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If you’ve read this blog for any length of time at all, you know that I am a professing Christian.&#160 (Whether I practice&#160 Christianity very well or not is a topic for another post.)&#160 I believe in a Father God who created the earth in six literal days, then rested on the seventh.

Yeah.&#160 That&#160 one.

And I also believe in His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, who came to earth as a baby, fully God and fully man at the same time, lived a 33-year life completely devoid of sin, then was crucified on a cross and arose from the grave three days later, thus atoning for the sins of whomever of mankind will believe and accept the free gift.

Okay?&#160 Okay.

So you know that I believe in God’s Word to His creation, a.k.a. the Holy Bible, and in its inerrancy.&#160 I cannot fathom that a God who created all that we see around us, and beyond, could screw up something as simple as a communication to the people He created and loves.&#160 I cannot imagine, given that our eternal souls are at stake, that He would not custom-craft His message to us right down to the very last jot and tittle.

Anyway, before I go off on a completely different tangent, the point is that I believe the Bible when it says that homosexuality is an abomination.&#160 And I’m completely on board with God having destroyed Sodom & Gomorrah because of their perversions, as opposed to some supposed “inhospitality” as the heterophobic community would have you believe.

All that said, there are those of us who don’t quite have the message of the Gospel down pat, and just need to have things explained to them.

And then there are complete and utter damnfools&#160 like Fred Phelps.

Phelps, as you probably know, runs a site called “God Hates Fags”.&#160 (No, I’m not&#160 posting the link to this bozo – do your own legwork if you really want to visit him.)&#160 Rather than despise the things that the beloved creations do (as God does), Phelps has taken it upon himself to despise the creations themselves.

Now it seems as if his abject hatred is starting to devolve into paranoid delusion.&#160 He’s blaming last week’s Islamonazi attack on an American convoy which killed 5 Marines on – are you sitting down? – the fact that he’s been getting picked on.

A Kansas preacher and gay rights foe whose congregation is protesting military funerals around the country said he’s coming to Idaho on Wednesday to picket the memorial for an Idaho National Guard soldier killed in Iraq.

A flier on the Web site of Pastor Fred Phelps’ Westboro Baptist Church claims God killed Cpl. Carrie French with an improvised explosive device in retaliation against the United States for a bombing at Phelps’ church six years ago.

Say what????&#160&#160 This has to be one of the most asshatted things I’ve ever read.&#160 I mean, I know about the admonitions about “coming against the Lord’s annointed” and all, but Phelps now has such an elevated opinion of himself that anyone who merely disagrees&#160 with him is now subject to God’s wrath?

Does that include me too, Freddie, m’boy?&#160 Because I think (checks below) that you’re definitely&#160 a few feathers short of a whole duck.

Westboro Baptist either has protested or is planning protests of other public funerals of soldiers from Michigan, Alabama, Minnesota, Virginia and Colorado. A protest is planned for July 11 at Dover Air Force Base, the military base where war dead are transported before being sent on to their home states.

Oh, I can just imagine&#160 the reception he’s gonna get there, ayup.

French, 19, was a Caldwell High School graduate and varsity cheerleader. She was killed June 5 in the northern city of Kirkuk. French served as an ammunition specialist with the 116th Brigade Combat Team’s 145th Support Battalion.

Phelps said the fact that French led an all-American life gives him all the more reason to picket her final public tribute.

“An all-American girl from a society of all-American heretics,” he said.

And an all-American dumbfuck who thinks he’s a preacher.

“Our attitude toward what’s happening with the war is the Lord is punishing this evil nation for abandoning all moral imperatives that are worth a dime,” Phelps said.

Lookit,&#160 Freddie, m’boy.&#160 I don’t disagree that America is ripe for God’s judgement, okay?&#160 And I certainly know that this country has all but forsaken its moral foundations.

But to believe that God’s gonna smite us just because we think you’re a bloomin’ idiot is beyond the pale.&#160 God’s gonna take care of America in His time, for His reasons.&#160 He doesn’t need the excuse that we’ve supposedly been mistreating a shit-for-brains that’s been pretending to speak on His behalf.

Take a flying leap, Froot Loop Freddie.&#160 You’re not doing anything to further the cause of Christianity here.

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3 responses to “What is&#160 it with this guy?”

  1. David Hartung says:

    If, God forbid, one of our local Soldiers should be killed, I hope that this Jerk tries to picket the Funeral. I might just have to gather som eof my friends and explain to him the error of his ways. Prefferably with a Baseball Bat, or perhaps an ax handle!

  2. JC says:

    Yeah, he’s been *axing* for it these past few years. Phred Phelps the Phagophobe seems to desperately need a taste of his own–or stronger–medicine. But he may have become too unhinged by now to digest it.

  3. LC Wil says:

    I’ll be watching for it myself, but if you get info as to when this low-life SOB will be protesting in Virginia, please be kind enough to let me know.

    I and a few hundred of my close friends (all ex-military or families of same) would like to have a short word with him….


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