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Here’s yer money quote for today, Denizens.  Comes from the mental vacuum of (where else?) Washington, DC:

Many damaging effects of climate change are already basically irreversible, researchers declared Monday, warning that even if carbon emissions can somehow be halted, temperatures around the globe will remain high until at least 3000.

“People have imagined that if we stopped emitting carbon dioxide, the climate would go back to normal in 100 years, 200 years; that’s not true,” climate researcher Susan Solomon said in a teleconference.

In the meantime, it’s 36 balmy degrees in Beautiful Downtown Dallas™ as I type this, with a high on Tuesday expected to skyrocket to…34.

Oh, and we’ve got ice storm warnings all over the place for today.

Global.  Warming.  My.  Fucking.  Ass.

3 Comments to “Yeah, what was that about Glow-bull Wormening™ again?”

  1. Alan K. Henderson — January 27, 2009 @ 11:13 am

    Four words: Al Gore ice sculpture.

  2. Supreme General Rayegun — January 27, 2009 @ 4:34 pm


    Alas, if life were to just imitate that art…….

    Yo Darth….it’s a balmy 75 degrees outside right now here at the Southern Command HQ. Come on down! Then again, that fun stuff is supposed to make it down here before midnight tonight and temps are supposed to drop to the low 30′s……might as well just hang out on the Pegasus and break out the Romulan Ale that you deny having.

    Not to mention, there’s always Ceti Alpha IV!!!!

  3. David Hartung — January 28, 2009 @ 10:38 pm

    Romulan Ale?

    Darth, that stuff will make your ears get all pointy and give you a really bad hair cut! You need to trade in the Romulan rotgut for some really good Mississippi moonshine! :)

    By the way, woke up to freezing rain at 0500, which had turned to snow and then quit by 0800. Just enough to give the local rug rats the day off!

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