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Well, Denizens, it’s happened again.  The will of the people of a town has been usurped in favor of pendejo  jackals who have no business being here by a pair of faggots posing as lawyers and by a Stupid Cunt™ half-assed double-assed, tin-horned, black-robed tyrant excuse-for-a judge.

So far, the third time is not the charm for Farmers Branch.

U.S. District Judge Jane Boyle issued a temporary restraining order today barring the city from implementing its latest ordinance aimed at halting property rentals to illegal immigrants.

(The attorneys, if you’re curious, are John-boy Bickel and Widdle Willie Brewer of the limp-wristed law firm Bickel & Brewer. (And yes, John Boy & Billy, that’s my Consitutionally-guaranteed opinion of you, just from looking at those smirks on your little faggot faces – I think you’ve both visited your share of bathhouses in your day))  Pussies who don’t give two flying fucks about the citizens  of this country, but cream their pants at the thought of giving it to illegal aliens.

Mayor Tim O’Hare said he wasn’t surprised at the judge’s decision, though he thought it was wrong.

“I think the will of the people of Farmers Branch is not being carried out,” he said. “I think you’ll ultimately see this matter resolve by the U.S. Supreme Court.

To Hell™ with them.  I’d pay real money to see Farmers Branch tell this bitch Janie Boyle (are you any relation to porn star Lisa Boyle, you fucking pene-sucking puta?) what she can go do with herself and do the license requirement anyway.  It’s getting to be about time we told these star-chamber bench-jockeys that we  run our cities & towns, not  them.

By whatever means we may need to tell the bastards.

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