will also allow for “future weapon systems upgrades”.

    So I believe that will sufficiently remove us from the “Outer Rim” territories and CLEARLY place us in the “Southern Command” realm. All denials otherwise shall be summarily courts martialed and the offender will be strapped to the next outgoing “space disposal container” for deliverly to Rura Penthe.

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