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Last week, I said that Bill Parcells wasn’t Gary Patterson, because he wouldn’t follow up an opening victory over a quality opponent with a loss against a dog like Patterson did.

Make a note of the date & time.&#160 I confess:&#160 I was wrong.

Arlington Heights 16, Saginaw Boswell 38
TCU 23, Utah 20 (OT)
Oklahoma 24, UCLA 41
Dallas 13, Washington 14

What is it with Arlington Heights when it comes to Saginaw Boswell? The Pioneers were 4-6 last year, 0-10 in 2003 – yet they’ve positively owned the Yellow Jackets.&#160 Memo to coach Duke Christian – try taking care of business when the opportunity is presented, eh?&#160 We’ve already got one&#160 coach in Fort Worth who plays down to the level of his competition.

Speaking of TCU, what is it with the Frogs and their freshman running backs? Couple years ago, it was Lonta Hobbs, and he hasn’t impressed since. Last year, it was Robert Merrill, and while he’s okay, he’s not tearing up the competition.

This year, it’s freshman Aaron Brown, who ripped the Utah Utes’ defense for 163 yards on 17 carries, earning him Mountain West offensive honors for the week.

The defense, after being shredded on the Utes’ first two possessions, solidified and pretty much shut Utah down.&#160 For once.

I had a feeling it was gonna be ugly, and UCLA didn’t disappoint.&#160 Bob Stoopes’ Oklahoma Sooners played better than they did against TCU or Tulsa…but they were playing a team that is a damned sight better than either the Froggies or Hurricanes.

Gonna be a loooooooong year for OU.&#160 Especially if they don’t do a better job of protecting the ball (seven fumbles Saturday, five lost).&#160 Ew.

And speaking of long years…(sigh) Okay, I know that Washington has a great defense and all.&#160 And I know that Mark Brunell, although slightly less mobile than Vinny Testaverde, can still throw the ball downfield.

But I expected better than what I got Monday night at Texas Stadium.&#160 I expected a helluva&#160 lot better.&#160 Especially in the fourth quarter.

The Cowgirls had been pitching a shutout.&#160 A fucking shutout.&#160 Brunell hadn’t done shit&#160 all night long, except get sacked five times.&#160 Dallas had fucking dominated&#160 the Deadskins.

And then Aaron Glenn and Roy Williams let Santana Moss run past them for a touchdown catch with four and a half minutes left.

And then with three minutes left – THEY FUCKING LET HIM DO IT AGAIN!!!!&#160 The same&#160 receiver, on the same&#160 two defensive backs, for the fucking same&#160 result.

Two touchdowns in two minutes.&#160 Ball game.&#160 Now I know why Houston cut Aaron Glenn’s sorry ass.&#160 He wasn’t within five yards of Moss while the ball was in the air on either play, nor did he chuck the bastard at the line like he should have.&#160 We might as well have had Pete Hunter or Derek Ross back there for all the fucking good it did.

So the end result was that a Swiss-cheese defense, led by a Swiss-cheese secondary, allowed a team to come from behind to win.

Sound like anyone on University Drive in Fort Worth you&#160 know???

Bill Parcells, you were&#160 77-0 when leading by 13 in the fourth quarter.&#160 But that was back when people thought you resembled a halfway decent coach.

We know better now.&#160 Get your ass out while people still think you’re halfway decent.&#160 Before you really do turn into Gary Patterson.

The PFW will return Friday for another round.

UPDATE:&#160 Oops.&#160 Almost forgot:

Texas A&M 66, SMUT 8

Gee, how the mighty&#160 have fallen.&#160 Not quite all that & a bag of chips after all, are&#160 you, Phil Bennett?

Just to give you an idea about how this game went for the Shitland Ponies, A&M was up 24-8 at halftime – and was bitching&#160 amongst themselves about how poorly they were playing.&#160 A 28-point 3rd quarter fixed that&#160 in a hurry.

Thanks, Dennis “The Mercenary” Franchione.&#160 Now I can go back to hating your guts again. (chuckle)

4 Comments to “PFW:&#160 Patterson & Parcells – Interchangeable coaches”

  1. Elephant Man — September 20, 2005 @ 6:20 pm


    It’s like friggin bizarro world!

    “Gints” and “Deadskins” on top of the division!

    Eagles and Cowboys on the bottom.


    I hope Coughlin and Gibbs enjoy it because it isn’t going to last.

    I’d wait and see how the Cowboys respond next week before losing all hope.

    Speaking of heartbreakers, I still can’t believe the Jaguars held Manning to a 44.0 “Quarterback rating” and lost.

    For that matter, I’m surprised Leftwich isn’t in a full body cast.

    Even though he looks like a trainwreck when he plays, that guy has got guts and heart.

    Ahhh football! *grin*

  2. LC John Wardle — September 21, 2005 @ 10:27 am

    You knew I’d be back after Monday night…. ; )

    Go REDSKINS !!!!!

    P.s. apparently your spellcheck isn’t working too well, It missed deadskins for Redskins, and let cowgirls(…) through instead of the team without a coach.

    p.p.s. Let me have my minute with the skins, we both know what will eventually happen to my boys again.

  3. Jason — October 3, 2005 @ 2:16 am

    CLearly none of you have ever coached a football game in your life, but that’s okay.

  4. Lord Spatula I, King & Tyrant — October 3, 2005 @ 5:47 am

    CLearly none of you have ever coached a football game in your life, but that’s okay.

    Clearly you’ve never had a functioning brain cell in your life, but that’s okay.


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