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Remember I said that if Ed Hochuli was the best the NFL had to offer, that we were screwed?

I rest my effin’ case.

Arlington Heights 20, Dunbar 27

#24 Texas Christian 10, #2 Oklahoma 35

UBuffalo 25, at Central Michigan 27 (UBuffalo covers)

at Nebraska 20, Virginia Tech 35

at Dallas 24, Washington Foreskins 12, Fucking Excuses for NFL Zebras 14

Quoting directly from DFW Varsity.com:

Nicholas Rockwell broke up a fourth-down pass to clinch Fort Worth Dunbar’s 27-20 victory against Fort Worth Arlington Heights. On offense, Rockwell threw two touchdown passes as Dunbar (4-1) won its fourth straight, and Darius White caught an 88-yard touchdown pass and returned a punt 85 yards for a touchdown. Heights (3-2) had significantly better stats, but three turnovers to Dunbar’s two.

That’s it in a nutshell.&#160 Turnovers kill you, and they killed Heights this week.&#160 Steve Hale needs to figure out how to teach the Jackets to hang onto the ball.

Drew Willy threw for 270 yards, and James Starks ran for nearly 100 and did get a touchdown, but the Bulls couldn’t hold off C. Michigan in the end.

The Cornhuskers aren’t quite ready for prime time.

Tyrod (what kind of name is Tyrod?) Taylor scored a 2-yard touchdown with two minutes left, then They Who Wore Nice Unis For A Change&#153 forced a Nebraska fumble late, ending the Huskers’ comeback hopes.

Y’know, it’s not bad enough that OU is clearly better than TCU.&#160 Not enough that they’re bigger, stronger, faster, etc.&#160 They just had&#160 to have the fucking Big XII zebras in their back pocket, too.

TCU getting called for pass interference penalties that were eerily similar to through-the-back plays that OU got away with.&#160 Offsides penalties that OU also got away with.&#160 And a clear 4th-down catch that was called incomplete, then “upheld” on review.

What, did OU not learn anything from those travesties at Texas Tech & Oregon a few years back?

All that said, OU showed Gary Patterson just how far in over his head he is.

The simple fact of the matter is this:&#160 Patterson, if you and your program want to ever be taken seriously again – you have&#160 to get bigger up front.&#160 And I mean on both&#160 sides of the ball.&#160 OU’s O-line went an average of 315 across the front, while TCU’s D-line averages 265.&#160 The Tadpoles were simply overpowered all night long.

Bradford played so much pitch & catch with his receivers I thought Dickhead Bump-ass had somehow hired Dave Campo to coach the Frog secondary.

One of the things that annoyed me about the game – well, besides FSN’s effin’ homer announce team – was that every time OU scored or did something else of which the crowd approved, they’d cut to a group of OU morons flashing the upside-down “Hook ’em Horns” sign.

Memo to those idiots:&#160 That’s in two weeks.&#160 That stupid-assed sign means dick to us – in fact, we happily join you in making it most days.&#160 Find something else.

And speaking of pitch & catch…

Congratulations, Dallas.&#160 Once again, you have lost to an inferior&#160 team.

Yes, you’re damned right, Virginia.&#160 I said an inferior, half-assed excuse for a football team.

All you have to do is lay a lick on that little Smurf-ette (that’s right, Sandra Moss, you’re a fucking pussy) and knock him on his ass, then do the very same thing to Clinton Cunton Portis, and you’ve stopped the Washington Foreskins.

Instead, once again you’ve played down to the level of the opposition, and lost a game you should have won because of it.&#160 Once again you’ve played your little soft zone like Coach Cupcake wants you to play, and once again little Janie Campbell got to play tea-party with his boyfriends.&#160 Once again you failed to hit&#160 anyone – “Excuse me, Miss Portis, ma’am, may I tackle you now?” – when you could’ve&#160 laid some wood on some people and put the Fear Of Gawd&#153 in them…and once again, it’s cost you dearly.

And don’t even&#160 get me started on the half-assed officiating that we had to put up with.&#160 A blatant&#160 pass-interference on Terrell Owens that didn’t get flagged – everyone in the damned stadium saw it except the seven blind Tiberian bats in stripes; the fat-assed “Hogs” were holding all day for pussy Portis and it never got called; and just when the Cowboys had finally stopped this so-called juggernaut – boom, a 12-men-on-the-field flag.&#160 I saw two shots of the field for that play, from the side and from the end.&#160 And I’m still&#160 looking for that 12th man.

The pussies who came to Irving today dressed up in their merlot-and-limburger (and smelling like it, too) will go back to their little shithole on the Potomac with their little self-satisfied smirks on their cunt faces.&#160 But the fact is that they’re a suck-assed little excuse-for-a-football team – and the Beagles are going to prove it next week by kicking their skanky asses.

Fuck you, Jennnifer Zorn and Danielle Snyder.&#160 You assclowns are nothing but shit.

This week:&#160 2-4 (UBuffalo covered).&#160 Overall:&#160 22-5.

The PFW will return Friday, when I explain why it’s not a good idea to be San Diego State.

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One response to “PFW:&#160 Eleven-on-eighteen again”

  1. HDD says:

    So far, to date, the Dallas Cattlegirls have played defense for one whole game. That’s it. The only game this year that they played a lick of defense was against the Green Bay Packers. Don’t get me wrong. Dallas played a hell of a game against Green Bay, and really did deserve to win. BUT, it is still the only game all year where they even tried to stop the other team from scoring.

    The Arkansas Carpetbagger and his idiot coach are, once again, going to piss away another fine season, because Jerry can’t seem to figure out that scoring puts butts in the seats, but, defense wins championships. But, as long as you ‘Girls fans keep paying for Jerry to field half a team, he’ll keep fielding half a team.

    Jerry Jones is the worst type of owner in the NFL: he runs his team like a business, not an investment. (for the record, Al “Am I Still Alive?” Davis, “Chainsaw” Dan Snyder, and the Bidwell family (according to some sources, the worst owners in the history of owning things) are the worst owners in the NFL. Jerry is a distant fourth-worst.)

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